Monday Get’er Done! 12


Hey guys, I’m back from my weekend up north visiting my in-laws.  It’s that lovely day of the week again, Monday, that most of us dread but today I write from home, comfy as hell, sitting here in my underwear and fully appreciating that it’s a long weekend and we have today off.  Sweet, right?  Score for 3-day long weekends!

Today I’m also guest-blogging over on my dear friend Selma’s blog, Crazy Little World of Mine.  Please head on over to her blog to show Selma some love and read my post on Maintaining your Friendships While in a Relationship.


This past weekend:  In a nutshell, spent time with my Mother-in-law, went to the range with my Father-in-law so he could run me through what I can expect at my holster course I’m taking in 2 weeks.  Blasted through 150 rounds with him.  Then myself and the boys went back to the range again after dinner and blew off maybe another 50-100 practicing/doing some drills/scenarios with them (some of the stages they do for their action shooting competitions).  It was so much fun, I learned new things and I even learned how to disassemble my #Smith&Wesson.  I was never afraid of guns or anything like that before but with knowledge, practice and experience, it’s turning out that I’m really enjoying this hobby and I’m really glad that I took the restricted and non-restricted back in January and that I’m pushing myself to learn and grow in the discipline.  It’s so much fun!!  So now I’m just awaiting my paperwork to be completed by the RCMP.  My plan is to practice, practice, practice for the rest of this year and get good on technique and handling, as well as getting more comfortable with my gun and then I think next year, I’ll get into the action shooting and see where that takes me.


The dogs survived (only joking) at my mom’s, being taken care of my step-dad, along with their three Bichons, while my mom is down in sunny, beautiful Barbados until the 27th.  We picked them up last night and hung out with our friend Christina.  Today the plan is to get outdoors and get in some biking.  It’s going to be a nice one out!

So get out there, it’s Monday, let’s get’er done!!  Have a great Monday friends! 😉



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  • Bethany Magnie

    You are a badass!!! Go girl!

  • Thanks girl. You should see the boys go, they’re quick! I’m just starting out. It’s so much fun. 🙂

  • This looks like an awesome weekend!! Jealous of the shooting range!

  • Such a great weekend, thanks what about you Nat?

  • Mine was okay. Nothing exciting but very productive. Unfortunately it was a rainy one where I was at!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    You go girl! So cool when you find something you love! Glad you had a good weekend, how was the bike ride? Xo

  • Productive is still good. Gosh I have so much on my to-do list.

  • Thanks Hun, me too! I did a 30 km practice last weekend but up at my inlaws this weekend. I’ll be biking during the week and next weekend I’m working (pet sitting) then the following Sunday is the 75 km!!! Eek!

  • What a fun gathering of the bichons :). Glad you had a great weekend and welcome Monday with such enthusiasm!

  • You gotta fake it til you make it, right? lol

    I gave the boys a refreshing bath yesterday and they are sparkling white today! They got into my mom’s gardens and started digging up a storm on Sunday. LOL
    Hope you have a great week my dear!

  • Lovely photos, it looks like a great weekend.

  • Twas. And the four legged kids had a bath yesterday to boot and they smell oh so good and sparkling white. Just in time to go get their annual shots and shit tonight at the vet’s office. Oh they are not going to be happy with me later. LOL Hope you had a great weekend too! 😉