A Quiet Weekend of Solitude 19


How was your weekend?  Mine was blissful and weekend of solitude (which was much needed).  I feel like these weekends are so important to relax, recharge and reset and necessary for me, for my husband and for our relationship.  I’m an only child so I love being alone, in my own quiet.  Sure I miss Jeff whenever he is away but I also long for those quiet times where I can reflect and just lay low and enjoy some time to myself.  Jeff was up north this weekend to complete a long-awaited, much-anticipated IPSC Black Badge course that he’s been wanting to take since January.  The problem with the courses is that when they are announced, they’re already full so Jeff hasn’t been able to get an opportunity.  The last course that was supposed to be in May fell apart and previous to that, he was looking to take it last February….So finally, when a spot opened for this past weekend, Jeff jumped at the occasion.

Let that shit go

My mantra these days

He took off on Thursday night after work and I stayed back at home to work Friday and to stay with the critters.  Friday night after work, I took my bike out and rode around town to go get some vacuum bags (oh adult-ing is so much fun!) and to get lottery tickets, as Jeff forgot them on his way out the night before.  I racked up a measly 4 kms just puttering around doing errands and then settled back in for the night at home afterwards.  I had the most bizarre (and nutritious! not!) Friday night (I get lazy when I’m on my own…): a Quest bar, a small bag of onion rings (soooo healthy lol) and a protein smoothie.  I put away the rest of the laundry that I had done the night before and did some overall tidying up.  The dogs and I watched Kardashians (don’t judge) and some other garbage and we went to bed around 11 pm.


Walking home Friday after work..
gym selfie
Yep, I’m a nerd! lol


I woke up early (6:30 am), having set my alarm to wake up and call Jeff so he could get up and moving early- I’m such a good wife!  Then I promptly fell back asleep with the dogs until 8:30.  I got up and got cleaned up, had breakfast and coffee and chugged a bunch of water.  Watered Jeff’s hanging tomato plant (which is thriving like you wouldn’t believe).  My mom picked me up shortly thereafter to go do our Costco run.  Normally Jeff takes care of the big grocery shopping trips on his Friday’s off but he went away so I decided to get it done and out of the way.  It was still early but it was a zoo and tons of people loitering around like they’ve got nowhere to be but waiting for samples to finish cooking.  I swear to god some people go there for a meal and just go from station to station.  Which, it’s not my cup of tea, but please, for the love of baby Jesus, move the F over and let the people walking around with carts MOVE AROUND.  Being at a standstill when you’re not in the check out line is unacceptable at Costco, it just means there are way too many asshats waiting around for samples.


“I just woke up” selfie with Baxter, Saturday morning. The damn flash blinded me and we were sending pics to Jeff by text…. Yea lol..


I had to snap this shot of Baxter –
I thought he looked like he just rolled out of bed when I was leaving to go to Costco on Saturday morning. Such a cutie!

I have no idea how long the shopping too but eventually made it home around lunch time.  Mom helped me upstairs with the food, which the dogs LOVED!  Any visits from Nana are a good visit, especially surprise visits when it is unexpected.  I didn’t get pictures but they were all over her like a wet noodle.  She was wearing shorts and I quickly gave her a zip up shirt to drape across her legs going in the door – my mom has really thin skin since she went through radiation and she bleeds very easily so the boys, while excited, sometimes nick her and she’ll cut her arm or legs.  It is usually her arms mostly, but I hate when I see her bleeding even though she’s happy as a clam saying hello to Charlie and Baxter.

new hat new hat 
New hat!
Mom left and I put all of the groceries away while the boys inspected each and every bag, wondering what Momma got them!

Hanging with Charlie Selfie 
The next couple of hours consisted of: eating lunch (a mixed salad, if you’re wondering – the exact same kind I make for our lunches every day), I started to think of our trip and what to pack, which then resulted in me list-making (and so it begins!) and then following that, I started going through clothing of mine and set aside some things to take, tried on some shorts and dressed, sorted some things to wash/freshen up and I even ended up tossing some things as well (I tossed 6 pairs of shoes – no fear, 4 were flip flops and two were actual sandals that I almost shed a tear throwing out).  I then vacuumed and washed floors and before I knew it, it was 4 p.m. and my momma was picking us up to come over for a BBQ.  Mom and I, and all 6 dogs (her three, my two and she was looking after a Beagle) hung out in her backyard and enjoying the beautiful afternoon sunshine.  It had been overcast earlier in the day but the high winds blew it all away and most of the afternoon was gorgeous!




The shoe pile I tossed…

BaxterMy snuggle bum and shadow, Baxter

Charlie Baxter Bichons


Happy Dog rolling in the grass


Quincey – He’s wearing a cone because he has a hot spot on his leg… *sad face*

Later on, mom drove us home so that I could meet up with our friend Alex and we could hang out for the rest of the evening.  When I got in the door, I saw that our A/C unit in the living room was leaking and it looked to be a valve on the back that had a piece blow out of it.  So I turned that off and got Alex to help me haul it outside and I spent about a half hour soaking up water in towel.  Thank god we weren’t away for an entire weekend or it would have been a disaster and caused a ton of damage.  It was nice to catch up with Alex – she was drunk when she first came over so it was amusing to listen to her and the things that came out of mouth and it was no big deal.  She was actually quite funny.  The boys enjoyed reconnecting with her and loving on her, meanwhile another friend, Nancy popped over to grab keys from Alex and that was my Saturday night.  Nothing terribly exciting.

Alex will be staying at our condo while we’re away.  She’s my go-to gal for looking after the fur-kids whenever we go away and we’re so grateful for her help.  She loves the boys and they love her so we’re happy that nothing is disrupted on their end and they can carry on their day to day while Mommy and Daddy (us) go off on a sunny adventure.



Aren’t they gorgeous?  Peonies straight out of my mom’s garden.

Delilah Weekend of Solitude

PeoniesMy favorite most recent picture of myself.  Loved the pinks and the colour of my eyes.


I was up at 7:30 to chat with my love before he started his course. When I got off the phone, I got some photo editing underway, which had been a nightmare by the way. An update has occurred in WordPress that disallows my massive photos to be uploaded in the proper, normal way it used to maybe 6 weeks ago. As it stands now, I have to resize every. single. photo. I take, which is drive me bat shit crazy. If I attempt to upload it, I get a blank white image and an http error. The photos are actually there if you go to the URL but I can’t see what I’m looking at unless I go check every single white image, which if you take many pictures, can be painful. Must figure out another solution. Another website completely botched the pics and they looked pixelated as crap…. Grrr!!

Sleeping Dogs Sleeping Dogs
Baxter is the lump under the blankets.  This was the aftermath of my mom’s house – completely exhausted boys.
Sleeping Dogs
Much of the rest of my Sunday was spent tidying, watching the boys sleep peacefully and I went through more clothing to pack and got all my bathing suits set aside. I online browsed, which literally was only browsing, I later walked up to the store for some fresh air and waited around until Jeff got home around 9 pm.

How was your weekend?!  Did you do anything new or exciting?

Do you have plans for the summer?

Here are some random short videos from the weekend, guess which one is a snap chat funny?  It isn’t obvious at all….

Sunday sunset

Sunday’s sunset

  • That picture of you holding the flowers is so incredibly gorgeous. And i know I’ve said this before but I’m seriously obsessed with that cute tank top! It’s perfect. I have to get rid of some of my shoes. I feel like I have a lot of old flip flops that I can’t for the life of me throw out. Thanks for inspiring me!!

    Also you’re a good doobie to put a blankie over nana, but it sounds as though she’s just so happy to be around all the pups 🙂 So sweet! Your weekend sounds perfect to me (I love my quiet time, too). XOXO and hope you are enjoying this week, sweet friend.

  • That is the cutest photo of a dog in a cone i’ve ever seen. Still seems so happy! 🙂 And I love the mantra on that tank as well.

  • What a peaceful day

  • The mantra on your tank top is perfection. I also appreciate time alone. It’s definitely good for my relationship too! Also, we went to Costco this weekend too and BLEH. So busy.

  • Your sweet pups are so adorable! It sounds like you had a great weekend! Sometimes a little bit of time alone is all you need. 🙂

  • Hello friend! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend! Where are you & Jeff getting ready to go? Must be somewhere sun-shiny & warm since you’ve been rockin’ that fabulous sun hat! Hope all is well with you & the pups!
    🙂 <3
    p.s. that is a really nice pic of you with the peonies

  • I absolutely love weekends of solitude with me and the dogs. It’s such a great re-set, isn’t it?

    Gorgeous flowers, love that pic of you too.

  • My dog gets so excited every time my parents show up too. There’s something about Nanny and Grampy that she just loves.

  • Thanks doll. 🙂 That tank I’m going to wear out! Haha. I was only wearing it at home up until a couple of weekends ago I went out with it and zero fks given.
    I had a ton of flip flops that weren’t even worn or holding on for a rainy day. Completely ridic. I don’t need 10 pairs of flip flops, do I?

    I hate seeing my mom bleeding so I tell her to wear long sleeves and pants all the times my dogs are around her. They don’t mean to but they get excited so see her and she makes a big fuss and it’s all adorable until mom is bleeding from scratches.

    Last weekend was much needed and so, so nice! Hope you’re having a good day/week lovey.

  • Quincey is such a trooper. Has terrible allergies so he’s frequently in a cone, but he’s such a happy lad. He’s twelve now. 🙂
    Thanks girl!

  • It was a peaceful three days let me tell you. Xo

  • Thanks homie! Hope you’re doing well this week. Two more work days… Ughhhh! Lol

  • Absolutely. It benefits all. 🙂 Hope you and the wee one are doing well Crystal. Xo

  • It is! I need more of them to be honest with you!
    Thanks Steph. 😉 xo

  • Isn’t it just such a happy sight? My mom goes just as bananas for my dogs as they do her!! Lol

  • Hey stranger! Nice to see you, girl. 🙂
    We’re off to Barbados in three weeks for 14 days. Cannot. Wait. !!!
    I see a post in my feed of yours waiting to be read. Exciting pup news I see!! 🙂 🙂 Congrats on the new addition!

    p.s. Thanks Hun xoxox

  • Wait. Are you on snap chat now?? You say one of the videos is snap chat funny.
    What a fantastic weekend. I’m in desperate need of solitude. Except I think I’d be much more of a hermit than you. haha!

  • Crap I did forget to post it… Lol
    Yeah I’m on snapchat now. I just added you. 🙂

  • I must’ve deleted the other one I was thinking of. Been having issues with my pics lately and having to resize them, delete them because they’re crap, readd them. Yeah no good.
    I hope you can get some quiet time in for yourself soon, love.