Life Lately 12

Morning Sunrise

I used to write more about what was going on in my life, my thoughts and those kinds of things and I haven’t done that very much lately.  So that’s what I’ll be doing today.  Recapping and babbling about life and its happenings.

  • it’s been a scorcher of a week – we’ve had a heatwave here in southern Ontario.  It’s like a blast oven as soon as you step outside.
  • Charlie had his 6th rehab appointment on Tuesday and is doing FANTASTIC.  In fact, he’s gained back 2 cms of muscle in his left quad, with only 1 cm difference to his good, right leg.  HUGE progress for only 3 weeks of doing rehab and his exercises. Bichon in Hydrotherapy Tank
  • the dogs are home and enjoying the A/C.  My poor mother’s A/C condenser broke on Monday and the house was at 90 flippin Degrees!! My mother and all five dogs (since she had our two, until last night when I saved them – lol) are all perishing in the heat.  Good news, the service guy came out this morning, finally, and replaced the condenser and the house is cooling as we speak.
  • it’s a 3-day long weekend here this coming weekend and that is the shit dot com.  🙂
  • I’m boycotting social events at lunch to go to the gym.  Because that’s what’s important to me, health, wellbeing and being around genuine people.  I don’t have time to go out for lunches and eat shit and be around people that I don’t enjoy, that don’t enjoy me either.  Why pretend and be fake?  I’m not good at it because I’m real and I speak the truth.
  • That co-worker that does a whole lot of nothing is going to another department and I will be taking her role and formally applying.  But this co-worker, holy shit the next three weeks will be a testament to my level of patience.  She’s now over the top loud, calling co-workers “bastards” and “assholes” because they haven’t come around to congratulate her on her new job/transfer.  Who in the Fk talks to people and about people that way?  She’s 32 fkn years old my friends, 3-2!
  • I took a picture this morning just after leaving the condo, around 6:45 and it was just a beautiful morning.  I couldn’t resist.Morning Sunrise


  • I currently have a migraine and I can’t see out of my left eye.  UGH!!  It’s as though I’ve stared at a light too long and I’m seeing stars.  #goodtimes
  • It’s almost time to go home which makes for a happy Lindsay.

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  • Christine Mudryk Martin

    Gorgeous picture! Also, I love that you wrote this at work! LOL! And…sorry to hear about the migraine…hope you feel better! xox Christine

  • Thanks love! I’m always writing posts in another tab in the background at work. Lol!
    Thanks so much hun xoxo

  • If you had a migraine, why were you writing your blog?! Migraines suck.

    Curious…what is scorcher heat for Ontario? I know I can google this, but it’s more fun to ask you 🙂

  • I was stuck at work with a migraine so I figured why not write. I actually wrote most of it before the migraine started 🙂

    The heat wave we’ve been having is bringing temperatures close to 40 Celsius with the humidex. HOT! Lol

  • I’ve been hearing about your heat wave. My mother in law just moved to Petawawa to be with her husband since he was transferred there in the military and she says the heat has been insane. Her and the dogs are going crazy because it’s too hot to go out. What a bad time for an A/C to blow! Thank goodness it’s fixed. Yay for long weekends. It’s supposed to be beautiful here (finally!) and I’m really looking forward to some adventures. Love that picture! I hope your migraine has gone away. I’ve never had one, but Aaron gets them and my Mom used to suffer from there, so I know how awful they are 🙁

  • Heather Hammel

    Yay Charlie! And don’t even get me started on co-workers. Besides the fact that the people in my office are disgusting, inconsiderate, loud, annoying, perverted, inappropriate, incompetent a-holes (all men)… they gossip like high school girls. They spread rumors, talk behind people’s backs, and even gossip about and hate on celebrities. And what they say about celebrities isn’t even accurate. It’s ridiculous and most of the ones that do all of this are in their 60’s.

  • You know what that is? People with too much fkn time on their hands!! Sounds dreadful and pales in comparison to my work.

    Been thinking about ‘chu girl knowing you’re house hunting and selling your place. You doing okay???


  • I’m not going to complain (much) but it’s been a wee bit hot. Crazy stupid timing my moms broke but thankfully was fixed yesterday.

    Ah yes Petawawa, I always forget there’s a base there. I tend to just think there’s Borden. Petawawa isn’t too far away from my inlaws, actually.

    So excited about your new upcoming adventures!!
    Have an awesome weekend homie :

  • Heather Hammel

    Yes, as of right now, house hunting is going really well *knock on wood*

  • Good good, I’m glad. 🙂

  • so…do you think the migraine was weather related or worthless coworker related? Both? LOL. Hope it’s all better now! The sunrise was gorgeous and I’m so stinkin’ happy that Charlie is doing so well!!! Have a great week! xoxo

  • I would say both, more so stress I think, though. Lol! Faccck! And its monday again! Thankfully I’m off Wednesday to Friday to head up north to my inlaws.

    I hope you have a great week girl! <3 xoxox