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  It’s Paleo Tuesday!!

How is it that It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  God, the weeks and months are just flying by.  We are now ten weeks into this Paleo dietary change and not much changed since my last update.  Part of me wonders if I should forego this bi-weekly post and only post when I come up with new recipes, or I try new recipes or something has changed.  Not entirely sure where I want this to go but I feel a bit repetitive.  The fact of the matter is, not much of the content of this “diet” changes from day to day but that’s not to say that things are boring or have become so, quite the opposite.  I’m still loving our breakfasts and lunches.  When we have some more time, I’d like to make paleo pancakes for Jeff; I’ve made them once on a weekend he was up north without me but haven’t made them again since.  We’ve also just been incredibly busy lately, with making trips up north to see Jeff’s family whenever we possibly can.  We’re visiting them this Friday/Saturday but it the visits have a purpose and it’s to do my holster certificate/club safety course at the gun club where Jeff and his family belong.  It’s a bit funny in itself because I’m still waiting for my paperwork to be processed by the RCMP but once they are approved, I’ll be ahead of the game and have a couple of courses/obligatory safety courses out of the way.  Anyways, let’s get to some of the updates and why I’m really here today.

Adjusting to the change:  We are fully used to eating this paleo diet now.  The one thing I’d like to do is try experimenting from our usual dishes that I/we make.  I am especially a creature of habit and Jeff hasn’t complained once in the last 10 weeks about the repetitiveness of the meals.  At first, I was changing up the breakfasts and lunches a bit, incorporating sometimes homemade pork patties, to simulate a port sausage round, if you will.  For lunches, some days I would switch up our yummy salads and pack romaine leaves of lettuce so that we could make wraps with chicken, bacon and paleo mayo.  But, I guess with time, and I’ve spoke to Jeff about it and he insists he’s not bored of anything of the food we’re eating, so we just stick to our usual go-to breakfasts and lunches.  Breakfasts every day look like 2 bacon slices and egg muffins.  Lunches are always (and most often our weekend lunches, too) salads with romaine lettuce, spinach, baby tomatoes, a few crushed pecans, a bit of bacon bits, some shredded chicken and our paleo mayo.  Both breakfast and lunches are filling as ever.  In terms of dinners, we usually have a protein and veggies but the odd time I’ll add in some sweet potato, but we haven’t been eating them a lot lately, pretty much since we started this paleo diet, we’ve been eating very little of sweet potatoes.  I can’t say that I miss it too much but it is good when we do have some.

Weight loss and how we feel: I don’t think I’ve weighed myself in the last week or so ago but in the mornings, I’m down to 140 lbs, which is odd because I feel like I’m dropping in size still but not necessarily in numbers.  Hard to say because we don’t own a scale so the only time I can weigh myself is at the gym or when I’m visiting my mom’s.  From what I see with Jeff, he’s doing the same thing.  I see his size getting slimmer but I don’t think ‘he’s weighed himself in a few weeks.  I’ll have to get him to weigh himself up north when we visit his mom this Friday/Saturday.

And just for comparison purposes:

On the left, that’s about 4-6 weeks ago, the middle picture is about 2-4 weeks ago and the picture on the right is

I think I look leaner, don’t I? Thoughts?  I feel like I have less “fluff”…. Either way, I’m happy with what I see when I look in the mirror.  Oh and another thing, I used to have cellulite at the back of my things, where the tops of my legs meet my ass and now  that is no longer.  I’m amazed!  Surprised?  I guess not, given the results I’ve seen living a paleo life has brought.

I’m excited to start my 6 week pole-dancing classes and to see how much stronger I get from doing that (and how much pain I’ll be in for those 6 weeks!!!).

IMG_9034IMG_9503.JPGmorning abs

March - Before

March – Before


elevator selie


And below are taken today, May 26, 2015.  Ignore the fkn stupid-ass posts and pointy finger.  LOL

IMG_9754  IMG_9785IMG_9778 Today May 26, 2015

Closing thoughts:  I keep saying the same damned thing but I’ll shout it out from the roof tops if I need to.  I’m loving this life, I’m loving just how lean and strong I’m feeling.  I feel unstoppable. 🙂


The fifth pic was a bacon basket full of veggies inside that Jeff made on Saturday night.  Can I just say that it was DIVINE?!!  I split dinner into two meals, even though it was mouth watering and delicious, I couldn’t fathom trying to swallow my entire plate down even if I wanted to.

And yes, I had raspberry sorbet last night, leftovers from Charlie’s birthday.  No it’s no paleo but it was a nice, refreshing treat.  🙂

IMG_9673Meal Prep MemeCB3tHSAXIAALd31


Are you making any lifestyle changes?  What are you doing to ensure you live a long and healthy life?

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday everyone!!!



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  • You look amazing, Lindsay! 🙂 I’ve been eating mostly Paleo for awhile now, too, and I really love it. I never used to pay attention to the JUNK I was putting in my body. And now that I do, I feel 1,000 times better! Glad to find another Paleo pal! 🙂

  • You look absolutely amazing! 🙂 I have tossed around the idea of going Paleo. I feel like it would be a challenge, but totally worth it! Keep it up!

  • Thank you so much Mia! I’m so proud and I hate bragging… but I’m just so proud. Hard work and eating right and nutrient dense food, pays off. I feel amazing and that’s why I love it. It’s work but if it’s worth it….why not run with it.

    Glad to hear you’re a fellow paleo queen 😉

  • Thank you so much Brianna 🙂 Im overwhelmed with compliments.
    It’s not hard per se but it’s a lot of planning and prepping, so you don’t set yourself up for failure to make poor food choices. It’s worth it… Having said that, I don’t have two kids like you do. 😉
    Really lovely to meet you!

  • Ashleigh

    You look amazing girl, good for you! thanks for sharing your experience!! xx

  • I think you are building muscle mass because you look ripped, girl! I’m making lifestyle changes. Slow but steady. I’m waking up half an hour before for a quick sweaty workout set and I’m walking everywhere. Plus, I’m adding all kinds of good vegetables in my menu that I used to do before but the newlywed bliss stage made me forget about that lol. Keep staying strong & beautiful!

  • Thanks SO much Ashleigh!! 🙂

  • Thanks girl!! 😉 and when you feel amazing, it ripples outward. I feel so good it’s just astounding to me. I love it.

    Good for you girl. Easy does it; you’re making huge positive changes, keep it up 🙂 I’m so proud of you! It’s tough getting up even earlier than you already and I know you have a busy schedule … Remember establishing a good foundation to build from will set you up for success. One day at s time… One foot in front of the other babe! You got this!!

    Don’t worry, everyone gets caught up in marital bliss, it happens to everyone, it did for me as well. 🙂 have a lovely day my friend xoxoxo

  • Jade Lee Wright

    Urgh I am not a fan of sweet potato anyway!!!

    It’s awesome that you’re used to the diet and keeping it up Linds! Well done.

    DUDE you definitely look leaner!!! Much! I’m super impressed with the results to be honest with you!!! I’ve got a bit of a podge… from eating crisps….. and now I’m kinda inspired to try this!!! Esp. as I’m getting married and all… plus it’s Bali time in 3 weeks!!! Need to be bikini ready yo 😉 It’s winter here so I’ve put on my winter ‘coat’ hahaha now I need to shed it. This may just be my answer.

    Pole dancing classes!!! AWESOME! Do you know how good they are for you??? Even for little kids. I know that’s weird to say but it is what I heard on the radio…. never tried it myself.. I’m such a goof with two left feet. Can’t dance to save my life – and trying to be sexy??? There’s a better chance of Elvis returning from the dead. I will just get laughed at hahahaha

  • Thank you SO MUCH love! The compliments mean the world and for someone that doesn’t know what to say or do with people complimenting, I’m truly blown away. Thank you so much! 🙂
    Dude, we just had our winter leave us a couple of months ago and everyone here packs on a bit of winter weight to stay warm, or that’s what we all say. It’s just too bloody cold to get out and move around (for most), but I’ve definitely gained some over the years in the wintertime. Time to get your ass moving and looking SWEET for your wedding. Although I have to say, having seen a ton of your photos of you lately and you haven’t got a damned thing to fuss about, babe! Seriously, tho.
    I did one pole class in March, it was for a bachelorette and I’ll be honest, I was the only one that could lift myself and not fall straight to my ass. And I hurt for DAYS!!! So I fully expect to be hurting for 6 full weeks but it’ll be a good hurt. I love that achy, sore feeling you get from a good workout. I’m ALSO a klutz and Jeff laughs because he doesn’t get how I can be so good at yoga, aerial silks and pole dancing yet I’m as ungraceful as you get. There is nothing at all sexy about pole dancing at this stage, believe you me. Hahahahaahaa
    love ya Jade! xox

  • Wow, you look amazing!!

  • Thanks love, I’m blown away from the positive compliments. Thank you! 🙂

  • Christine Mudryk Martin

    Good for you! Making those big food changes is hard! We switched to clean eating and I’m finding meal prep is the hardest, especially for a busy family. Gotta be mindful and think ahead! You’re looking awesome! xox

  • Thanks love!! I can’t imagine how much crazier it would be prepping with a family. I mean, you’ve got three kids under 5, time is precious for a momma like yourself. It’s so rewarding though, you just feel fuller and better. 🙂
    Have a great weekend my friend xo

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    We get stuck a bit in a rut too, although we are not yet paleo, close though, we are gluten free and it seems like when we like something we stick to it! Thankful for The Pinterest Recipe Review, it makes me branch out a bit! LOL! Those little egg muffins look so good, I gotta try them!

  • You know sometimes I miss the grains or pasta, but then when i do eat some, I feel like crap!
    Those egg muffins are so easy and so tasty! You can put whatever you want in them, too!