Paleo Tuesday 28

Paleo Tuesday

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!!

It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now into July and it’s been one month since I last posted anything regarding our paleo life.  All of this means that we are now sixteen weeks into this Paleo dietary change.  FOUR months, that seems so wild to say,

I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…

How much money we spent on Groceries in June: Approximately $792.00 (more than May).  We had to stock up on some chicken breast in June and a few other household items that we had run out of.

We still continue to buy Costco out of their romaine lettuce, eggs and bacon. *smile*  Have I ever mentioned that I love bacon?  Bacon should be its own food group, right?

Fresh Veggies fresh fruit
Meals:  Meals here are always the same, we haven’t gotten tired of them yet so why go and change something good?

Breakfasts during the week are always egg muffins, a couple slices of bacon and a banana.

Paleo breakfast

No snacks in between breakfast and lunch, we remain full until Lunch.

Lunches are always a hard boiled egg (Jeff has two) and a fresh salad, with chicken, bacon bits, pecans, baby tomatoes and paleo “mayo” with romaine salad and baby spinach.

I don’t eat anything after breakfast and before I head to the gym.  I’ve gotten nauseous before on a full belly and plus after working out, I’m ravenously hungry again so I just save lunch until after.  I’ve also had some allergic reactions to eating fruit too close to a class where I’m working out and I’ll break out in hives, my lips will swell and I’ll start scratching the palate of my mouth.  This is never a good sign, so that’s why I eat afterwards.

Afternoon snacks are an apple and usually berries of some nature, not always, but often.

Dinners are almost always either a protein and veggies but sometimes I’ll add in a starch, like sweet potato,  Dinners, I admit, are getting a wee bit boring so I think I’ll use the next two weeks I’m off to drum up some new recipes to try.  I have a few Paleo books, along with a ton of pins on Pinterest and recipes from friends’ books that they’ve lent me.  I love some of the recipes but I’m not a huge fan of having to use a million ingredients.  I’m in the kitchen long enough, I don’t need to double my time.

Ruth Chris' Porterhouse Steak

Ruth Chris’ Porterhouse Steak

Just to get a sneak peak at what we’re eating tonight:  Organic ground beef with sweet onion, fresh garlic with organic tomato sauce and spaghetti squash.  I used to make this dish before we went paleo but added rice in for texture and to make it more filling.  Little did I know that eliminating the starch (rice), it would still be a filling meal.

Weight loss and how we feel: Jeff is now down 40lbs.  I’m down, I guess same as before, about 20 lbs and I’m wearing pants and jeans I haven’t fit into for years now.  How awesome-sauce is that?!  Weight loss certainly isn’t the primary focus on this journey but rather creating healthier food habits, eating nutrient-dense foods that are more filling and satisfying and kicking some bad habits that we couldn’t or wouldn’t do before.  Before we started this, Jeff was addicted to diet coke.  Addicted.  Now, he drinks Perrier if he wants something bubbly.  A treat might be a diet coke and a coke for me and a treat it is, that’s is.  Nothing out of hand like before.  Another thing I don’t really miss is toast with our breakfast on the weekend.  Mind you, Jeff and I downed our bread basket at Ruth Chris’ in no time flat.  We also agree that if we go back to Paris, baguettes will be on the menu and there’s no argument about it.

How long do we plan on eating Paleo:  Not really sure at this time.  There’s nothing really crazy about this “lifestyle”, we enjoy it and it works for us so why stop?

Exercise:  I’m continuing to do much of the same, although I’ve backed off so many of the BodyPump classes I was doing.  I was doing 2-3 a few months ago and it was showing in my massive quads and growing ass.  Ladies, I was splitting pants for Christ sakes.  And if I wasn’t busting out of pants, I was growing out of pants because my quads and legs were too much for the fabric to handle.  LOL.  Sure, it was great muscle but almost a bit much.  So for now, I’m still doing five days a week, usually Mondays are HIIT (Shred), Tuesday’s I’m doing a spinning class, Wednesday is usually an outside HIIT workout (although that will be on hold on now that I’m on vacation but also the Pan Am Games – the area where they are presenting the medals is where Liane and I sweat are tushes off), Thursday is Liane’s Bodypump class and on Friday’s, it’s a toss up of either Combat/CX (Abs) or HIIT, or a bit of a hodge podge, everything day.

Jeff has gotten back into biking, although just as he was getting really into it, he broke about 5 to 7 spokes on his wheel and we’re trying to get it fixed but it’s almost looking like it’ll almost be the same price to buy a whole new bike altogether.  He doesn’t have an expensive bike by any means but he spent about $300 on it so it’s a shame we can’t fix it for a nominal fee.  Oh wells.

Pole dancing:  I’ve now completed 4 of 6 classes and skipped last night because it was a bit busy and hectic coming over to my mom’s place, with her leaving for the airport and trying to get the dogs all settled and calmed down.  I was a bit disappointed I had to cancel last night but it is what it is, no sense in stressing about it.  Next week is the last session of the 6 I signed up for but I’m going to continue.  Had you asked me before I started, I would’ve laughed if you suggested that I’d want a pole after all this is done.  Well…yep, you got me, I now find myself wanting a pole.  Totally impractical for the small space in which we live but one can dream, right?

I’ve got most of the spins down and I’ve been told I’m picking up things fast and that I’m a “natural”, but let me be quite clear that there’s nothing cute or sensual or sexy about it at this point.  Right now I make screw faces because I’m concentrating so hard and trying to nail down the moves.  BUT, I am noticing that I’m feeling more confident and less awkward/not looking like a clown.  It’s a lot of fun and we get in a ton of laughs in class.  Plus, it’s a bonus if I’m hurting for DAYS after class.

Just because I love ya’ll and Nikki asked for a video (holy cow, not YET!!), here’s a pic of me doing the diamond spin.  You can also do this static.  Enjoy.  Seriously, it’s not much, so… sorry to disappoint if you were expecting pole dancing championship skills. 😉

Static diamond

The Supple Leopard

This book has been my savior for my upper body, all thanks to the pole. 🙂

Are you making any lifestyle changes?  Is there something different you’re doing or trying?  Anything you would recommend that I try?  I’m always down for trying something new….

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday!!!



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