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Weekend Recap - The Flynnigans

It’s about that time again, time for a weekend recap.  But first off, how was your weekend?? Was it as good as mine was? We had a great weekend – great weather, good company, good food, fun times, pictures and all that good stuff.  [Just a bit of a warning – this is a picture heavy post, so don’t say I didn’t warn you if it loads slow.. hopefully not)

I had been looking forward to the weekend since Friday morning. I woke up tired … And I headed into work for the day, as Jeff stayed back and looked after the clan.  Work was quiet, but productive, but I just wanted the hell out of there. Because, beyond my Friday, I was looking at 6 days off straight – what?! I’m doing what we did last week – off Monday to Friday, work Friday, while Jeff is able to stay home with the clan of dogs.

Bichon Bums

Bichon Bums .. they never miss a thing

Saturday, we got up and Jeff went for a bike ride (did I mention that his bike wheel wasn’t able to be fixed and he purchased a new (and more awesome) bike Thursday night? Probably not.).  Anyways, I think he rode something like 26 kilometers or 19, one of the two, either way, pretty impressive.  You want to talk impressive, since last Thursday, Jeff has biked over 100 km.  Since last Thursday!!!  Crazy, right?  I’m so, SO proud of him.  He’s been going out twice a day and I think he’s obsessed again – he’s got the cycling buzz again and it’s great!

After he got back, we ate breakfast, did one round of exercises for Charlie and then we set out for an afternoon at our friend’s saltwater pool.  It was such a beautiful day out, 31 degree Celsius – you couldn’t ask for a better day.

Bichon Frise

Charlie, Saturday morning

Bichon by the pool Bichon by the pool
Baxter was on pool duty the entire day, he acted like he owned the place!  LOL!

We stayed until about dinner time, then headed back, since I had left my mom’s three dogs at home, with my aunt watching them.  The rest of the night was spent being a bit sunburnt and just exhausted from the sun and fresh air.

Sunday, we got up and we both went out for a 20 kilometer bike ride (Jeff later did another 20 km in the evening – eager beaver lol jk!), followed by a healthy breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent running errands, getting a few groceries (of produce, mainly), food prepping and Jeff’s Dad joined us for dinner, on his way back home up north.

All in all, a great weekend of sunshine, friends, food and drink, laughter and much fun.  These are the days, my friends… (not, of our Lives…not the soap… LOL)

I’m going to lap up this week and enjoy it, work Friday and then I work all weekend pet sittign, doing overnights as well, so Jeff will have to man the fort and take care of all the hooligans.  Charlie had surgery THREE WEEKS ago now and continues to do very, very well.  I can’t help but be a proud dog-momma when people say just how well, and quickly, he’s healed.  And happy, he’s just so happy and sweet.  It’s so nice to hear other people say that.  We had our second hydrotherapy session this afternoon and I will likely do a Charlie update tomorrow. 😉

How was your weekend?



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