Thursday Thoughts & #ThrowbackThursday 4

Canada Day Festival

It’s Thursday today, but it doesn’t feel like a Thursday because we had a statutory holiday yesterday (Canada Day) and so today, it feels like it should be the beginning of a work week but alas, thank god it is not.  Only today and tomorrow until the glorious weekend.  I live for weekends, don’t you kids?  Yesterday, we didn’t end up visiting Jeff’s Mom in the rehab facility.  She was placed in isolation due to being sick so hopefully she’ll be feeling a bit better come the weekend and we can perhaps visit her on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Instead, we walked around a Canada Day Festival in our town where we live (with Baxter in tow) and then we spent the afternoon with Charlie as he snoozed away on the couch as I iced his leg.

Proud to be Canadian

Canada Day Festival  Canada Day FestivalCanada Day Festival
Canada Day Festival

Today I’m going to do a bit of a Thursday Thoughts and then wrap it up with some #ThrowbackThursday pictures from the past.

Feeling… Happy, content, present.  I’m happy that the weekend is near and although it won’t be a relaxing vacation, I’m relieved to have some time off work starting next week, taking care of Charlie and my mom’s entire gang while she flies off to Spain next Monday evening.  She had planned the trip since last fall and with Charlie’s surgery kind of just popping up out of the blue, I had to take some time off to care for him while she’s gone, you know, because he’s crated and on a strict limited exercise regime starting next week.  I’ve mentioned it before that my mom’s sister, my aunt, lives in my mom’s basement and she has offered to help us out (before knowing I was booking off vacation), BUT she has her days and nights confused, which isn’t ideal nor is it reliable, I just can’t trust her to care for Charlie or be up to take him out, etc.  If any of us screw up, he could end up undoing all the repairs and need a second surgery OR he could damage another limb by overcompensating for the injured one.

Loving… My husband, our dogs, my mom, my mother in law and father in law.  I’m loving that it’s summer and we have great weather today and loving all the sunshine.  I’m loving LIFE right now.

Reading… Paris Match by Stuart Woods.  I’m so behind on Stuart Woods right now and I’m playing catch up.  I think I have another 1-2 to read still.  Still reading The Happy Wives Club, by Fawn Weaver…. I gotta say, not really impressed thus far.  Much of the book is common sense and basically the theme that I’ve picked up on throughout is, adore/love your husband and do everything for them and he will love you to the end of time.  Um, what about what he can/does for you?  It works both ways… just saying.

Wanting… to win the lottery.  Is that too much to ask for?  I’m wanting to go swim in the ocean and do some Scuba diving… God I love it underwater.  I must start looking into dive shops in the Dominican for next Spring.

Dreaming… Paying off a few things and being debt free.  I long for this feeling and I know we’ll get there, but we must stay focused.  It’ll be a glorious feeling when we do.  But this year, there’s been a few set backs.  Charlie’s surgery (costing almost $3,500 thus far, not including all of the future hydrotherapy we’ll be doing, but that won’t be so bad – it’s $125 a month unlimited uses) and paying off my father in law for the Smith & Wesson I bought from him.  I’d love to win the lottery so that we could easily buy another car.  I have a feeling that we’ll be buying something next year perhaps.  Womp womp.

Having… Water.  And lunch.  I just got back from my BodyPump class.  I.NEED.FOOD!

Listening…  Right now, I’m obsessed with Young Empires – The Gates song.

Wearing… everything Lululemon at the moment.  I need to go to a Lululemon support group.  LOL!

Waiting… for the weekend to arrive and for my co-worker to shut up.  No one cares that you drink your face off and carry on like you’re a fkn teenager.  Shut up and do your damn job!

And finally, for the Thursday Throwback, I present to you some oldies of us and the dogs camping.


Charlie Update:  Today is Day 10 Post-Op and he continues to do very well.  The pictures will speak for themselves.  🙂

Bichon Frise Bichon FriseStitches



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  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Charlie looks really good! So, what are you going to get into next week? Time with Charlie obviously, but anything else? Other than not having to listen to your co-worker and Stuart Woods?

  • I’ve been following Charlie’s post-op on Facebook and am so glad to hear that he’s recovering well! Enjoy your week off next week! Spend lots of time cuddling with Charlie and be sure to take some time to relax too! 🙂

    I am finally following your blog on Bloglovin’. I thought I already was, but I never saw your posts so I looked for you tonight and saw that I wasn’t. So I am now following you again and you’re in my “Faves” list, so you should finally start seeing comments from me more often!

  • Not much of anything else. With my moms three Bichons, our two, one being disabled at the moment, there’s not much more other time to do anything with Charlie and all…. I’ll be getting some drafting done, maybe tidy up the blog a bit and out together a bunch of my resources together in one spot. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for your link up next week. Oh and getting some naps in next week. All said and done, in the next 11 work days next week, I work 2. So I can’t complain. I’ll be getting up at dawn with my moms youngest and sending Jeff to work at 6 am, while intend to the “kids”. All 5 of them. Lol!

  • I’ve seen you like my Charlie update posts. 🙂 Next couple of weeks will be filled with love from 5 yes FIVE Bichons and I’ll be starting hydrotherapy for Charlie as early as next Wednesday/Thursday. I’ll get some naps in here and there but no rest for the wicked. I’ll try and squeeze in the gym somewhere daily, even if I have to go at night while Jeff watches all the dogs…

    No worries. I swear my freely deletes a blog here and there on my list from time to time…And other times I won’t get updates from another blog and then bam, I’ll be flooded with 20 post updates. So odd… Cool beans. 😉