10 Things that Made Me Happy this Week 41


10 Things that Made Me Happy this Week

[Note: This is NOT in order of importance.]

1  Charlie’s new bag that we can carry him around in without having to worry about his legs for the time being.  🙂  Jeff picked me up from the train on Friday night after work, with Charlie in a bag and it was oh-so-cute!

Charlie in a bag

Charlie in a Bag

2  Last weekend was a weekend of pure indulgence and just relaxing.  I haven’t had a weekend like that in a long, long time.

3  Orange Is The New Black.  Yeah, season 3 is long since done.  When is 4 coming out? lol

4  Visiting the Dog Park with Baxter.  Little man still has to get out, even if Charlie can’t romp around like he used to.

Baxter at Dog Park

5  Jeff’s AMAZING ribs and pulled pork.  AH-MAZING!

6  Pole dancing on Monday night – yet another fun night.  Christ, my calves, my ribs, my abs AND hands all hurt!

7  Making plans for our wedding anniversary (28th) that’s coming up next weekend.

8  Seeing my Momma this week.  I just love her to pieces!

9  Good News: Surgery is officially scheduled pursuant to the pre-op yesterday!  I just want to get this over with already and get on the road to recovery.

10  Turning on our A/c units for the first time in 2015.  I $hit you not, angels were singing.

11.  And one more for good measure – To everyone that has written to me this week, thank you for being there.  I’m not always like this, I promise.  You guys have been far more supportive than anyone else has been and I really appreciate it.  *big hugs*

I will be pet sitting this weekend so I will be back on Monday with my usual pet sitting weekend recap!

What made YOU happy this week?

 Positive Thoughts


Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!



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