Weekend Recap // Ann Taylor Loft Giveaway 13

Giveaway Time!

Well good morning to all you lovelies out there on this beautiful Monday where we get to start our week over and sent new goals and intentions for the week.  Can you believe that next week we will be into August??  I can’t.  Summer is winding down, at least for us Canadians it seems to be.  August seems to be the last of the nice, hot weather and September usually goes into a nice fall, spotted with a few nice days here and there but frankly, winter is never a far thought for us Canadians and to me, that sounds just dreadful.

How was your weekend?  Mine was chill and very relaxing, which was exactly what we needed after having been at my Mom’s place for two weeks with five furry-kids.  Charlie came home for the weekend and he hid in his hiding spots for the majority of the weekend, catching up on some much needed Zzzz’s that he’s, apparently, not getting at my Mom’s house.  Saturday we slept in, I got some cleaning done around the condo, we went out for dinner with my parents (and enjoyed a yummy sangria Mmmmm!), we went to the drive in to see The Trainwreck – good movie, love Amy Schumer and then yesterday was spent food prepping and being lazy.  Well, not entirely lazy because Jeff and I did bike almost 19 kms last night.  So that has to count for something, doesn’t it?  Charlie and Baxter got picked up by my mom last night around 10:30 pm, off to spend a few days with her and I’ll be seeing Charlie Tuesday night for his 6th rehab session.  I won’t be heading over tonight to see them because I start round #2 of pole class and I’m planning on having a quiet night.  Jeff and I both say just how quiet and lonely it is without the dogs at home


Giveaway Time!

Before I let you go, today I bring to you an AWESOME GIVEAWAY for you to take part in.  Five other awesome bloggers and I put together a nice little Ann Taylor Loft $50+ Giftcard Giveaway for you to enter into, so be sure to enter below in the Rafflecopter.  We put together a showcase of our favorite summer outfits, which you can check out over at Ashley’s blog.  Do you have a favorite summer outfit?  If so, don’t forget to share with us and link up where you’ve shared it.

July Collage Gift Card

Keeping Up with Ashley and Cody

My So-Called Chaos

Running with Random

Monograms & Moscato

The Calico Cat

Contest is open through to Midnight, Friday, July 31, 2015. 

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  • I love that you have a drive-in theater close to you that you can see a movie in. I’ve been wanting to see Train Wreck (I, too, love Amy Schumer; she’s hilarious!). Sounds like it was a pretty jam-packed weekend for you–I’m always inspired by your cycling. You guys are awesome!

    Went to that amazing resort this weekend and am going to write up my review shortly. Also went to meet up with some old college buddies for a night of live music on Saturday. Pretty busy weekend 🙂 Hope all is well with you! XOXO

  • So glad you had a relaxing weekend! I was in Colorado with my college girlfriends this weekend — not super relaxing, but so amazing to be together in a beautiful place!

  • Sounds like you had a nice weekend as well! I’ve never been to Colorado but have seen so many pictures that makes me want to move there.
    I hope you got some memorable pictures of you guys all together!! 🙂

  • It’s been open since the 80’s to crying out loud and was being sold a couple of years ago because it was going to cost a lot to upgrade the projection screens… Thankfully an American company bought it up and they kept it open. I love going to the drive in – such much more than a theater!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend and I’m glad Bryan was able to join you. 🙂 hopefully you guys both enjoyed yourselves!!

    Having such a blah day :-/ meh!


  • Sounds like you had a nice weekend as well! I’ve never been to Colorado but have seen so many pictures that makes me want to move there.
    I hope you got some memorable pictures of you guys all together!! 🙂

  • Sounds like a great weekend! It is always nice to relax! Thanks for the giveaway! I always hear great things about their clothes but have never shopped there!

  • Shann Eva

    Nice .Sounds like a great weekend. We got some family time in at a festival, then I also got alone shopping time .Awesome for a mom .Great giveaway too.

  • It’s nice not having much on the schedule. It’s rare!
    I wish you luck in the giveaway Katie! Loft and Ann Taylor are comfortable but classic clothing that is beautiful and timeless. Great pieces for work, especially!

    Have a great day hun!

  • Ooh! Both sound lovely. Don’t you just love time on your own? I love shopping on my own, too, I actually prefer it.

    Great giveaway, right? I love AT and Loft. Classic and pretty pieces that are timeless. 🙂 good luck!

  • Sounds like a great weekend you had! I entered the giveaway :).

  • It was! Now I’m looking forward to the next! Lol
    Good luck Lisa 🙂

  • I hate when I’m somewhere without my pups, I always miss all the nail clicking and barking lol. We’re actually considering fostering for the rescue where we got Emma which will mean even MORE loudness!

  • I’m lost without my puppies 🙁 it’s just so empty without them. We have rehab tonight and then a fire inspection tomorrow so I’ll bring them home from my moms tomorrow.

    That’s so exciting!! And so rewarding fostering. 🙂 Good for you guys!