Paleo Tuesday & St. Patrick’s Day! 7

So we’re now a few days into our new Paleo diet and it’s been okay, but somewhat funny as well.  I think it’s part and parcel because we’re not being super strict or rigid about the “rules”.  Bending the Rules: We’ve decided that since we DON’Tconsume a lot of dairy, we’re going to continue using small amounts of cream in our daily coffee and we are still going to consume the odd piece of cheese.  I had talked about foregoing this for at least 30 days and then incorporating back into our diets… but after some thought and assessing what we actually consume, it isn’t that bad at all.  What we won’t be consuming is grains and pop.  Ovcr the weekend, we purged all of our cupboards from anything grain-related, anything that was processed or just plain old food that’s been in the cupboards for God knows how long.  I can tell you right from the get-go, though, we decided to postpone the start date by one day to this past Sunday gone (initially I wanted to start on Saturday because I realised that it was a lot of prep work, we still had to get some of the shopping finished (fresh veggies and fruits) and I was just too pressed for time to get things on the ball for Saturday morning start), so it just made more sense and sounded like Sunday would be a better day and easier … so Sunday it was.   As a result of the purge, our pantry was left looking pretty bare but our fridge on the other hand is overflowing full of goodness.

Observations Along the Way (which can be pros or cons, too): This change of diet entails a TON of prepping (as in chopping, washing, storing etc.), meal planning and thinking ahead thus forcing you to be creative and think about your food choices over the course of a few days, which is good because I guess you’re not making any impulsive decisions that are often not a good choice at all.  It was truly an exhausting weekend of shopping, more shopping, prepping and more prepping.  I suppose it’ll get easier as time goes though.

Egg muffins – Prep and then final.  Super easy to make, easy for lunches.


Paleo Mayo

My first crack at homemade paleo mayo – Mmmm!

Sunday’s Meals: Breakfast included: Coffee, egg “muffins”, 1/2 of a navel orange each, water and vitamins. The egg “muffins” contain garlic, onion, a bit of bacon, a bit of ground pork and to make one muffin tin tray, I used about 10 eggs, so each “muffin” is just under an egg each.  Jeff eats 3 “muffins” where I eat 2. Lunch: We didn’t eat lunch.  Here’s where the Paleo-fail occurs (LOL), we were out driving on Sunday and decided to eat CHIPS.  Yes, chips are paleo-friendly.  NOT.  LOL.. Whatever. Dinner: I’m going to be honest here, I don’t recall what the hell we ate on Sunday night.  I have nothing written down for that. Much of the balance of Sunday was cooking more (oh I made pork “sausage” round things), washed all of the lettuce, did 4 loads of laundry (who doesn’t LOVE laundry!!) and checking and double-checking I had our lunches all on the straight and arrow. Monday: Monday was a bit of a wash.  I came home from work pretty much right away in the morning because I had a migraine.  The migraine subsided as the day progressed and I was in and out of a coma on the couch with the dogs.  Jeff came home early, too.  When one of us is sick, the other is usually “sick” too.  We’re a team, people.  Plus, it’s nice to have some company when you’re home on a work/week day.  The boys loved the extra cuddles but it was quite clear we were preventing them from having their daily nap time (aka all-day nap).  An observation that Jeff made last night was that his hunger was satiated until his lunch break (when at work), which speaks volumes since he was always eating what I had packed for him right away and by lunch time, he had just a few little snack-like items to graze on until home-time. Breakfast included: Coffee, egg muffins and a sausage. Pretty much same as above shy of the orange. Snacks: Strawberries and Pineapple. Apple.  Grapefruit. 1 Hard-boiled egg (Jeff had two). Lunch: Romaine lettuce with paleo-mayo (made Sunday night), a portion of chicken and a 1/2 piece of sausage round. Dinner: Baked Chicken, Baked sweet potato in spices and coconut oil and steamed cauliflower. Dessert: Bacon (x3 slices, I think).  Such a terrible dessert, right?  I’ve had worse things.  😉 Tuesday (today): Much of today’s meals are like yesterday, the difference being for lunch, I’ve made us both salads with chicken, tiny pieces of bacon to put on top and cherry tomatoes as well.  Dinner will be chicken again and veggies.  Dessert, I think I’ll make us some pineapple and cinnamon.  So good and it cleans the palate.  I had never tried the combination of cinnamon and pineapple until we went to a Brazilian Churrasco in Barbados and I was quite surprised by the taste but loved it!

 Random Pictures Along the Way

Last night I made more bacon (as a snack – Jeff says if consuming more bacon is paleo-friendly, then bring it on!) for the salads I made us both for lunch (see below).  I also made some ghee, or clarified butter.  We can’t get #KerryGold up in Canada (SUCKS!!) due to pasteurization and import laws so I decided to make my own.  It turned out well and deliciously creamier than the regular butter you buy in stores that contains milk fats but next time, I’d actually buy some cheese cloth to strain the butter and particles instead of using a paper towel and dealing with a bit of a minor clean up in aisle 4. Conclusion:  This Paleo thing, it’ll be a learning curve in the beginning as we try to navigate some new, unchartered waters but I’m confident that it’ll be a good change.  We just have to program our brains a bit differently and be a bit stern with ourselves instead of just so lacksidaisy.  I will continue to post bi-weekly update posts so stay tuned!

IMG_8547 IMG_8548
Some ghee, or clarified butter

IMG_8549 IMG_8550

The salads I made for Tuesday’s lunches

– – – – –

St. Patrick’s Day Anniversary

And Finally, to wrap this all up neatly, I wanted to acknowledge and pay tribute to my husband, Jeff.  We’ve been together now for 13 years now, married 7 this year.  I can’t say that it’s been all lollipops and rainbows, but I really wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else but YOU.  I love you for being the kind, gentle, smart, funny, sweet and handsome man that you are.  You truly are my best friend, my partner-in-crime and my everything.  I don’t tell you enough just how much I appreciate you and how lucky I am to have you, but I am and I will be grateful until my dying day.  There never will be anyone else but you, love……  Happy Anniversary, I love you so much!!

blogger-image-930616238 DSCF1051   image-255B7-255D

I love you to the moon and back sweetheart xo.

St. Patty's Day Luck(Source: Use of the above image and quotation are courtesy of Thank you ladies!)


Have a Safe and Happy St. Patty’s Day Everyone!!

I’ll be back later with some pictures of my dogs celebrating in the festivities as well!!  🙂  Tomorrow’s Rants and Rumblings post likely won’t happen – I just haven’t got anything to complain about this week!  HA!



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  • Happy anniversary. Sounds like the paleo is going well. I know a lot of people that do that. It’s supposed to be great! I made those egg muffins once or at least something similar. YUMMY!

  • I think I said this before but I give you a ton of credit for trying out this “diet”. I eat a lot of dairy so that would be super hard to give up!! Also happy anniversary! It is also my best friends anniversary today too, must be good luck! :))

  • Aw thanks hun! We’ve had Paleo fails in the last two days but whatever, not going to give myself grief about it.

    That’s awesome your friend and I share anniversaries. It must be luck 😉


  • I literally don’t think I could do paleo, it sounds like A LOT of work. I’ve been trying to cut back on fried food and candy (my downfall) and eat lots more good for me stuff like grilled chicken, fruits, and veggies. And just eating LESS.

    BTW my smoothie this morning had lime in it and I keep feeling like I took a tequila shot. Very weird….

  • Thank ya! 🙂 The Egg muffin things are tasty and really filling. I’m so used to having oatmeal so I’ve just got to change my mind-set. I’m such a creature of habit but I’m already getting used to it. 🙂

  • LOL. It sounds like it’s a cross between Key Lime pie like you said on FB this morning and tequila…. interesting tastes! Sounds yummy!

    Paleo IS a lot of work and thinking ahead. Every night now I’m putting together lunches forever it seems. And the prepping isn’t bad when you’re pulling stuff out of the fridge but initially it’s a lot. My fridge is overflowing, whereas my pantry last week was full. Now it’s bare. Makes me think about the things I threw out and what motivated me to buy that stuff in the first place. It really makes you think about your food choices.

    My biggest downfall is doritos and mini rice cakes. They’ll definitely be a cheat meal/snack. 🙂

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