Paleo Tuesday 7

paleo breakfast


It’s Paleo Tuesday again!!  We are now eight weeks into this Paleo dietary change and not much changed since my last update.  I’m sorry this is going to be a short one but I’m pressed for time today.

Adjusting to the change:  We’ve had no issues adjusting.  We are more full and never really hungry.  The odd time we’ll get a craving for something but it’s really not that bad.  When we first started out on this journey, we were both expecting to feel a bit flu-like, as many will tell you, when you’re weaning off the carbs in your system.  I’ve said this before but when we have a cheat meal or snack, we always say after, man we wished we hadn’t or that eating clean feels so.much.better!!!!  I can’t recommend this diet/lifestyle enough. 

Weight loss and how we feel: I keep weighing myself every few days and it seems like on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, I’m about 140-145 lbs.  Before starting this change of lifestyle, I was about 150-160 lbs and SOLID muscle.  I’ve leaned down a considerable amount, noticeable in the face, the stomach, the legs, the bum, literally everywhere.  And the compliments just don’t stop – I’m loving it.  I’m also learning to embrace the compliments because I always feel awkward when someone pays me a compliment.  I am quick to dismiss them or in my mind at least, but I’m learning to say ‘thank you’ because usually I’m just quick to say, “really? nooo, but thank you”.  I’m having a real big issue with keeping my pants up or on; they want to fall off these days.  I suppose there are worse things in this world, aren’t there?

As for Jeff, he’s slimming down a lot.  He’s down about 40 lbs now and you can see it in his silhouette, his face, everywhere.  You can really tell when he’s wearing clothes that they’re starting to swim on him and he mentioned the other day that he’s having to wear a belt all the time.

At the recommendation of Steph over at Life According to Steph, we bought last week silicone muffin cups and one silicone muffin tray for our egg muffin breakfasts and holy shit, the angels must have been sung when I used it for the first time.  No sticking whatsoever, just pop those bad boys out and you’re done.

Final thoughts:  I feel really, really good and you know what?  It’s worth all the time and effort we put into the meal planning and prepping.

paleo breakfast

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday everyone!!!



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  • My sister was in this diet for a while & also felt great! I couldn’t do it at the time. Maybe in the future. I just can’t give up lattes ;). Congrats to you two in the weight loss and improved health!

  • It’s A LOT of prepping, and with kids, well it’s do-able but time consuming nevertheless. I feel great so why not keep up with it. 🙂
    (mmm lattes, I haven’t had one of them in AGES)

  • Lindsay Carreiro

    I am so proud that you are sticking with this!! You’re really doing great, you should post some before and after pics of you and Jeff!

  • Thanks Hun, me too. 🙂 I can find some pics before and I can do in progress/after but I don’t think Jeff will. We’ll see.

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