10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week 36

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Welcome to the 10 Things Link Up!!  This week is our ninth week since Krysten, from Why Girls Are Weird and I introduced the weekly link up space.  Its purpose is a place where we can all share our posts of 10 things made us happy or 10 things we were/are grateful for this week.  Our link up continues to grow each week and that makes my heart happy.

The rules are below (keep reading).  Please remember that this is not a link dump; if it’s not an appropriate link, it will be deleted.

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. The stillness and peace early in the mornings when I’m out doing pet visits.  Nothing compares to that quiet and mindfulness.

Nature Early Mornings

2. My warm, winter, jacket.  I broke that bad boy out last weekend when it dipped just below freezing and there was a thick frost.  Don’t worry, I’m back to wearing my North Face jacket for now.  For now.

3. Sweating out some frustration and stress that I’ve had at the gym this week.  Things are bumpy, up, down and all over the place.  My mind is all over the place these days.

4. Charlie and I’s one-on-one time at hydrotherapy.  God, I love that dog!

Hydrotherapy for dogs

5. I knocked a shitload of things off my work to-do list.  So happy about this!!!

6. Talking to my mom down in Mexico on Tuesday night.  It was nice to connect with her even if it was only on FB messenger.  I miss her so much.

7. Talking to my mother in law on Monday and she sounded GREAT.  Only to, hours later, take a turn for the worse.  My heart hurts and tears brim my eyes when I think of her.

8. Putting together some things we bought for our niece to take to her on Saturday. (read: poor university student)

9. Closed door conversations with my boss about all the shit that’s going on and the fires that I’m putting out.  I posted a rant on my personal FB page Wednesday about it and I just do not understand where people’s sense of entitlement comes from.  Does no one have any work ethic and pride in the work they do?

10. Laughing on the bathroom floor while talking to Jeff last night.

And those were the 10 things that made me happy this week. 🙂

Rumi Quote


Do you guys have plans for the weekend? 

This weekend is my pet sitting weekend so I’ll be sparse, but I’ll be back on Monday with my usual Adventures in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking post post-weekend visits.  Join me over on

Finally, the link up….

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Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 



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