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Sleeping Bichon

Hello, Friends!  Today, we are 30 days post-op with regards to Charlie and having had surgery on June 22, 2015 for a cranial cruciate tear, as well as a meniscus tear (also known as or called an ACL/CCL tear).

If you missed reading about Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery, you can to read about his Diagnosis and post-op recovery day 1, day 2, days 4 & 5, day 14, day 16 and lastly, day 23 .  It hardly seems real to me that we’re already one month down into recovery mode.  It feels like just yesterday, we were meeting with vets and orthopedic surgeons to discuss options and perhaps it’s because everything happened so quickly.  It was all literally within a two-week span where he went in, was assessed and diagnosed and then BAM – surgery.  I’ve had nothing but praise for the 404 Veternarian Emergency & Referral Clinic and the quality of care that Charlie received pre, during and post-op.  Even the program that they have for knee patients is pretty incredible.  They include in your surgical fees 6 hydrotherapy sessions to assist your pet in recovery.  We have our 5th and 6th appointments scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 28 respectively.  We intend on continuing his hydrotherapy after the six sessions because the rehab will only further assist in his recovery and getting his leg in top form.  It will also strengthen his right leg that overcompensated for his injured leg for those few months there.  I mean, if it’s benefitting Charlie, why would we stop?  And bonus: he loves it and wags his tail the entire time!

So now that you’re all up to speed with Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery and how he’s been doing with the hydrotherapy sessions, here is sessions #3 and #4, session #3 at 24 days post-op and session #4 at 28 days or 4 weeks post-op.

Day 24, Hydrotherapy session #3

Charlie ended up doubling his time in the water from session #2 to #3, going up from 5 and a half minutes to 11 minutes.  Progress!  He doesn’t show any signs of fatiguing or short-stepping, which is good.


Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy

Bichon Frise

This would be our friend, Dina and Lily, the other Bichon friend of the Boys’ that had cruciate surgery on the same day. 🙂


Day 28, hydrotherapy session #4

For whatever reason, when we were going through the motions of his exercises, specifically his range of motion, he yelped at the vet tech a bit when she was on his right back leg.  Now we know that the right leg has the potential to go as well, because it has endured stress and compensation for his dud leg.  So to have him yelp was a bit concerning, of course, however, I may have neglected to mention that Charlie can be a bit dramatic at times, so I wonder if it was a combination of that and perhaps his leg was a bit sore.  We kept an eye on it for the rest of his exercises and he was fine, he was walking on both legs just fine in the water.  I can’t recall how much time he spent on the treadmill this time around but I know the last time I glanced at it, the clock was still ticking at 12 minutes, 30 seconds.

And man, does he conk right out after therapy and even into the next day, he’s pretty chill and low-key.  Of course his favorite is drying off afterwards in the sun, just like a kitty in a sunbeam.


IMG_1077 Sleeping Bichon
IMG_0877 selfie
 And lastly, Mr. Baxter, never far from my Charles. <3


I hope you all are having/have had a wonderful Wednesday Afternoon!  Cheers!



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  • Kim Munoz

    I just love seeing all these pictures 🙂 Glad he is doing well and that you will be able to continue his therapy afterwards!

  • Awe!!! I’m so glad to see that He’s recovering well, Lindsay!

  • Can you tell I just adore my dogs Kim? Or dogs in general. Just love em! 🙂
    Yeah, we figure continue with what’s working and helping him and see how he’s doing in a few months. 🙂

  • Thanks love! Xo Me too! I thought recovery was going to be just dreadful but its been far better than I imagined. 🙂

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    I’m so glad he is doing so good! Atta boy Charlie!

  • Bethany Magnie

    Aw poor little Charlie, I’m glad you’re taking such good care of him, you’re the best dog mama I know Lindsay! Baxter is obviously such a good brother 🙂

  • Me too love, me too. 🙂

  • Aw, your comment just made my day. <3 they are both spoiled with so much love!!

  • Let me be honest with you, I’m kinda in a rush, so I didn’t read your post, (I’ll come back!), but when I saw it was about Charlie at hydro-therapy, I had to come take a look at the photos, because you know I love me some Charlie hydro photos!!!!!

  • Aww Erin that’s so sweet you come just for Charlie pics xoxo I’m posting a sweet pic of him in a second on IG that I took at my moms last night while he was snoring his face off. Xo
    Love ya girly xo

  • Glad he’s doing well with his therapy and all of his post-surgery recovery. He’s got a great mom and brother taking care of him.

    And those faces!!! I love Bichon faces!!!

  • It looks like he is getting better.

  • And my mom – she’s been so awesome taking care of him while we work!!
    I just adore Bichon faces – the expressions and the eyes. Often the head doesn’t move but the eyes are ALWAYS on you, tracking your every move. 🙂

  • He looks like a very happy dog in the pictures! I’m glad he is recovering well!

  • Aw thank you 🙂 he’s such a resilient, happy boy.

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • They are both so adorable! Charlie and Baxter. So cool what they can do to help our pets now a days, it’s really amazing. Has Charlie had any other issues since rehab, the yelp? I sure hope that he recovers perfectly, he is such a sweet thing, and so are you! I want the best for all of you. xoxo

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