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So it’s been two weeks now since the last Paleo Tuesday and about 5 weeks since we initially began this healthier lifestyle.  Over the weeks I have been still following recipes from the first book I got, Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go by Diana Rodgers but recently I’ve borrowed from a friend and bought, Against the Grain by Danielle Walker and Make it Paleo II by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley with Caitlin Grace Nagelson.  And lastly, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have also been inspirations.  There are so many recipes out there and everything tastes so damn good and so dense, does that even make sense?  It’s just wholesome, feel-good food.  I don’t take nearly as many pictures of food that I’d like to because, frankly, by the time I think of it, I’ve 3/4 scarfed my food like a savage.  LOL!

We started this Paleo journey mid-way through March and so for this month, I wanted to save recipes and figure out just how much money we were spending eating now versus a couple of months ago when we were eating grains, a bit of processed food here and there and sugar.  Jeff and I have both said that we feel immensely better when we eat better.  We’ve “cheated” and indulged in non-Paleo food but you honestly feel like shit and it’s not worth it.  And when i say cheats, we cheat and get Coconut Bliss Coconut milk ice cream, or we eat a burger with bun and once we had cupcakes.  Damn they were good in the moment, but we end up feeling like crap for a whole day.  Not worth it.

What we eat: I won’t recount what we typically eat on an average day, you can read a sample day’s menu here.

Cost of groceries: The cost of groceries for the month of April versus previous months.when we were eating grains, some processed food and (more) sugar.  Right now, for a month’s worth of groceries we’ve spent approximately $730 dollars on this Paleo diet (and it’s actually more because we still have chicken left in the freezer from the Costco haul).  We used to spend at least $800-900, easy.  That figure is somewhat surprising to me because I thought we’d be spending more not less.  But less is more, and better as they say, whoever “they” exactly is.

Weight loss: Jeff has lost 25-30 lbs without even trying, that’s just from eating better and no pop.  He used to drink diet crap all the freaking time like it was going out of style.  I’ve lost about 10 lbs leaning down and I was drinking one can of coke a day so that’s probably where most of that weight loss has come from.  By cutting out pop you can serious drop 5-10 lbs alone, it’s sickening how much sugar, chemicals and the pounds that can add up drinking that shit.  Jeff likes to tell people that he’s lost 25 lbs while eating bacon everyday.  Which is true and that IS pretty awesome and bacon is delicious, isn’t it?  #bacon #baconrules #nomnomnom #paleo

But honestly, look what’s happened…You guys, I have abs. AND I can flex them.  For reals.  And this was after two meals!  I have just a thin layer of fat over my stomach and I’ve leaned down a bit in the glutes and quads/hams.  I’m not trying to lose any weight but I’m not complaining either.   Please don’t hate, I work my ass off at the gym to look decent.

Leaning out

Please ignore the stupid look on my face. I always feel like a weirdo if I’m taking a picture of myself in a mirror.

I’ll be back with Paleo Tuesday two weeks from now, as per ushe.  Til then, be good to yourselves.  🙂



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