My Top 10 Favorite Apps/Websites {iPhone} 19

My Top 10 Favorite Apps/Websites {iPhone}

Here I present to you My Top 10 Favorite Apps/Websites that I use daily:

My Top 10 Favorite Apps/Websites {iPhone}

  1. Instagram –  I’ve loved Instagram back when just before I got rid of my Blackberry.  Insta was android and apple based so all I could do was appreciate all the beauty in pictures from afar on the web.
  2. CoPromote – Promote your blog post and promote others to gain shares and open up your audience.
  3. Feedly – the App I use to read blogs.
  4. Picstitch –  New fave – I particularly like the “food”filter for all the Paleo pictures I take/post.
  5. Over –  I love using this App to add text to graphics and it also allows me to add my logo onto photos.
  6. WordSwag – Free stock photos.  Amazing selection and variety of free, excellent quality photos and then you can add text and play around with font schemes and styles.  This App will allow you to layer in your logo as well.  One of my *new* fave Apps that I love!
  7. Timehop –  I love getting all nostalgic when Abe sends me way back playbacks.
  8. Unsplash –  Free high-quality stock images.  You get 10 free images per week and access to the database.
  9. Repost –  I haven’t used this much but I like the idea of being able to grab an image to repost rather than screen shotting that and cropping the image.
  10. StumbleUpon –  Literally, Stumble upon other blogs, articles, websites, etc. and recommend them to others by thumbs up or don’t and give it a thumbs down.  Careful not to add more than one or two of your pages per 30 shares I’ve heard is a good number.  They will ban you if you start sharing too much of your own shit.

One other thing that I’m loving since we purchased the iPhone 6’s is the fingerprint ID/unlock button.  LOVE!!  I feel like the angels sing every time my phone unlocks in a lickity-split fashion.  Nevermind that, the space.  Last time iPhones we had, we had 16 gigabite capacity and now we have 64 gigs, which feels monstrous but I’m in love.  No more uploading and deleting the shit-loads of pictures that I take.

Many thanks to Megan and Steph for some of the above suggestions.  A few weeks ago (or months?  I don’t know anymore, I lose track of time) I had never heard of some of these apps and I’m grateful for their suggestions.  I would say that almost 1/3 of the apps on this list I had never heard of until this year when I transitioned over from Blogger to self-hosted in late January but I’ve used them all plenty and they’ve been invaluable to me as a blogger and a self-professed social media addict.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions for Apps to try or Apps that you like??  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks in advance! 😉



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