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It’s Paleo Tuesday!!  We are now one full month into this paleo dietary change and it honestly feels like we’ve been doing this for months now.  Not really sure why that is but regardless, it has been a good month and both Jeff and I are feeling some changes.

Adjusting to the change:  Being on this diet, it really isn’t all that difficult or rocket science, but you just have to ensure you make time to prep what you need.  As it goes right now, every 2 days or so I’m making bacon and/or a pork sausage tray for our breakfasts.  I also make egg muffins every 3 days or so.  I buy lettuce in bulk at Costco and usually get 6 heads of romaine lettuce at a time, which usually will last us 2-3 days, then I’m off to go get more.  Paleo mayo is made once a week.  I did make clarified butter our first week but found that we weren’t using it much so it was a waste.  Another thing I’ve been doing, which totally reminds me of my Grandma, is that I save bacon grease.  Adding that to a pan adds the bacon flavour, which is also kind of a nice taste.

I think probably anyone you ask to that follows the paleo or primal diet will tell you that it can be a lot of prepping and thinking ahead but I think it’s full well worth it.  Treat your body like a temple, for you only have that one vessel for your lifetime.  

How we feel: I’ve noticed that Jeff looks slimmer all over, his face, his body.  Same with me, everyone I’ve been in contact with over the week has said that I look different and slimmer.  My work pants are ill-fitting these days, a bit sloppy in the bum, room in the waist and a bit slimmer down the quads.  I just feel longer and leaner and I feel overall really, really good.

Cravings: We have indulged in some “cheats” but nothing over the top or extreme, and it’s often immediately clear to us why we’re doing the paleo route.  It feels better to eat better.  Sure, the “cheat” meals or snacks we’ve had are oh-so-good going down, it’s that bloated, heavy, disgusting feeling afterwards that puts us in check and back on track, and quickly.  It’s just so painfully obvious that it’s better for you to eat better, cleaner, nutrient-dense foods.   They keep you fuller longer and nutritionally it’s what your body needs and craves.


Since I had forgotten my beloved iPhone at home yesterday morning, I wasn’t able to upload some of the pictures I took after my Saturday’s blog post so I’ll include some of those here.  Saturday night, we ended up staying up til almost 3:30 a.m. talking with Jeff’s brother, which was really nice and long overdue.  Sunday morning, we got up and Jeff, his brother Jay and I went to the rang and I shot 4 pistols and one shot-gun (pump-action).  I must say, I feel more confident holding a gun now after having taken that gun course in January.

Kearney, Ontario Kearney, Ontario At the gun range, new action pitsJason shooting the pump action shotgun behind meIMG_8848 IMG_8853
Can you tell I really, REALLY love my hair?!?  
Just 20 minutes down the road, a whole family of deer were crossing the road
.IMG_8855  IMG_8859
Charlie loves hanging out in laundry, whether it’s warm or cold, he likes fresh, clean laundry.  I always say he likes to help me.  🙂
Yesterday was a good day and today I’m off for a dental appointment to fix a filling that fell out sometime last week.  It’s before 9 am and the boys are happily playing with a ball, inter-mixed with cuddles here and there.  They’re both happy Momma is home.  🙂  Yesterday was a busy day at work and overall, so I have some blog reading to catch up on today, finish my paperwork to send in for my PAL and RPAL, make food for the week, get some groceries, draft some future blog posts, meet Jeff for coffee on his break and do some cleaning.  Oh and lets not forget some crap/mindless TV shows to catch up on.  For now, I’ll be off to blast some Pitbull and Neyo.

Don’t forget to hop on over to Lindsay’s blog to participate in a fun blog swap that I mentioned in yesterday’s post!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!



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  • Yes, I love your hair too! So cool that you have managed to do the Paleo diet, my life is chaos right now so I don’t know if I have time to prep. Hopefully when school is over, any tips or resources for starters?

  • Sue

    I love the sound of this Paleo diet but not sure I would have the time or patience to do all the prep work. I hear there are some companies that deliver the meals. Good that you are feeling benefits already though

  • Glad to hear your Paleo thing is going well!! It’s good that you’re getting used to it, I really need to get back into the swing of things with my eating/working out!

  • I’m the world’s pickiest eater ever. Seriously. I should do a blog post just on the foods I will eat because that list is surely a lot easier to manage than what I won’t eat. So I would starve if I was forced to go paleo. Like if my health depended on it, I’d probably rely on medication and luck, and hope for the best. :/

  • Congratulations on feeling so good on Paleo! I’ve heard good things about it and have always enjoyed the Paleo recipes I have made. Also, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! That is a great length on you. I wish I could chop mine that short, but it’s UBER curly so it would sadly look like a mushroom top, LOL. Hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to an awesome start! XOXO

  • Glad to hear that you’re having such great results with the change in diet! As a vegetarian (almost vegan) I incorporate grains and legumes into some of my dishes, so it wouldn’t work for me, but I think diet is so personal and different things work for different people. I laughed about Charlie helping with the laundry. Koda is obsessed with laundry too and always wants to “help” me. She especially loves clean bedding. I can’t even get the sheets on the bed before she’s up there rolling on the bed and getting it just the way she likes lol

  • Sue,

    There are many companies out there that offer delivery service and I would gladly do that if they offered something like that here, but it’s more popular in the states and particularly California.

    Thank you, feeling great!

  • Maybe with the warmer weather, Linds. I find I’m a bit more sluggish in the winter but once the warmer temps arrive, I start to shed a bit of the winter weight and feeling blahs.

  • Sara, Can you? Please do a post because I know you and I have talked about this before but I’m curious just HOW picky you are. Your colour thing is weird. And you could by stocks in jelly beans, couldn’t you? since you’re obsessed with those suckers.

    I would love to cook for you and have you try some new things that taste good but new to you.

    This is another reason why I love you Sara, because you’re funny, quirky and weird. 😛 xo

  • Brooke,

    It works for me right now. Who knows where I’ll be at in terms of diet in a few years; it always changes.

    Doesn’t it just make you smile or laugh just how “helpful” our pets can be? They’re just so thoughtful.. hahaa. Mine are the same with the bed too. Heaven forbid I make the bed, they’re up on it as I’m trying to put the sheets on, totally in my way. 🙂

  • I’m not on any particular diet, just more of controlling the portions and a more colorful plate overall. I definitely understand what you mean about feeling fuller throughout the day, from having a better meal. Less desire to snack throughout the day as well. Good for you and jeff! My dog likes to burro underneath warm laundry. I’ll often start putting it away and she’s napping underneath it lol

  • Megan that’s so adorable that she HIDES in the laundry. Charlie doesn’t hide, he can usually be seen atop a pile though and looking quite proud of himself. Lol

    I like your colourful plate concept. I’ve heard people say that before about having a colourful dish. I can’t believe just how fussy I was when I was younger. I love so many more veggies that I never even thought to try when I was kid. Thank goodness I’m more adventurous now.

  • I just don’t know if I could deal with all that prep…. I’m so lazy lol.

  • I’ll be honest Krysten it’s kind of annoying. Lol

  • Wooohooooo. Sorry so late in commenting here. But I’m glad you two survived a month. In a few months you won’t even realize that you’re on a paleo diet. 😉
    I believe it’s the results we see whether we feel them or see them that make it even better. Yay!!!!!!

  • It wasn’t all that bad but the amount of time I spend in my kitchen has increased exponentially. But whatever it’s all good.

    We don’t own a scale so I definitely believe it’s how you feel and how you look, not agonizing over some stupid number. I don’t do that anymore, when I was a teen sure, but now, forget it. I love food and to sweat. 😀

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