HSIOT (Holy $hit it’s only Tuesday!) 13

Tuesday Meme


Is it the weekend yet?  Is it really only Tuesday, still? 

On a positive note, I woke up this morning feeling really rested and refreshed.  Well, I guess so.  That’s what happens when you sleep in past day break and you roll out of bed at your usual 5:15/5:30 am time slot.  Okay, I lie, I got my ass out of bed at 5:40 and realllllllly took it easy this morning.

As I mentioned in my Meet the Canines Link Up Post, when one of our dogs usually has a cone of shame on, the other is never far off from wearing one of his own.  You see, I guess almost 2 weeks ago or so, Charlie stopped wearing his cone because he was finally healed and he was no longer attacking his foot to lick/”make better”.  Yeah well I pulled out the cone, again, last night but this time for Mr. Baxter.  He has licked between his pads raw on one of his back feet and he just.wont.stop.  So, the cone it is.  Makes me sad, as I’ve said before, when the boys are wearing a cone.  I thought Charlie was bad but last night after putting it on Baxter, I realised that he’s far, FAR suckier than Charlie when he’s got the cone on.  He just wants to sit with you and comfort him.  And he has the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, it’s pathetic.  So tonight I think we’re going to do some epsom salt soaks (swear by these) and see where we are from there.  I don’t imagine he’ll be wearing it for long but nevertheless he is and he’s none too thrilled about it.  I had to laugh last night when I pulled out the cone, though.  Charlie disappeared and hid, probably because he thought HE was going to be wearing it but alas, no, he is not wearing the cone and he’s pretty happy about it.  So happy to the point he was being a dick to Baxter last night, being the bully older brother.  It’s okay though, we made sure Toad was good.  (By the way, if I refer to Toad, I’m talking about Baxter.)

I just got back from a good sweat sesh at the gym.  Today was the new release for Body Pump and boy was it a sweaty one!  (Are they ever NOT sweaty, though?! Come on now!).

Some news with regards to my MIL: She didn’t qualify for a lung transplant.  She isn’t well enough.  So, once again, things are in perspective and there really isn’t much they can do other than to keep her as comfortable as possible.

I had wanted to write so much today but I’m at a loss and pulling a complete blank now so let’s just call it a day.  Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!



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  • I had that same feeling today, but good that you got a good sweaty workout to release all the angst. Hope they can find a lung transplant soon and things get better!

  • Thank you for such kind words Isabel xo My mother in law can’t get better, she has COPD so it’s not a matter of if she passes away, it’s when. 🙁

  • Oh no, it’s the worst when a pet has to wear a cone of shame. 🙁 When one of my cats has too, it makes things so hard and he looks so miserable all the time. 🙁

  • Ugh I wish I could put Monte into a full body cone. He is so itchy from allergies right now and he won’t stop itching, till he makes himself bald and breaks skin. It’s so bad, poor thing.

    And I am so sorry for your MIL. If you need anything you know where to find me.

  • Stephanie – Isn’t it awful?!?! Baxter is constantly eating his feet, although seldom goes overboard.. but yesterday I said enough’s enough. Poor bugger looks so sad. He’s literally pasted to my side right now.

    Krysten – Thanks so much hun.. just sucks cause you wish there was something you can do but there isn’t.. Appreciate the kind words though. xo

  • Poor Baxter. I hope he’s better super soon!

    Sorry to hear the news for your MIL. I had an uncle years ago who was in the same predicament. It’s so sad. Hugs to you guys!

  • Thanks so much Erin xoxox

  • Ha! I did Body Pump too last night and it was a new routine, which means nothing to me really as I only just joined the Gym so had only done the last routine twice. But OMG it hurt. I had to put the bar down half way through the squats because my legs were giving up haha! I love it though! Oh and the cone thing. I had a doggie who had a cone and it was like the biggest one in the history of cones. We cute it down a bit as he kept taking out our legs with it lol!

  • You prob did the same new release I did yesterday. It was a lot of squats, I know!! Lol my legs are a bit sore today. But best thing, keep moving and you’ll feel less tight and achey.

    You must’ve had a large dog for the cone to be massive, right? I’ve seen Danes and mastiffs with them and they’re humongous – like barely fit through the door like. Lol my boys are good, don’t don’t thrash much with them on but Baxter hates it more than Charlie. Poor baby lol

  • So sad about your mother in law not qualifying for a transplant because she isn’t well enough (for surgery, I presume). It’s such a Catch 22 because she probably needs it most now of all the times. God bless her, you and the family in this tough time.

    At least you’re good about putting the cone of shame on your dogs. We don’t even do it because we feel bad they can’t drink water with it on. Hope both your dogs get better! Guess we’re lucky that bichons are fairly healthy dogs. It could be so much worse than over-licking a tender spot.

  • Hey Lisa,

    She isn’t well enough altogether to have the surgery. She has lung failure, her lungs are operating at 22% lung capacity and it’s all to do with COPD. It’s just really hard. Thank you so much for your kind words. <3

    Bichons are for the most part, knock on wood, good. Some have the luxating patella but we've never had a Bichon needed it. Again, knock on wood. We have about 3 or 4 cones at home, varying in size and width. Baxter has a shorter cone on so he can't reach his back foot (well he can if he cranes his neck but he doesn't, he's good) but for Charlie, he wears the longer one, which he can't eat while he's wearing. I'll fill the water bowl up to the brim and he can get that but I was hand feeding him or taking it off when Charlie had it on. He liked the hand feeding. LOL Such a suck. Baxter is good, I just move his food over to one side of his bowl. 🙂 The sad eyes is almost too much to bear, though. They know how to ham it up. 🙂

  • So sorry about the news concerning your mother-in-law. I hope she can be as comfortable as possible.

  • Thanks so much love xo