Day in the Life of – February Edition 14

Day in the Life

My Day in the Life of – Personal Day off from Work – February 2016

Day in the Life

On this day, I was house/dog sitting at my mom’s while she’s away in Barbados.

Finally rolled out of bed at 5:45.  Let dogs outside.  Get Jeff’s lunch packed and coffee made.  Off to work he goes.

Made myself a coffee, sat down and checked my phone for 20 minutes or so.  Fed all 5 dogs (my mom’s 1 year old Bichon is downstairs with my aunt).  Let them all outside.  Back inside.


Put together some things to go home with while I wait for the hydro company to come and install new digital thermostats.  Get Lily and we head out to the condo.  I take her home, feed her cat sister Dixie, say my goodbyes and head upstairs to our unit.

Start cleaning, sorting, filing and purging, tackling everything all at once and doing various bits at a time.  I’m also gathering documents I need to file my income tax return.  Somewhere in between it all, I eat breakfast and drink my first liter of water.  It’s now 9 am.,

Paleo breakfast

Began going through old posts, starting back in 2010, fixing up some SEO, deleting others.  You know, time consuming, fun stuff.  Hydro company came to install two new thermostats.  They were quick and in and out in no time.

Cute Dog

I finished filing, cleaned the bathroom, called the internet company to confirm what we’ll be billed in March when ours comes up for renewal.  Care to know what we spend on internet for one year? $514.60, which works out to be $42.88 a month and it is unlimited bandwidth (why do I feel like this isn’t the right word?  maybe data is the word I’m looking for? I dunno.  It doesn’t matter..)

Left our condo, went to grab coffee for Jeff and I and then went and met him at work on his lunch break.  After his break was over, I went back to my mom’s house and the dogs were all excited again – “Someone’s HOME!!!” I love walking in the door, I just feel so loved by all the fluff balls.  Took them all outside and took a few candid photos of them bouncing around in the snow.

Bichons Bichon Frise
Once back inside, I finished my coffee and then started to check out the Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday roster, as I didn’t get time to look at those that linked up Wednesday.  Commented on a number of pet blogs and then worked on my 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week post for Friday.  Sent HTML to Krysten and Charlotte.  The dogs all peacefully slept/snored the afternoon away.

Salad for lunch and a hard boiled egg.  I spilled half my salad on the kitchen floor but the dogs didn’t seem to mind.  LOL!

paleo salad

I spent the afternoon watching reality TV, making egg muffins, bacon for the next day, putting together our salads for tomorrow and just some boring kitchen stuff.

Jeff got home just after 5 pm.  I started making dinner around 6.

We argued some.  I got lunches and breakfast ready for the next day.  We argued some more.  Had dinner.

Around 9:30, my mom called from Barbados and we chatted for a bit.  Got the dish washer loaded, tidied up the kitchen.  Let the dogs out a bazillion times.

And I think I may have sat down for an hour before bed to watch tv.

Bed time is usually between 11 and midnight and I really need to fix that.



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