10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week 37

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Welcome to the 10 Things Link Up!!  This is our sixth week since Krysten, from Why Girls Are Weird and I introduced the weekly link up space.  Its purpose is a place where we can all share our posts of 10 things made us happy or 10 things we were/are grateful for this week.  Our link up continues to grow each week and that makes my heart happy.

We both had a lot of people comment that they’ve enjoyed our Happy Friday posts, so many in fact that have actually run with the idea and posted their very own variations of 10 things or gratitude lists.  So, we thought it would be an awesome idea to put together a weekly link up for everyone to join in on and have all of our Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week in one little cozy nook on the internet.  Sound cool?  The rules are below (keep reading).  Please remember that this is not a link dump; if it’s not an appropriate link, it will be deleted.

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Visiting friends last weekend.

2. Ice cream.

3. Snuggling with both of the boys on Monday morning when I felt like crapola.

Bichon Frise

4. My web host and Jeff saving the day when my blog went down.  Thank you thank you thank you.

5. Suits.  Jeff and I both realised this week that we hadn’t watched season 5.  Score! 🙂

6. My fresh hair cut and highlights.  I always feel so good about myself when I leave the salon with a fresh cut and new ‘do.


7. Scandal.  Um, hello where the hell have I been?  This show is sensational.  And of course it is, it’s a Shonda Rimes show.

8. My mom coming over to visit us on Tuesday night and the boys going absolutely bananas over her.  If they could’ve done cartwheels, they would have.  🙂

9.  Getting a bunch of shit that needed to be done OFF my desk and off my plate.  It’s so rewarding crossing off things on your to-do list, whether it is personal or work related, it’s still satisfying.

10.  Visiting my Dane house.  Of course that made me happy. 🙂


And those were the 10 things that made me happy this week. 🙂


Do you guys have plans for the weekend? 

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a three-day long weekend, and we are heading up north to visit with Jeff’s mom and Dad.  I will be back again on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  I’ll see you then….

Finally, the link up….

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 



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  • Jade Lee Wright

    Ahhh I love your new hair-do Linds!!! Looks stunning stunning stunning!! Pretty lady!!

    Heyyy I’m also watching Suits right now!! Goodness me Harvey drives me wild…… anywho… I’m only on season 3 though!! So got some catching up to do!

    Have a lovely weekend babe xxx


  • Aw thanks babe! Xo

    They film Suits just a couple of blocks south of my work and I often walk past when they are filming. Harvey is very god-like; he just doesn’t seem real. Lol!

    Take care yourself love and have a great weekend too!! xo

  • Sara Strand

    You have to watch all of the first Scandal’s for the current ones to be relevant. Then you’ll see a theme where Olivia and Fitz get together and break up pretty much every show. I’m kind of over that story line. I really miss when her company would take on clients- THAT’s the best part of the show. Not the tired story of Fitz and Olivia, and angry Mellie. YAWN.

  • Love it! I got to spend the weekend with my boyfriend last weekend (he lives 4 hours away) and while I’m sad I won’t see him this weekend, I’m hanging onto that feeling of when I DO get to be with him as it makes me very happy!

  • I was so pissed off at Jeff last night. He decided that while skipping out on work because of his stupid shoulder, that he’d watch all of season 4 yesterday, or most of it. I had no idea what the hell was going on.
    Olivia is always getting laid, eh? LOL.
    I can see the story line getting a bit weaker as time goes. When it started out, season one was amazing! Mellie is WHACK! lol

  • Oh that’s awesome. I would’ve given you the same advice had you not mentioned it. Try and hold on to that feeling until the next time. Four hours is far but it could be worse. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend girl and thanks for stopping by.

  • YOU’RE WATCHING SCANDAL!?!?!? Where are you in the series? This week’s episode made my jaw drop, it’s awesome.

  • Yeppers, I am. I can’t believe I just clued in about the show!! I’m near the end of season 4, so not too many more to catch up to what’s on tv.

  • I totally understand the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when crossing things off a list. I especially love the feeling when I have crossed everything off the list and I get to ceremoniously crumple the piece of paper up into a ball and pitch it in the trash! Have a great weekend and and a great visit with family! Safe travels!

  • Ice cream was on MY list 🙂 Your hair looks fab. I love the few pieces of lighter in it.

  • I’ve been wanting to do some kind of Friday round-up. This may be just my cup of tea. I’ll try to join in next week 🙂

  • Kim Munoz

    Yay for some Dane love 🙂 I keep saying I will watch Scandal and I haven’t yet. Have to binge watch past seasons first! LOL

  • First of all how sexy do you look in that photo! I love suits too, great show.

  • I used to be neurotic with list making but I’ve simmered down a lot. Used to drive my husband nice but it IS satisfying getting things accomplished.

    Thanks girl, I hope you’re having a great weekend thus far. 😉

  • Ice cream for days! One of the foods I could eat for the rest of my life, but I’d be the size of a bus. Hahaha!
    Thanks girl, I’m also loving the hair. More blond pieces in the front and it was due time for highlights again. My hair grows like weeds, it’s nuts!

  • Sounds great Megan! Link up anytime, we’d be happy to have you. 🙂 have a great weekend Hun!

  • If you start watching Scandal, you’ll get hooked. We’re now current with this past weeks episode… One con to that is that it sucks being live and up to date with television. First world problems…. Lol
    Give your babies a smooth for me and some bum scratches 🙂

  • Mac, I’m flattered – thank you. 🙂 reading your comment made me feel so beautiful and I don’t feel that enough, but should. <3

  • Love your new do! So glad your blog issues could be solved in no time – hate when stuff like that happens! And Scandal – YES! Happy Sunday, dear xxx

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  • I’m in, I’m here, I made it! Better late than…you get it! LOL Can’t wait to read about happiness! My favorite topic! Thanks Lindsay! xxxx

  • Thanks love. 🙂
    I’m glad the blog was fixed pretty quickly, but it was down at least 6 hours before I noticed/was able to get home and get host/ and Jeff’s help. All is well, now. That’s all that matters.

    Have a great week love, xo.

  • Whoop whoop! Glad you could join in. I’m off to read your post now. 😉 Xoxox

  • Haircuts are always good…I tend to cut mine at the end of the year or the beginning and once in the middle…maybe I should do it more often as it does make me feel better if done right! 🙂 Love your cut and colour

  • Thanks girl!! 😉 You gotta find a great stylist, I’m lucky my friend does my hair and I’m pretty easy going. I always tell her to do ‘whatever’.

    Have a great week Hun. Xo

  • I think everything Shonda Rimes creates is awesome. Granted, I don’t like Olivia and Fitz together, but Scandal is still a good show.

  • Me too. I think they’re just one of those (character) couples that are toxic or explosive together.

  • Awww, love this list–and your new do! A nice reminder that I am sorely in need of a haircut…

    I have never seen Scandal but have heard so many great things–It’s on my “must-watch” list (I’ll prob binge-watch some shows this winter when we’re housebound with Netflix) 🙂 I have started watching the Leftovers which is my new obsession, though…

    Hope all is well and that you’re having a great week, momma! XOXO

  • Thank you love! Go get a fresh hair cut – I guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks walking out of the salon. There’s just something about a good cut….

    Scandal is GOOD but make sure you watch it from season 1.

    I hope you have a great week girl xoxo

  • Great list, and the hair is so awesome! Looks so good on you! So, do blonder blonds have more fun? Lol! Hope this week is going well at work, it is really satisfying to get things off the to do list, isn’t it? Freeing! I had no idea that your blog went down, scary feeling isn’t it? I hate that! So glad you got it back up and running quickly. I love being able to hook up with you each week, life gets busy and I miss your face!! xx

  • I’m certainly not having any more fun, no and work is out of hand. Horrible, awful day and I didn’t get to eat lunch. And it’s almost 430 now, on the train home so what’s the point in eating?
    I just want to head home, cry my eyes out and let it go, then Jeff will come home and yell at me because I’m taking it out on him, when I’m not at all. Life just sucks right now and I can’t find any positive at all within, at this moment so I’ll stop right now….


  • Oh babe, I’m so sorry. Is the new position not a good fit? Do the people suck? What is it? Hugs darlin, big fat ones. Xxxxx

  • It is, it’s not bad but I’m finding shit that was left unattended to and I’m having to fix fuck ups, which are huge. I’m delegating down as much work as I can but some thugs I just can’t off load, and yesterday was just a particularly brutal day and I don’t get any support at home. Jeff doesn’t get it and he thinks I can just shrug it off. And it doesn’t help that I come home from stress and then literally am on my feet until I go to bed because I’m cooking or prepping or chopping or at rehab with Charlie/walking the dogs. I just feel very ‘alone’ these days and I need some quiet time and my dogs to feel better again. I’m just tired of feeling like I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders….
    Thanks love xo

  • I am so sorry. Sometimes we just need to talk things out, to spit the words out of our mouths to feel better. Especially us INFJs. We don’t want others to give us a fix, cure or remedy. We just need to talk, it’s hard for us to know how we really feel about a situation without putting it in to words. We are so used to feeling everyone else’s emotions, the empathetic side, that sometimes it takes words to figure things out. I feel your pain, and I won’t try to fix it, or feel as if you need me to. But I’ll listen. xoxooxox

  • Perhaps if you told Jeff that you just need him to hear you vent in order to feel better, he’ll get it. Maybe he’s upset because he can’t fix it???

  • You are bang on, my friend. You know much more about INFJs than I but if that’s what you say, then yep. That’s all I want is to be heard and listened to. I might not make sense but vocalizing it gets it off my chest and ultimately letting it go.
    Thank you for always being there. xxooxxoo

  • I never thought of it that way but that could very well be why…..