L’Oreal Paris Fibralogy VoxBox by Influenster 2

L'Oreal Fibralogy

I received my L’Oreal Paris Fibralogy VoxBox from Influenster approximately 14 days ago or so and I’ve used the product twice thus far and am extremely satisfied with the results.

Let me clear off the bat:  Somehow, I created two Influenster accounts a couple of months ago.  One with the login that matched by personal address to a T.  The other, I guess I somehow added a second account but the login details were identical with the except of ONE letter.  When I realized this, I stopped logging into the wrong account.  Matter of fact, I have a 0 rating on there and I’ve not completed any snaps or have any social media accounts hooked up to it.  When I got an email last month saying I qualified and subsequently filling out a survey, what I didn’t realize was that I was offered the voxbox through the WRONG account and by the time I realized the error, the package was in transit.  I contacted Influenster and I was told to remove social media that was connected to it and to deactivate the account.  I apologized profusely for the oversight and even though I wasn’t able to “transfer” the campaign to my active account, I would still use the product, try it myself and then review it, whether for credit or acknowledgement, it didn’t matter to me.  I just felt terrible about the error.  So even though I was told I could just enjoy the products and I wasn’t obligated to review it, I still figured that I would do what I can and at the very least write a blog post about sharing a cool new hair product I tried.

So, with that long forward out of the way, let’s get started!

I received my VoxBox in the mail approximately 14 days ago and it was about 10 days or so ago when I first tried out L’Oreal Fibralogy and since then, I’ve used it twice more.

Even after the first wash using the product, I noticed slight changes in the thickness and texture of my hair.  Then after the second time I used L’Oreal Fibralogy, I noticed it even more.  I thought to myself “wow, it really does work!  I’m not even joking.”  I don’t have thick hair to begin with.  I have thin hair but I have a lot of it.  But after two uses, I really can notice a difference and what a lovely thing it is!  I can’t say for sure how long I will use it but I definitely think it’s something I’ll use from time to time to mix it up a bit.

L'Oreal Fibralogy

When I run my fingers through my hair, it is noticeably thicker.




Now I just want to say that I wasn’t compensation for this post, or for using these products.  This is my opinion and mine alone.  While I was not obligation to review the product due to the snafu, I chose to do so anyways.  I will continue to use the product and continue to check back in and let you all know how it is…. Overall, super happy with the results!! 🙂  You should try it, too!!

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  • What a mix-up with your Influenster huh! geez, well hopefully it’s all fixed now! Glad you liked your product, hopefully you’ll get more too!

  • Trotsky mix up but I deactivated that account at their suggestion. Oh well. Live and learn.