What I am… #WIDN and other Stuff 22

What I am doing?

What I am….

Drinking: a coffee with stevia

Watching: Nothing right now at work.  Okay, I lie.  I’m listening/half-watching to a free blogging workshop video that Emily and her husband over at Jones Design Company did as part of a 7-part series that I signed for.  If you’re interested, click here to sign up.  We are also catching up on a ton of tv shows from last week, namely Survivor (watched last night), Greys Anatomy, Bering Sea, Life Below Zero, Mad Men, Intervention, The Following and the Krapdashians. I mean, The Kardashians.  🙂

Wishing:  that it was Friday.  I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday.  *womp womp*

Anxious about: nothing.

Dreaming of: winning the lottery (aren’t we all?!) Ha!

Looking forward to:  this weekend.   the 40 km practice (bike) ride Saturday morning and my co-worker’s baby shower in the afternoon and then on Sunday with Mom and Jeff, alpaca sheering and then dinner out with the family.

Proud of:  eating well and hard work that yields results. The compliments just keep coming and I am so humbled.  I see the results, I’m just amazed how everyone keeps saying that I look amazing and healthy.

Wanting to buy: I need a new bag/purse.  But I’m soooooooo picky.  I haven’t seen anything that’s caught my eye so I guess I will continue to look.

Other stuff:

Last night, I made arrangements to purchase my father-in-law’s Smith & Wesson M&P 9 mm.  He doesn’t like it too much and he’s buying another SIG so he offered it to me at a steal of a price before putting it up for sale.  It has had a low number of rounds put through it and it has a bunch of after-market mods on it so it’s a pretty sweet score (and deal!).  I’ve shot a Glock 34 and I think it’s too big; I don’t like how it fits in your palm.  And the recoil is more than the Smith.  The Smith & Wesson is a dream though.  I think I’ll end doing a holster and some other course later this year but next year is when I think I’ll begin competing in action shooting.  I have a pretty decent shot but I’ve just got to get more comfortable running around with it and not tripping and falling like my clumsy ass will often do.

In the last few days, two of my friends’ dogs have passed away.  One was older and it was sort of expected.  The other was maybe 2 or 3 years old and he was hit by a car and died in my friend’s arms.  Very, very sad.  🙁

This week’s workouts will be light on the weight training.  Yesterday I nearly passed out in BodyShred.  It was so flippin’ hot in that room.  Today, I’m going to Liane’s spin class and foregoing BodyPump because I don’t want dead legs on Sa#WIDN #Tuesday #fitness #fitspo #fitsporation #actionshooting #2015 #may #Stuffturday for my 40 km bike ride.  Tomorrow’s workout will be done outside at Nathan Phillips Square with some drills and running with Liane.  Thursday, I’ll do Liane’s BodyPump for an hour and then on Friday, I may either take a day off or do some abs, stretching and rolling.  We’ll see how I feel.  🙂

What are your plans for the week?

Let’s rock this week! 🙂



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#WIDN #Tuesday #fitness #fitspo #fitsporation #actionshooting #2015 #may #Stuff

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  • Good luck finding the perfect bag/purse! I always take SUCH A long time finding one that is just right!

  • Me too! That’s why I don’t rush it. When I know I’ve found one I love, you just get this feeling.
    Ah well as long as I have something for now, until the straps break… I carry everything but the kitchen sink lol

  • I cannot even think about my dogs dying.

    My weights workouts that I’m doing M-W-F end up being about a half hour. That’s the perfect amount of time for me.

  • I can’t either Steph, I get upset when I start thinking about my boys. They’re my everything and with my two being 8 months apart… Ugh. I can’t even. So we celebrate every day with them and enjoy our time, because we know it’s precious.
    Good for you with the weights. No one needs to work out for hours and hours to get results and feel good. It’s about optimizing your time and using it efficiently.

  • My boys are a little over a year apart and joined at the hip so I fear when one of them goes…wah!

    I’ve been reading a lot about people thinking you need to work out for hours and that not being the case…which is good news for me because I hate exercise but like how I feel after. LOL

  • Same here, I have the same thoughts. My hubby and I both have said that when one of them goes, the other won’t be far behind.
    Do yours groom eachother? My older one grooms his brother but never the opposite.

    I don’t understand when people say they work out for hours, too. Absolutely no need whatsoever. Further, who the hell has time for that? Aint nobody got time for that shit. I used to hate sweating and I still hate cardio but I love the endorphin rush afterwards. 🙂

  • I’m so sorry about the dogs, they are such a hard loss and I can’t imagine what it must feel like when you are holding them 🙁 I hope your friends will be better soon.
    I’m happy too that you are super motivated in your diet and exercise, go Linds!! I hope I can start sometime soon, I need to dedicate to it 110% and thanks for the recommendation on the workshop, I’ll be such to check it out!

  • Girl, you amaze me! All of the hard work is paying off, you look MAVALOUS! Darling! Truly. I am so sorry about the losses that you have experienced lately, sometimes it seems like too much doesn’t it? Sending love and hugs. Okay, so what did you think about the Grey’s Anatomy shows the last 2 weeks? I cried so much. Empathy. I loved McDreamy but I am not attached to him. Just remembering what it feels like to lose someone. This had to be hard on you after this week! xoxooxox

  • You know, you make me smile every time we talk woman. I just love you. 🙂
    I haven’t watched Greys yet!! Lol I know, I know, the HORROR! Tonight I will. I just didn’t get a chance all weekend being up to watch so I have a pile of TV shows to catch up to.
    I’m pretty sad about the dogs, more so for my friend Mark who’s dog got hit. I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like, holding Koby as he faded…. He loved that dog so much. Shitty too, I saw him last week and would never have guessed this week he’d be gone.
    I’m usually okay around my MIL but coming home and thinking about it sucks. I try not to but who am I kidding? It’s still weighing in the back of my mind. It’s just such a shitty way to go. Funny they don’t tell you when you start smoking you can get COPD down the road and once you have it, there’s no going back… We all quit smoking over three ago and thank Christ.

    Love you 😉

  • Lindsay Carreiro

    Well considering I played hooky twice this week, my work week is looking pretty short! but I do have a mothers day brunch on sunday that I am really look forward too!

  • Sweet! I saw you were in Maine, that’s awesome! 🙂

  • I know 🙁 how awful it must’ve been for my friend.

  • That’s fantastic about feeling good and being healthy. I have really let myself go in recent years. I’ve told myself that I’m going to go to Texas, enjoy all the food, then come back and buckle down. I have to!

  • Have fun but don’t go crazy and return committed. You got this girl 🙂

  • Sue Oxley

    Sounds like you are having one busy week. I admire your healthy eating and workout regime, I wish my own willpower was a bit stronger at the moment. Perhaps if I keep reading your positive encouragement it will stir me to get my gym stuff on and do some exercise. Im in Chicago this week so at least I will get to do a lot of walking around (if I can persuade my daughter to walk rather than jump in a cab)

  • If it’s nice weather, why not walk around and enjoy the city. Tell your daughter to stretch her legs a bit. 🙂
    If I can inspire and motivate, that’s pretty amazing to me. You’re just busy Sue. Enjoy some sights for me and get your butt back to the gym. (I say this in a nice tone, not a personal trainer yelling at you lol)

  • Megan Bean

    okay lets share bag ideas with each other because I’m super picky too and it feels like I’ve been looking for years!

  • Oh poor puppies. I can’t imagine having one of my babies die in my arms. That had to have just been tragic 🙁

  • Have you ever seen any Big Buddha bags? http://www.bigbuddha.com/ They’re gorgeous and inexpensive but can be hard to find. I like finding things in person instead of buying online because I like to touch and look at what I’m getting rather than buying from a picture. I should check them out again, I had an army coloured bag last year and loved it. 🙂

  • I know right? I’m going to see my friend tonight and I’m dreading it. His house is, I’m sure, empty without his Koby now. And I know Mark is super depressed. Poor guy. 🙁

  • WOW, you are awesome and a busy busy little bee 🙂 that blogger workshop sounds awesome… I”ll have to check it out, thanks!

    Also, my goodness–that is so incredibly sad about your friend’s dogs 🙁 No animal death is ever easy, though having a beloved pet hit by a car is just so tragic. Sending love and healing XOXO

  • Busy but I love being busy! The workshop video is good; I’m about 20 minutes in and have been taking notes. Some of it is common sense but I like her blog so I thought what the hell. And it’s free. BONUS

    I know eh? 🙁 I’m seeing my friend tonight and dreading the empty, quiet space.

    Thanks love xo