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Things I will not tolerate - The Flynnigans

There are some things in life that I just will not tolerate or have the patience for.  I’m getting old (okay, not that old but still…) and I just don’t have the time or tolerance to put up with some shit.

Things like:

  • threats.  Over the last couple of days, some asshole on Facebook in a community group for where we live, decided to spew some racial remarks to some random man he didn’t even know and then when Jeff called him on it for his uncalled for behaviour, he then went on a tirade, deleted himself from the group, said Jeff hacked his FB (um yeah okay, because that’s what we do, you know) and then decided that because he was ashamed and embarrassed for his remarks, decided to tell Jeff that he’s ruining his life, that he doesn’t know who he’s messing with, and he’s going to “kill him” and that he knows “his wife” .  Meaning, me.  Phrases like, “I know how to get to your wife”.  Jeff saw RED.   My FB is and has been on lockdown for awhile now but this guy was able to browse three profile photos and he said he knew what we looked like and threat, threat, threat.   Buddy go blow it out your ass!  Clearly this guy is off his rocker.  That’s that in a nutshell but apparently I have to watch my back now for crazy racists that don’t like getting called on for their rude and unacceptable behaviour.   Thanks to the technology age and nothing being sacred (like his LinkedIn account) I know what he drives and where he lives so I can be careful and better protect myself against crazy lunatics.
  • people pushing their religion on to me.  Listen, I respect people’s beliefs but please do not push your religion on to me.  I don’t need to explain any further.
  • do not try to entice me into your latest/newest trend/diet/fad/magic fix-all pill/system/workout/plan.  Sure, you can jump start your fitness but there is no magic ANYTHING that will be your saving grace and get your ass into shape.  You know what will, though?  Hard work, consistency and dedication.  I’m so sick of seeing juice diets/cleanses/workout plans that involve you purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of shit that isn’t even all that great for you in the first place.  Or the second you start eating real food, you gain it all back.  Here’s my advice:  How about you do some research, buy or borrow some books, educate yourself and have some common sense and get your ass to the gym or moving, something, ANYTHING.  YOU are your own worst enemy and biggest obstacle but if you want something bad enough, then pursue it and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN.  If you’re new to this blog, then let me tell you this.  I’ve lost 15 lbs eating Paleo and working my ass off.  I worked my ass off before but it goes to show that what you put into your body as fuel means just as much if not more than what you’re doing at the gym or for exercise.  It is possible, even if you’re the fittest person or the busiest, you make it work.  If you want it that bad, you make it work, plain and simple.  I guarantee you if I didn’t watch what I eat and work out 5-6 days a week, I’d end up exactly like my father’s parents – obese and incredibly unhealthy.  They’ve motivated and inspired me to not want to be an unhealthy 350-400 lbs that they once were before they passed away.  I want to live a long, prosperous life and not worry about having a massive heart attack or stroke because of the weight.

Share with me – what don’t you have any tolerance for?



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