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Things I will not tolerate - The Flynnigans

There are some things in life that I just will not tolerate or have the patience for.  I’m getting old (okay, not that old but still…) and I just don’t have the time or tolerance to put up with some shit.

Things like:

  • threats.  Over the last couple of days, some asshole on Facebook in a community group for where we live, decided to spew some racial remarks to some random man he didn’t even know and then when Jeff called him on it for his uncalled for behaviour, he then went on a tirade, deleted himself from the group, said Jeff hacked his FB (um yeah okay, because that’s what we do, you know) and then decided that because he was ashamed and embarrassed for his remarks, decided to tell Jeff that he’s ruining his life, that he doesn’t know who he’s messing with, and he’s going to “kill him” and that he knows “his wife” .  Meaning, me.  Phrases like, “I know how to get to your wife”.  Jeff saw RED.   My FB is and has been on lockdown for awhile now but this guy was able to browse three profile photos and he said he knew what we looked like and threat, threat, threat.   Buddy go blow it out your ass!  Clearly this guy is off his rocker.  That’s that in a nutshell but apparently I have to watch my back now for crazy racists that don’t like getting called on for their rude and unacceptable behaviour.   Thanks to the technology age and nothing being sacred (like his LinkedIn account) I know what he drives and where he lives so I can be careful and better protect myself against crazy lunatics.
  • people pushing their religion on to me.  Listen, I respect people’s beliefs but please do not push your religion on to me.  I don’t need to explain any further.
  • do not try to entice me into your latest/newest trend/diet/fad/magic fix-all pill/system/workout/plan.  Sure, you can jump start your fitness but there is no magic ANYTHING that will be your saving grace and get your ass into shape.  You know what will, though?  Hard work, consistency and dedication.  I’m so sick of seeing juice diets/cleanses/workout plans that involve you purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of shit that isn’t even all that great for you in the first place.  Or the second you start eating real food, you gain it all back.  Here’s my advice:  How about you do some research, buy or borrow some books, educate yourself and have some common sense and get your ass to the gym or moving, something, ANYTHING.  YOU are your own worst enemy and biggest obstacle but if you want something bad enough, then pursue it and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN.  If you’re new to this blog, then let me tell you this.  I’ve lost 15 lbs eating Paleo and working my ass off.  I worked my ass off before but it goes to show that what you put into your body as fuel means just as much if not more than what you’re doing at the gym or for exercise.  It is possible, even if you’re the fittest person or the busiest, you make it work.  If you want it that bad, you make it work, plain and simple.  I guarantee you if I didn’t watch what I eat and work out 5-6 days a week, I’d end up exactly like my father’s parents – obese and incredibly unhealthy.  They’ve motivated and inspired me to not want to be an unhealthy 350-400 lbs that they once were before they passed away.  I want to live a long, prosperous life and not worry about having a massive heart attack or stroke because of the weight.

Share with me – what don’t you have any tolerance for?



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  • claire

    omg I get all these ha! I don’t get when people go on and on about how bad Facebook is how you shouldn’t go on it and why do I take so many photos and post them on FB well how the fk do you know I post all those photos if you hate it so much!!!!

  • Izzy’s piece of shit brother who thinks he’s more important and it’s okay to steal money from us. I am so livid right now I can’t even tell you. I want to see him in JAIL.

  • Seriously, I think some people just love to complain and bitch just for the sake of complaining.

  • I can’t compete with this. It sounds like he’s quite the stealing piece of shit.
    I would call police on this guy, otherwise he thinks he is or is getting away with it. He won’t learn unless it’s the hard way and maybe not even. Either way, not cool to steal people’s hard earn money. Get a real real job like th rest of us!!

  • Bethany Magnie

    Oh my gosh I love you. I so feel you on all of this, especially the second two… Honestly I always want to reply to people asking me if I want to join it works that I’m too busy trying to loose weight in a healthy way, but then they’d just go on forever trying to prove to me that their product is healthy!

  • I can’t stand it! You can try and convince me til your blue in the face but I’d rather stick to what I KNOW works. #livingproof #commonsense lol

  • blissfulgal

    LOVE the religion one. I’m always thinking, “I respect what you believe, so you should be able to reciprocate.” It also seriously annoys me when someone asks the same question a million (okay…5) times!

  • It shows you don’t respect or care enough to remember the answer the first time so stop asking again, it’s getting annoying!!

  • I agree. I am a Christian and I live a Keto lifestyle, but I would never push either of those on anyone. Ask me questions and I will answer, but I don’t ever want to make anyone feel like I’m trying to change them. If you don’t like someone for who they are, you’re not really a friend. I don’t have tolerance for hate in any form online or off.

  • Sue Oxley

    All great points. Live and let live. I have noticed a new drink/replacement thing is popping up all over my FB feed, that and wrap things that are just too funny Someone is making a lot of money. sad

  • Kim Munoz

    This is a good list. We have a guy on our neighborhood page who talks about shooting dogs if they are in his yard because they “could be aggressive” Nope Buddy! He even had the balls to say that if the teens that were ringing doorbells and running rang his bell, they would come face to face with him and his weapon! His wife is an elementary teacher at my boys school! I hate flaky people. If you say you are going to be there, be there. Or tell me you can’t. Don’t just leave me hanging. Oh and man bashing. That always makes me sad. Maybe because I am blessed to be married to my best friend and very proud of my marriage, when women go on rants about how they don’t need a man and bash all men. One man is not all men. Just saying! Oh, Ill stop now! LOL

  • I’m sorry to hear about the Facebook threat situation. That is horrible! The latest diet fads really bother me too. There is no magic pill and it bothers me how much money those industries make. I totally agree that the food you eat plays a major role not in just losing weight, but in your overall health. I’m also getting tired of people adding me on facebook just to find that they’re trying to sell me on one of those fads!

  • I completely. There’s no excuse nor reason for for it.

    What is keto lifestyle?

  • The wraps in my opinion are a joke And you’re right, someone’s making a lot dough.

  • Go Kim! Haha! That man… Oh I’m not even going to say what I’m really thinking. How can one person be so miserable and angry at the world? Kids and animals, come on.

    And you’re right, you shouldn’t bash your husband. I’ve been guilty of posting when we’re arguing and that’s so wrong of me and I admit that and am learning from my mistakes. We’ve been together for 13 years and we’ve had our share of ups and downs but I love him to pieces.

  • Keto is a diet (though I hate that word). It doesn’t cost anything and there are no special products to buy, but you do lose weight incredibly fast because you eat very low carbs to stay in “ketosis”.

  • Is it different than paleo? Man I’ve lost 15 lbs not trying to. I’m fading away (ok not quite). I’ve lost fat on my stomach, my quads and butt have leaned down. I’m just leaning outline crazy, really. I’m loving it!!!

  • Thanks eh.
    I guess everyone is out to make a buck but still… Move on. I’m not interested and if I was, you’d damn well know it.

  • Kim Munoz

    I have a few very married yet very feminist friends who almost act like they are to good to be married and make a point to let the world know they don’t really need their man. They think I’m crazy for spoiling mine the way I do. I’ve even been called old fashioned. I’m all for women power but not when it’s just to tear down men. Does that make sence? Venting when things are crazy is totally ok. Thats just being real;-) Marriage isn’t always sunshine and rainbows lol.

  • It’s very similar! They are almost identical you just pay more attention to your macros with Keto. Oh and you do eat dairy and don’t’t eat potatoes. I know those two vary between Paleo peeps. I eat many Paleo recipes as well, I just track my carbs, fat, and protein to stay within certain numbers. Congrats on slimming those areas! It feels amazing when you start seeing those changes!

  • You got that right!! 😉 I don’t understand the cockiness – if you dislike or seemingly dislike and “dont” need or want your significant, then why’d you marry them in the first place? Makes no sense. Marriage your significant other should be a priority if you care, respect and love the other.

  • Ahh okay. Gotcha! We were eating a few sweet potatoes when we started this but we’re kinda off them right now, which isn’t so bad I guess.

    Pleasure meeting you and I’m going to check out your blog later 😉

  • I cannot tolerate any sort of threatening behavior. It’s disgusting.

    I also cannot tolerate someone who, after years of unhealthiness, decides to get healthy and then starts acting morally superior. I actually ended a friendship as a result of it. I will support you to be healthy and improve yourself and I’ll even help you find recipes and be your workout buddy. But one week at the gym and healthy eating does not make you an expert or better than me because I ate a brownie and you did not.

  • Oh my gosh, did you go to the police? Those threats are pretty serious and scary. Though props to your husband for telling that guy that he was being inappropriate. Seriously, how do people like that still exist in the 21st century?

    I can’t stand when people try to tell me how to parent or that they have perfect solution to something. Um, no.

  • You can be proud of yourself for making the changes but be humble, be gracious… Get off your high horse and quit pretending like you’re a messiah and better than everyone else. I hate that behavior and attitude.

    Yeah that stalker dude has been silent for two days. Good thing because he’s a fkn moron!!

  • No didn’t go to the police but Jeff knows the criminal code in and out and he’s posted a bunch of this stuff in public forums for other residents to see and the guy is behaving himself. I’ve blocked him but I’ll watch my back. Too many damn crazies out there!!!
    People just like to meddle and insert themselves into business where they don’t belong. You almost feel like saying, “move along, nothing to see here!”

  • That’s some crazy bullshit. I’d report him for the threats!

  • Omg, I agree to all of them! Sorry about the guy on Facebook – that’s really crazy!

  • What’s really annoying me lately is a blogger thanks promoting this Beachbody/shake program but it isn’t even like she’s trying to entice people to join, it’s like she’s trying to convince herself of the BS. I just can’t stand get fit or any schemes to get healthy or fit in x amount of days. It’s bullshit. Put in the work and eat right, you don’t need god damn shakes to make you lose weight. But I guess people DO buy into the gimmicks and get fit/lose weight fast schemes.

    That guy has simmered down to being all but quiet now. He’s a loose cannon but it’s been fine since then.