Paleo Tuesday 10

Paleo Tuesday

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!!

First, lets get down to brass tax.  A change of plans for this series… This will be the last bi-weekly Paleo Tuesday post I`ll be doing.  I`m going to start doing the Paleo Tuesday posts monthly now, since much of it is repetition by now, seeing on how we`re almost 5 months into it.  The next Paleo Tuesday update will be on Tuesday, August 18th.

Paleo Tuesday

How much money we’ve spent on Groceries in July thus far: We are about on par with where we should be in terms of spending.  I’d say it’ll end up looking like June and May, approximately just less then $800.  I have to take stock of what I have left in the freezer at home.  When we’ve had any opportunity to head out to our local farmers market on Saturday mornings, we’ve done that.  I had wanted to go berry picking this month but we just haven’t had the time to get around to it, and also, I had heard that the yield wasn’t the greatest and they were also late this year.


Fresh Veggies fresh fruit
Meals:  Meals here are always the same, we haven’t gotten tired of them yet so why go and change something good?  I tend to be a creature of habit for the most part and we tend to thrive and see success if we stay on track with what we’re used to, what we like and what works for us.

Breakfast on the go

Last weekend (breakfast), when I was working, I took breakfasts with me so that I didn’t cave and buy empty calories.  When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

paleo salad

Salads never get boring.  Yet.

Paleo Dinner

Weight loss and how we feel: I haven’t asked Jeff to weigh himself lately, although I’m not sure you’d see much of a number loss, simply because he’s been biking a lot and he’s been gaining muscle I’m sure of it.  I’ll have to get him to weigh himself in the next month or so.

I seem to be staying steady around 140-145 lbs but I tell you, when I do eat cheats meals or grains or just shit food (i.e. Cool Ranch Doritos….. GUILTY!), I bloat like crazy and I just feel like garbage.  Is it worth cheating?  Sometimes.  Other times, I regret eating the food to be temporarily satisfied yet left feeling like shit for hours more.

Exercise:  Jeff ended up getting a new bike just over a week ago, because some of the spokes on his wheel snapped and it was going to cost half the price to fix the bike or spend a bit more and get an upgrade.  And what a difference he said it’s made.   In a week’s time, since buying the bike, he had put on over 100 km on that puppy.  ONE HUNDRED KILOMETERS, people!  Blown away!  He’s been biking usually once, sometimes twice a day and I’m really some new changes with him.  He looks great and says he feels great and he’s enjoying it a lot.

Myself, I’ve been off almost two weeks now house/dog sitting at my mom’s house while she’s been in Spain, as well as taking care of my two here.  I’ve been very lax on the gym, which in some respects has been good for me but I’ve missed going every day and doing my usual Monday to Friday classes and workouts.  I think I’ve been to the gym a handful of times since I’ve been here but I’ll be back to the grind tomorrow when I return to work.  Looking forward to the gym but not work.  LOL.

Pole dancing:  Pole class starts up again next Monday evening.  I’m excited but I’m sort of realizing why some warned me about my shoulders.  My left shoulder has been strained since maybe the day before the last class.  I shouldn’t have maybe gone to the last class, but I did.  I’m just grateful for the two weeks in between where I’ve been able to ease up on my shoulder.

So here’s a little treat.  It’s not much, but it’s much more I could do six weeks ago.  Filming yourself sucks, just saying.  lol.

That is all my friends.  🙂

Are you making any lifestyle changes?  Is there something different you’re doing or trying?  Anything you would recommend that I try?  I’m always down for trying something new….

Hope everyone has had/is having a great Tuesday!!!



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