Paleo Tuesday 28

Paleo Tuesday

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!!

It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now into July and it’s been one month since I last posted anything regarding our paleo life.  All of this means that we are now sixteen weeks into this Paleo dietary change.  FOUR months, that seems so wild to say,

I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…

How much money we spent on Groceries in June: Approximately $792.00 (more than May).  We had to stock up on some chicken breast in June and a few other household items that we had run out of.

We still continue to buy Costco out of their romaine lettuce, eggs and bacon. *smile*  Have I ever mentioned that I love bacon?  Bacon should be its own food group, right?

Fresh Veggies fresh fruit
Meals:  Meals here are always the same, we haven’t gotten tired of them yet so why go and change something good?

Breakfasts during the week are always egg muffins, a couple slices of bacon and a banana.

Paleo breakfast

No snacks in between breakfast and lunch, we remain full until Lunch.

Lunches are always a hard boiled egg (Jeff has two) and a fresh salad, with chicken, bacon bits, pecans, baby tomatoes and paleo “mayo” with romaine salad and baby spinach.

I don’t eat anything after breakfast and before I head to the gym.  I’ve gotten nauseous before on a full belly and plus after working out, I’m ravenously hungry again so I just save lunch until after.  I’ve also had some allergic reactions to eating fruit too close to a class where I’m working out and I’ll break out in hives, my lips will swell and I’ll start scratching the palate of my mouth.  This is never a good sign, so that’s why I eat afterwards.

Afternoon snacks are an apple and usually berries of some nature, not always, but often.

Dinners are almost always either a protein and veggies but sometimes I’ll add in a starch, like sweet potato,  Dinners, I admit, are getting a wee bit boring so I think I’ll use the next two weeks I’m off to drum up some new recipes to try.  I have a few Paleo books, along with a ton of pins on Pinterest and recipes from friends’ books that they’ve lent me.  I love some of the recipes but I’m not a huge fan of having to use a million ingredients.  I’m in the kitchen long enough, I don’t need to double my time.

Ruth Chris' Porterhouse Steak

Ruth Chris’ Porterhouse Steak

Just to get a sneak peak at what we’re eating tonight:  Organic ground beef with sweet onion, fresh garlic with organic tomato sauce and spaghetti squash.  I used to make this dish before we went paleo but added rice in for texture and to make it more filling.  Little did I know that eliminating the starch (rice), it would still be a filling meal.

Weight loss and how we feel: Jeff is now down 40lbs.  I’m down, I guess same as before, about 20 lbs and I’m wearing pants and jeans I haven’t fit into for years now.  How awesome-sauce is that?!  Weight loss certainly isn’t the primary focus on this journey but rather creating healthier food habits, eating nutrient-dense foods that are more filling and satisfying and kicking some bad habits that we couldn’t or wouldn’t do before.  Before we started this, Jeff was addicted to diet coke.  Addicted.  Now, he drinks Perrier if he wants something bubbly.  A treat might be a diet coke and a coke for me and a treat it is, that’s is.  Nothing out of hand like before.  Another thing I don’t really miss is toast with our breakfast on the weekend.  Mind you, Jeff and I downed our bread basket at Ruth Chris’ in no time flat.  We also agree that if we go back to Paris, baguettes will be on the menu and there’s no argument about it.

How long do we plan on eating Paleo:  Not really sure at this time.  There’s nothing really crazy about this “lifestyle”, we enjoy it and it works for us so why stop?

Exercise:  I’m continuing to do much of the same, although I’ve backed off so many of the BodyPump classes I was doing.  I was doing 2-3 a few months ago and it was showing in my massive quads and growing ass.  Ladies, I was splitting pants for Christ sakes.  And if I wasn’t busting out of pants, I was growing out of pants because my quads and legs were too much for the fabric to handle.  LOL.  Sure, it was great muscle but almost a bit much.  So for now, I’m still doing five days a week, usually Mondays are HIIT (Shred), Tuesday’s I’m doing a spinning class, Wednesday is usually an outside HIIT workout (although that will be on hold on now that I’m on vacation but also the Pan Am Games – the area where they are presenting the medals is where Liane and I sweat are tushes off), Thursday is Liane’s Bodypump class and on Friday’s, it’s a toss up of either Combat/CX (Abs) or HIIT, or a bit of a hodge podge, everything day.

Jeff has gotten back into biking, although just as he was getting really into it, he broke about 5 to 7 spokes on his wheel and we’re trying to get it fixed but it’s almost looking like it’ll almost be the same price to buy a whole new bike altogether.  He doesn’t have an expensive bike by any means but he spent about $300 on it so it’s a shame we can’t fix it for a nominal fee.  Oh wells.

Pole dancing:  I’ve now completed 4 of 6 classes and skipped last night because it was a bit busy and hectic coming over to my mom’s place, with her leaving for the airport and trying to get the dogs all settled and calmed down.  I was a bit disappointed I had to cancel last night but it is what it is, no sense in stressing about it.  Next week is the last session of the 6 I signed up for but I’m going to continue.  Had you asked me before I started, I would’ve laughed if you suggested that I’d want a pole after all this is done.  Well…yep, you got me, I now find myself wanting a pole.  Totally impractical for the small space in which we live but one can dream, right?

I’ve got most of the spins down and I’ve been told I’m picking up things fast and that I’m a “natural”, but let me be quite clear that there’s nothing cute or sensual or sexy about it at this point.  Right now I make screw faces because I’m concentrating so hard and trying to nail down the moves.  BUT, I am noticing that I’m feeling more confident and less awkward/not looking like a clown.  It’s a lot of fun and we get in a ton of laughs in class.  Plus, it’s a bonus if I’m hurting for DAYS after class.

Just because I love ya’ll and Nikki asked for a video (holy cow, not YET!!), here’s a pic of me doing the diamond spin.  You can also do this static.  Enjoy.  Seriously, it’s not much, so… sorry to disappoint if you were expecting pole dancing championship skills. 😉

Static diamond

The Supple Leopard

This book has been my savior for my upper body, all thanks to the pole. 🙂

Are you making any lifestyle changes?  Is there something different you’re doing or trying?  Anything you would recommend that I try?  I’m always down for trying something new….

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday!!!



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  • Becoming a supple leopard!

    Your pole pose looks like a magic trick in that photo. You go girl!

  • That book is a dream! Haven’t pulled it out more than in the last few weeks!

    That pose is static too, no swinging. Just abs and upper body.

  • Look at you, awesome core strength in that pole video! I agree with you that paleo is a fine lifestyle change. Why go back? I don’t foresee myself going back to wheat. I have weak moments, but they are short-lived. My go-to snack is nuts. I used to eat avocados a lot for breakfast but sure am sick of those already!

  • Mar

    Kudos to you! I really need to start eating healthier, but living with the inlaws makes it very difficult. I would love to try Paleo, once Steve and I have our own place. I’ve been feeling so blah lately and I know its because of my inactivity and eating habits.

  • I have my moments, too and I feel like junk afterwards but whatever. Sometimes it’s worth eating something so good, yet sinful, and then dealing with afterwards. After all, you only live once. 🙂

    I’m not huge on avocado but I do enjoy some. Maybe I just don’t want to overdo it with them so I have only occasionally.

  • It can be a lot of prepping but you feel great, you lose “fluff” and it’s worth it. Some say it can be a lot of meat but it’s what you make of it. Ive wanted to go vegetarian for SO long (for ethical reasons) but right now that doesn’t work with my lifestyle… I can see how it’s difficult for you living with your inlaws. In due time… Take advantage of the perks of saving while you can too!
    I used to feel blah for so long and then Paleo reenergized me made me want to work harder at the gym. 🙂

  • Brea Getting Fit

    You are such an inspiration, girl!!! <3 I love reading your updates!

  • blissfulgal

    This is a great post Lindsay! I’m actually kind of afraid of doing a drastic diet change like this because I feel like my body couldn’t handle it and I’d be “hangry” all the time haha

  • I did paleo for ~30 days when I wanted to kickstart a bit of weight loss. It really helped me realize that I was eating waaaaay too many snacks. And most of those snacks were super-carb oriented. I added grains and milk back into my diet afterwards, just on a much smaller scale than before. Much healthier.

    ‘Glad you’re having success with it, too.

  • I think it’s a fantastic way to jump start a change. We’re not super strict. We have a tiny bit of cream in coffee, a tiny bit of cheese in our egg muffins, but that’s it, with the exception of a cheat meal.
    I personally use feel better and not such a sluggish/bloated-feeling. So many positives…. 🙂

    Thanks very much for stopping in 🙂

  • Lol. Listen, I like to fkn eat girl and I’m not starvin’ Marvin. Trust me. That’s also another reason why I sweat my arse off at the gym. To eat yummy food. 🙂
    It’s normal to feel a bit flu-like at first but that’s you getting rid of the carbs.

    Try it, what’s the worst that can happen? 😉


  • So humbled. Thanks love xox 🙂

  • Boy, that is incredible! I love that photo, and that’s exactly what I wanted to see, you are incredibly strong, Cirque du soleil watch out! Love it! BTW, the photos of the fruits and veggies are great!

  • LOL! A “Supple Leopard”…I love it! 😛

    In all seriousness though, I *need* to be doing this so bad and it seems like something I could easily do, but I am just so worried these days about my heart and am really unsure *where* to start in terms of exercising. Like, I don’t know if I need to start with “Geriatric-Level” techniques or just “Beginner” techniques. My upper body is so rediculously(?) weak, that I have issues carrying a 23# Pork Roast 60ft to the pit…with BOTH hands! *buries head in shame*

    My other major concern is exactly what you experienced from your Body Pump Exercises – building massive muscle. I am short and stocky (big boned, lol) so the last thing I need is more bulk! I *need* to burn fat, gain and strength, but not build muscle. I should do a post on body image and start actually getting off my ass…and this post right here has planted the seed.

  • You do look like a natural girl, it seems like you are flying around! So amazing about your diet transformation, currently working on it but I need to remind myself to not let anxiety kicked in just by the fact that I have been not so strict, the point is to keep learning and improving!

  • Thanks love. There’s something exhilarating swinging around on a pole, it’s almost child-like in many ways, carefree, uninhibited and fun. 🙂

    Those pretty pics are free stock photos from pixabay (from the Word Swag app on iPhone). I can’t take that great of photos, believe you me. 😉

  • Jeez you were up early girl!

    What does your doctor say? I’d ask him/her first what they recommend so you don’t overdo it or cause damage/issues with your heart condition. Start there and then start little things Hun. Seriously, just things around the house. Most women has shit upper body strength; I used to. It was sickening how scrawny and weak I was, but I can do boy push-ups now 🙂 🙂

    You won’t gain loads of muscle UNLESS you’re doing weights all the time. Body pump mixes in cardio movements so adding that element with the weights is just as much of a cardio workout for your heart but also lifting. Even with that, I started out with next to no weights (everyone does and has been there). It’s the little things that count and I bet if you’re allowed to get some physical activity in, it may just be beneficial to your health and overall fitness. You don’t need to go balls to the wall but little things. :). Talk to your doctor first though Hun.

    I’m not that short but I gain quad muscle ridiculously quick so I’m always conscientious and can appreciate the “I don’t want to gain too much muscle mass”. I’m 5’8 and I just slimmed down from 155#-160# to 140 lbs just by going Paleo. And that’s almost all due to not eating any grains. I feel so lean and just energized, it works for me.

    You’re welcome 🙂 and hey, if I become too preachy, just say so 🙂

  • Thanks girl 😉
    I think the key is not beating yourself up if you make poor decisions… Life happens, all you can do is put your best foot forward, and make little changes. It can be an adjustment… Going full out Paleo requires planning, too. I mentally prepped for it a few weeks before and physically, we purged our pantry the day before we started, that way there was no reason or excuse to fail or cheat. The first 2-4 weeks can be tough, detoxing from the carbs in your body can feel a bit flu-like. And another tip is having health things to snack on if you get hungry. But I promise you you’re never hungry or starving on this diet.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself love… Baby steps is better than no steps 🙂


  • Wow, thanks for these amazing tips! Yes, this is an ongoing learning process for me. I’m just over trying and failing every diet out there, I just want to nurture my body with positive things.. thoughts, food, people and hobbies. This boosted my motivation. Really thank you so much Lindsay!

  • Anytime lady <3 xox

  • HAHA! No, not preachy! 😉

    My Doctor basically just tells me to “Take it slow.” but never elaborates, because “eff you”, that’s why! LOL!

    My largest downfall right now is bread. I can avoid the potatoes and grease all I want, but in the end of the day I ALWAYS end up with a sandwich (or two) of some sort. Hell, last night we had greasy Beef Stew with Bread and Butter…thanks Mom…

    Now with all of that info out there, I haven’t gained or lost any weight in 9 months, and at 5’4″ 232# I am tired as hell of being stagnant. Drinking water is a baby step for me right now and a difficult one because I absolutely abhor water, but now I *have* to drink more because of my medications so I do. Also I am crazy B12 deficient but was finally RXed monthly injections and it does help tremendously, I just need to get off my butt now and MOVE instead of procrastinating!

  • My husband and I have discussed Paleo at great length but we’re still not sure. It’s a big, big adjustment and he doesn’t do well with change. I figure we’ll keep having the conversation off and on.

    Congrats on the pants!! That’s a wonderful victory!!! For me, while I’m losing weight, I’m trying to tell myself it’s more a matter of fitting into a certain size than what’s on the scale because there’s so much variation in what weight can fit into what size.

  • Bread can be hard to get away from, but not impossible. I love me some bread and can put back a basket of bread like you wouldn’t believe. But, seeing the difference now when I consume it versus before, I feel like shit, so I know that, personally, it can be doing any good for my body. I do indulge occasionally but not every day like we used to. You can always cut back instead of eliminating it completely. 🙂

    Drinking water is huge. I personally don’t love water, but I drink it because I know it’s good for me. That’s it, that’s all, I’ve accepted it and I just chug. Always at least two liters a day. At first it feels like you’re bloated with water retention, but your body does get used to it and you will notice a difference when you’ve had a day where you don’t drink as much. You’ll really feel it.

    But baby steps girl.. 🙂 I read that you had B12 and cleaned like a mofo the morning after. I’ve had a shot once and felt like a million bucks!!

  • We talked about it for a long time before we switched and almost had to mentally prepare ourselves. We picked a date that worked and just went for it. Being prepared and having a game plan is crucial, or you’re just going to find yourself super frustrated just how long you’re in the kitchen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t weigh myself often, maybe every month or a few can go by and I won’t have weighed myself. I don’t own a scale so it’s easy not to become obsessed with a number. I usually go by fit of clothing, like you. I only became curious when I started really dropping weight and pants started looking baggy as fk.
    It is certainly nice to fit into smaller pants; I just feel better.

    Have a great day my friend xo

  • Great article and great pics 🙂

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Audrey Allure

    My boyfriend & I are on a similar diet — it’s been tricky to stay on it, but when we are committed to it, we feel amazing!

    – Audrey Allure

  • It’s a really great feeling when you’re on your game. We cheat but we always feel our best with Paleo. 🙂