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Well it’s back to reality Monday, which means I’m about to recap the weekend’s festivities.   Insert sad face here, it’s Monday again.  My Monday is extra special today with a dash of “Ugh!” this morning.  I think this is my last early work morning for a bit (early morning means I need to get up at 4:45 am to be on the 5:59 am train to Toronto *groan*).  Thank goodness for that, it’s exhausting doing this shite.



Friday we picked up our friend, Alex, from the airport.  He was coming back home from spending about 6 weeks in BC working with his brother.

Saturday, would you believe that I didn’t get out of bed until 10 am?!!  Angels must have been singing, it was glorious, let me tell you.  Although, I think all of the Canada Geese flew in over Friday night/Saturday morning.  There were Geese honking and hollering from every bloody direction, it was LOUD.  Saturday was a day that involved much lounging around we were going to head to Ikea but ran out of time (aka Alex was not being punctual in getting his arse ready to go out) but instead, we went to Bass Pro and then quickly back home again to start cooking the pulled pork Jeff had planned for dinner.  Our friend Christina came by that night for dinner and to hang out, but man what  blur that night was.  Holy crap.  I woke up on Sunday and was like, “What happened?!”.

Sundays, which mean… cooking up a storm for the week’s lunches, breakfasts, etc., I squeezed in a gym sesh of BodyShred – I needed it after indulging in far too many cheats on Saturday and feeling like a heap of garbage afterwards.  I also had two pet visits yesterday – Quincy, a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier and a 4 month-old ferret that was like a frisky kitty.  Jeff drove Alex home while I did 4 giant loads of laundry, did our breakfasts, put together today’s lunches, had a shower and made dinner.  It was a busy and productive day, quite the opposite the previous day had been.   Went to bed far too late and now here we are, Monday morning, tired as *%$# and already ready for the day to be over so I can go back to bed.  LOL.

The Flynnigans - Annoyed The Flynnigans - Goofy

What did you get up to this weekend?

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and here’s to a great week!



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  • Only getting up at 10am sounds like heaven… I can’t remember the last time I did that! Man, I thought getting up at 8am on Saturday was good!! Hahaha you win 🙂

    I feel just like you today – knackered!! Hope you’re having a good one though Linds!! xxxxxx


  • Jade,
    I’ve not slept in that long in bloody AGES, it was sooo nice, especially getting up at the ass crack of damn all week to get into work early. Sleeping in til 7 am is usually a treat, but Saturday was glorious!

    Thank you my love, I hope you’re having a good day too xoxoxox

  • Ugh, 4:45! I used to work the 5am shift at a gym, so I had to get up super early, but at least the job didn’t require a whole lot of me and I was done early and could go home and sleep! I’ve been doing really good about getting my meal prep done for the week on Sundays, but yesterday was a fail! It was just too nice outside. I did get my laundry done though whoop! Oh and I’ve never met a ferret before, but frisky kitty sounds fun!

  • 4:45 am is brutal in the moment but it’s not that bad, I guess, because you get to finish your day earlier than most and enjoy the rest. If I didn’t have the gym at lunch to break up the day, I’d be dunzo. And I think going to the gym on top of the early morning wake ups are what really tucker me out come night-time.
    Doesn’t it make for much smoother mornings when you meal prep and have it all done the night before? Sure, it’s a lot of work but in the mornings, it sure isn’t anymore.

    Hooray to good weather – it was nice yesterday here too, I had a nice long walk with that 16 year old yorkie. Poor fella has recently gone blind and very rapidly so everything for him right now is confusing. So it was a mixture of walking around the block and carrying him and letting him experience some nice spring weather in my arms, while being able to take in all the smells and sounds, without having to worry he’ll walk into something. 🙁

    The baby ferret was adorable She kept trying to scare me when we were playing hide and seek – it was the funniest ever. I’m going to try and put the video up.

    Have a great day hun!

  • I need to get a workout in today!! I’ve been such a slacker lately!

  • Get on it, Linds!!! You can do it!!

  • Your weekend looks like it was FAR better than mine. I worked Saturday, thought I was okay, but by 8PM was in so much pain that I had to have a coworker cover for me at work on Sunday. Which means I spent Sunday on the couch.

    I need to have one of your weekends!

  • Uour pesky injury has reared its ugly head again? That bites!! 🙁 so sorry you had a crap weekend love.

  • I’m a big fan of cupcakes…and bacon…so, you just made me hungry – ha! I had a Saturday catch up with friends that involved a (super big) Hurricane, a (super big) Mojito, and a few beers…yea, I was asking myself on Sunday “what happened?” too.

  • Cupcakes and donuts… Mmmm. A large mojito sounds equally delish. WHat’s this about a hurricane?!

  • Yay for sleeping in. It’s the best feeling!!! I haven’t slept in this long. Hoping it’ll happen once we moved in, like the next day?! Who knows. Although I wanted to go to the farmers market in the morning. Hahaha.
    Your weekend sounds great to me. Lots happening and yet somewhat not tooooo overly busy. And yeah. Monday sucked. It always does. Ugh.


  • Selma, I hope for your sake and the Mr., too, that you get to have an equally glorious sleep-in like I had. It’s life changing. Ok not really but Dan good nonetheless. 🙂

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