Paleo Tuesday 8


  It’s Paleo Tuesday!!


Chicken, sweet potato and cauliflower

It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now already a week into June and half way through the year.  That means we are now twelve weeks into this Paleo dietary change.

I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…

How much money we spent on Groceries in May: $540.00 (less than April).  We had some chicken still leftover from April’s Costco run so that certainly helped.

What we’re (two grown adults) buying the most of is lettuce, eggs and bacon.  We buy maybe over 40 heads of romaine lettuce a month, over 200 eggs and 16 pkgs of bacon.  When I write that out, it sounds a bit crazy.  LOL.


Spaghetti Squash, Spaghetti sauce and ground pork


Weight loss and how we feel: Down 20 lbs.  Jeff, who knows.  I haven’t asked him lately, although I think he’s about the same.

I have to admit that I’ve been having some pretty intense cravings in the last two weeks, for food that is less than good for me and it has been crazy!  Not giving myself too much grief for any cheats or bad choices, but boy do you ever feel like garbage after it’s gone down the gullet.  It is what it is.  It’s much easier to stay on track, at work or during the week than say if you’re away on a weekend or things are busy.  We eat as well as possible when we’re away up north, but we also only usually take leftovers with us.  Leftover egg muffins, bacon, lettuce, spinach, paleo mayo, perrier but then sometimes we run out or it’s more convenient to grab something on the go.  This past week, while visiting Jeff’s parents up north, his aunt was there too and she was offering us crap every two seconds.  And every two seconds we’d remind her it’s $hit we didn’t eat or don’t like or just don’t want, and two seconds later, “Would you like some?”  The worst was bacon something rather mayo.  She said it was better than the McDonalds big mac sauce… Err okay.  I don’t even like that stuff, let alone some fancy-schmany bacon infused mayo that you’ve brought up with you to share.  I don’t want any.  Nor do I want any bacon-mayo in my coffee (for reals she asked if we wanted some in our coffee haha)

I’ve tried to make some changes and grabbing fruit to snack on if I’m hungry.

Pole dancing:  It’s only the day after my first class so it’s still early days but I’m waiting to see how I feel tomorrow.  Day 2 is always worse than day 1 in terms of soreness and being stiff, not to mention the bruises can take up to a week to show up.  I’ll post more about pole dancing later.

My stupid fall yesterday morning and a bit of banging around on the pole last night makes for an unhappy forearm (below).  I can’t wait to see what comes up over the next week. 🙂

My forearm

My forearm

Are you making any lifestyle changes?  Is there something different you’re doing or trying?

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday!!!



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