What’s Up Monday / Weekend Recap / Charlie Recovery Update 17

Fresh Fruit

So what fun did y’all get up to this past weekend?  We had some mediocre, summer weather this past along with a lot of relaxation, cleaning, packing, seeing Jeff’s Mom in rehab, seeing old friends Saturday, good eats, good company and of course, time with the boys.  In a nutshell, of course.  (Meanwhile, I just went on a run-on sentence there, there was nothing brief or nutshell about it – lol)

Jeff went up late Thursday night to his parents, which was basically only a place to rest his head, so he could go out on Friday morning, up to the range, with all of our finest.  He wanted to get some practice in before the provincial match that’s coming up next month.  He was also trying to trouble shoot what’s going on with his Glock because he’s trying to figure out if he wants to sell it or not.  Turns out, he needs to clean it really well, it’s just gunked up full of dirt and what not.  It wasn’t long after I got home from work on Friday evening that Jeff walked through the door.  Baxter was over the moon happy that Daddy was home.  Baxter stayed with me Thursday night for company and it was welcomed – we’ve been so lonely/lost since Charlie isn’t at home with us.  Baxter has been with us and he’s been lapping up all the one on one lovin’ he’s been getting, but he’s so quiet, sometimes you actually forget he’s there, he’s just that quiet.  Friday evening was a quiet one, I think we both went to bed fairly early.

Saturday morning, I ended up doing a ton of stretching because my upper body has been so tight every week now since I started doing the pole dancing.  So, I pulled out the book of magic aka The Supple Leopard and found some deep stretches that I could do that could do to try and alleviate some of the pain.  I also made us breakfast and most of the morning was spent cleaning a bit and having a shower.  Afterwards, we then took Baxter over to my mom’s and visited Charlie a bit (he’s always so happy to see us – see below 🙂 ).  Afterwards, I went to meet up with some old co-workers while Jeff went geocaching and got some shopping out of the way for a few items for his mom.  After the pool party (where no one swam – HA!), we went to see Jeff’s Mom in the rehab where she is and will be until the beginning of August.  She looks great, says she feels better and physically is in better form than what she went in like.  So nice to be able to give her a hug and walk around the beautiful grounds at the facility.  We didn’t get home til almost 9 and then just vegged the rest of the evening and drank gimlets (gin).  If you’ve never had a gimlet, they’re like drinking alcoholic slush and man does it ever send the willies down my spine.  LOL!  I don’t remember going to bed on Saturday night…. so.. that’s how that went.  LOL!

Bichon Frise Smiles

Sunday was a day of food prepping for the first few days of the week, I made a big salad for lunch (even though we cheated and ate terrible shit)… You see, the salad was to off-set the other garbage we were eating.  LOL.  Whatever though, I’m at peace with it – I just generally felt like shit all week.  God damn lady problems!  Thankfully I’m not a hurting unit every month but every now and again, I turn into a child and this weekend it was just that.  Later in the evening, I took over an entire trunk of shit to my mom’s for when we stay there (starting tonight), while Jeff rode my bike over to the house.  Our friend Dina brought Lily, her girl that had the same cruciate surgery hours before Charlie, for a visit so it was nice to see the two patients together and boy were they happy to see eachother.  STITCHES COME OUT TOMORROW GUYS!!!!  Can you tell I’m/We’re really excited about this?  This all means that hydrotherapy can start this week, which I hope to begin on Wednesday or Thursday.  Boy, Charlie is going to feel like a million bucks when that cone comes off but also when he gets in the water – he’s going to feel so much more refreshed and rejuvenated, I think.  Plus, getting him some physical activity will tire him out so he can continue resting and healing as much as he can.  He will still be crated but I’m not sure how the arrangements will be going forward.  I know it’s all uphill from here but we also must be super careful, as can easily undo it all by a herky-jerk movement or going bananas and bolting off, say, a couch and springing to the front door barking at the door bell.  He’s going to be wearing a leash for a very long time – off-leash dog parks are no more.  That’s okay though, at least we’ll still be able to take him, he just won’t be able to run around as freely and WILDLY like he used to.

I’m just trying to get through my day so that I can enjoy the next two weeks off.  I’m working this Friday and the following Friday (days Jeff is off to care for Charlie and the rest of the gang) so even though it is a couple of days, having 9 work days off is pretty damn sweet.  I need it, too.  Some of my co-workers are driving me to drink.  Like, can we pretty please stop pretending were a valley girl and we’re oh-so-funny and just shut up and do your damn job?!  Why is that so flippin hard for some people to wrap their tiny little brains around?!

The Flynnigans

So – Body shred (I finished that just prior to posting this), scarf my lunch and get through my day, home, change, grab the last of our things from home, go to mom’s, say farewell for two weeks, dinner and then pole class.

So tomorrow will be a double post kind of day – I’m going to be co-hosting a Lets Be Friends Blog Hop & there will also be a “Paleo Tuesday” post going up.  On Wednesday or Thursday, I will update on what’s going on with Charlie, how the stitches removal went, what the doctor has to say, planned therapy sessions and more!  So stay tuned for more!



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  • So glad Charlie’s stitches are coming out!

  • Me too!! So will he, I’m sure they tickle and pull at his skin now that they’re dried out.

  • Fashionista’s Travel

    Your pole dancing class sounds like fun! I might be taking cardio kickboxing soon if I can fit it into my crazy busy schedule!

  • Sometimes, I like to keep run-on sentences that I write in my post, just because. I’m glad you do too 🙂 Charlie has been such a little trooper. So glad his stitches are coming out!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Wiw, lots of good news and busyness! Great news about Charlie, especially the cone coming off and stitches coming out. I’m dying to see a vid of you pole dancing, they say it’s a great upper body workout! Although you might get a lot of attention from a vid!!

  • Cardio kickboxing is a wicked workout! You might find yourself surprised and love it! Hopefully you can fit it in. 🙂

  • Hahah! 😉

    Charlie has been such a model patient – I’m not surprised, the little show boat loll

  • Lots of great news but brings stress, you know? Not all rainbows and cupcakes but that’s life… Gotta take what you get.
    I’m not THAT ready or good to post a video… Maybe after my next 6 week session…. 🙂

  • Aww, I’m so excited for Charlie. I bet he will be like nothing happened! I didn’t do meal prep on Sunday, will have to do it today I guess haha!

  • Sounds like the weekend was good for you!

  • Me too! Get on your meal preppin’ girl! lol

  • Sara Strand

    I would like to take your dogs for my very own. Mostly because I love it when dogs look like they are smiling, I just want to squeeze their guts. 🙂

  • Charlie smiles all the time, even with his eyes. He’s such a happy boy, even when he’s pissed at you he’ll kiss you. Even getting his stitches out, he tore up my arm thrashing but gave me apologetic kisses afterwards lol!

  • Seriously he’s smiling like crazy, it makes me laugh!

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  • From time to time he’ll do a toothy smile. It’s hilarious lol

  • These photos are adorable, I love hoe happy your fur baby is!

  • Thanks Stephanie. He really is such a happy guy, we could all take lessons from him in enjoying the simple things. 😉