Weekend Recap & Summer Fun Giveaway Rafflecopter 14

Why hello there!  It’s MONDAY again, guys, let’s make it a great week!!

What does the word Summer mean to you?  It could mean a long-awaited and anticipated break from school, or summer break for the kids, a vacation away from it all , or spending the day at the beach, camping in the wilderness or it could just mean you’re out sitting out on a patio, enjoying a cold drink?  Doesn’t that all sound idyllic to you?  It sure does to me!!

A bunch of us Bloggers have banded together to bring you a wicked GIVEAWAY of cold, hard CASH!!!!!

The Giveaway begins today and will end at Midnight on Monday, June 8th!

Hurry up and grab every opportunity you can to get your hands on that money and share it with others!  Spread the news and share the love!!  At the very least, you may find other bloggers with interests you share so it’s a win-win!  Good luck and have fun!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Special thanks goes to Krysten who organized this AWESOME giveaway!! 

 A brief update for all those wondering.  I did not do the 75 km Bike Ride yesterday.  I opted not to do it yesterday.  Here’s why:  With the weather, near 40-60 km winds, feels like 4 degrees and I hurt myself standing still? No way I wouldn’t have hurt myself on the bike and or both gotten sick. If I get sick, I can’t see Jeff’s mom. So it wasn’t worth the risk to me. Everyone that I spoke with afterwards regretted it and one woman I talked to said she was in the bathtub at that point for 2 hours and was still unable to get warm.  So while I was super disappointed and regretted not going  but whatever, money was still raised. I know I could’ve biked the distance, but I honestly don’t have anything to prove to myself by being a hero and possibly risk injuring or making myself sick.  Priorities, right? On Saturday, I passed my holster certification course with flying colors.  Come on, was there ever any doubt?  😉

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