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The Flynnigans Wedding

I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding planning lately, and maybe it is because I’d love for us to have another wedding (because we had so much fun at ours and it was so much fun to plan!) and so I thought it would be a great blog post idea to share my some of my tips and ideas for planning your wedding and that if they can help you out our or someone else, then my job here is done.

Some people find wedding planning stressful, others find it fun.  I actually enjoyed planning our wedding.  To the extent that I even toyed with the idea of getting into event planning after the wedding.  Here are some tips of advice  that others have passed along to me and others that I’ve learned from my own experience.  Enjoy and share!

7 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

1.  Create a  Photo list – Back when I was planning our wedding, a friend of mine that I worked with gave me some helpful tips for planning and one of them was have an idea of what types of photographs taken, i.e. different spots of interest at the location and must-have photos with specific family members.  For me, I had a list of photos I wanted with Jeff’s family, with my family, with or families together, a photo with Jeff and I and my paternal grandmother, pictures of the guests enjoying themselves.  Not only is it helpful to have a list of people you want photographs with but also the must-have spots at your venue.  Looking back, I wish we had more pictures with and of my sister-in-law, Karen because she ended up passing away from a brain tumor later that year in December.  Apart from that, we were happy with locations and spots we had pictures taken. HERE

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2.  Music – Although this can be painful going through your DJ’s catalogue, you NEED to go through it and come up with a “must-play” playlist and a “do not play” playlist.  Of course, if you have a band or if you’re a cool cat and have a cellist playing at your wedding, you need not worry about this aspect  You must take into account that your guests will have songs they’ll request and you need to make your DJ aware that there are songs that you just cannot and will not accept to have played at YOUR wedding.  For instance, the chicken dance song, or Macarena or you may not appreciate Lil Jon’s “Turn down for what” song.  Be deliberate and be open about what you want played, what’s negotiable and songs that you definitely do not want played.  It’s YOUR day so you get to call the shots.

3.  Pleasing Everyone – Let’s face it, everyone and their brother is going to have advice and requests for you.  It’s important to remind yourself that yes, you can make accommodations for people that are reasonable but YOUR day is about you and your soon-to-be-husband and YOU BOTH need to be happy about your choices instead of letting other people’s wishes dictate your day.

The Flynnigans Wedding

4.  Advice from Others/External Influences – This kind of goes hand in hand with my previous point.  Whether you’re getting married or having a baby, going through significant life changes opens up the floor to getting pieces of advice or tips and tricks from anyone and everywhere, whether solicited or not.  Again, this isnt so and so’s wedding, it’s yours.  In the end, it’s your memories; are you going to be happy reflecting back on the day or are you going to have regrets and wish you had done things differently?  You can be polite about it and thank others for the advice and tips but ultimately, it’s up to you and your fiancé to decide how you want the day to unfold.

5.  Your Venue –  Sometimes pictures aren’t worth a thousand words and don’t accurately depict what is really going on in terms of venues when you’re looking for that perfect spot.  Visiting your venue in person is ideal but if you can’t, if you can find other people that have an experience dealings with that venue or can give their opinions, you’re far better off than choosing a venue sight unseen.  When we visited our venue, we ran into another couple that were getting married before us and it was nice to talk to them to get their point of view of their experience with the venue up to that point and whether they had any tips or advice for us.
One thing we noticed for our venue was that when we had the initial viewing, it was the beginning of Spring and flowers were just starting to bloom so we wanted to have an idea of what we could expect the place to look like in June versus in April.  Another thing you may want to ask is if the venue is planning any renovations and if so, what and does it affect your special day or perhaps you might want to ask them what items you can remove from the venue to replace with your own wedding decor.  Our venue did not want us to remove the pictures on the wall because it was historical to the place.  We understood and it was no big deal at all.  I imagine if we were doing draping it might have been an issue but it didn’t bother us any because we didn’t have anything hanging on the walls.  Arm yourself with questions and don’t be afraid to ask to many.

6.  Appointing a ‘Go To’ Person on the Wedding Day –  Have your Maid of Honour or someone that you trust that will keep the day moving, on schedule and on point.  The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be stressing about the arrivals of all your vendors, wrangling people together, and dealing with any issues that come up.  The idea is, if something goes wrong, that you won’t even know about it until after the wedding is over.  And you know what?  It’s not the end of the world if things don’t go 1000% to plan.  Life happens and sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan but it’s important to embrace it, take a deep breath and move on.  Don’t let something silly, stupid or trivial ruin you and your hubby’s day.

7.  Idea Binder/Place to keep Your dreams/wishes/important wedding related documents – In some ways, I’m glad that Pinterest wasn’t around when I was planning my own wedding in 2007.  Pinterest can be great but it can be overwhelming.  What I did was keep a binder of all wedding related items and documents.  I had vendor information, invoices, I had a vision board of colours, flowers, photo ideas, bonboniere ideas, etc.  Keeping a binder keeps everything organized and all in one location so you don’t have wedding stuff strewn all over the place and it will be ready, on-hand for whenever you need to refer to it.  I also think that once you’ve started making all the big decisions like colours, flowers, venue, décor and all that good stuff that you actually STOP looking around at further wedding related websites or magazines.  Trust in your decision and the vision you have created; continuing to look at websites and bridal magazines after you’ve made the bulk of your big decisions because then you start second guessing yourself and whether you made the right choices.  It can create doubt and you don’t want to be changing your mind every week what your theme/colours or décor is.  Settle on what you want early and then go with it.  Personally, I continued to look at magazines and go to conventions after making the big decisions and it really made me wonder if what I had in my mind was really what we wanted or would’ve liked.  It’s just because there are so many pretty, creative and cool ideas for weddings these days instead of the traditional weddings that we all once knew say back 20-30 years ago.  Nowadays, I find that weddings are a celebration for all and they are more open to creativity and less staying in the boundary lines.  Looking at other dresses after I bought mine or other décor ideas just confused me and I had to stop.  So I recommend that once you’ve made most of your big decisions to stop looking on the interwebs because you’ll just stress yourself out and create unnecessary confusion.

But, to each his own.  I’m just giving you my two cents of advice, some advice that I wish I had when I was getting married.

Do you have any advice for anyone that’s getting married or anything you wish YOU had done differently for your wedding???



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