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I’ve been up north at my in-laws all weekend, looking after my mother-in-law while Jeff is at the range doing the monthly match.  Jeff’s mom isn’t that great this weekend; I notice quite a difference since last seeing her two weeks ago… Now I wasn’t sure if it was a bit of the morphine talking but she asked me if she was going to get better and how long she has.  She knows… there’s but time?  No one really knows how long she has…. But she has a chest cold that she’s been fighting for 3 weeks and something little like that for you and I, we’re okay but with a COPD patient?  A simple cold could kill her.  Anyways, when she’s awake, she’s okay and does as much as she can (too much, really, but she’s a stubborn woman).

Weather-wise, yesterday was beautiful and today has been a bit overcast with bits of sunshine in between.  It’s been a really great weekend in terms of weather, especially with it being the beginning of May.  Yesterday, it was 22 °Celsius, which is usually unheard of for Ontario this early in May.  But I’ll take it thank you very much.  I can’t recall the last time I’ve been in a tank top this early in the year. usually the weather here doesn’t start to get really nice until after the May 2-4 Victoria Day Long weekend.


We’ll be heading home after jeff’s match this afternoon. Then we’ll have to get the boys at my mom’s house (I miss them terribly when they’re not with us 🙁 ) and then we’ll be doing food prep for the week and catching up on some TV shows from the past week.

You’ll notice some changes to the comments section. I’ve moved over to Disqus because it’s simple and I like it a lot better than the basic WordPress comments. And it looks like all the comments imported over from WP so that’s good. All was not lost.

Here are some of the pictures that I’ve taken over the weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. 🙂

Spring in the yard  bird houseOntario landscapeBarn


daffodilsOntario Landscape
Ontario Landscape

blue jay blue jay



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