Still in Barbados  15

And enjoying every second. It has been an incredible 11 hours of diving we’ve done in the last week. I feel so full and truly blessed.  Barbados is and always be my favorite island. The people, the landscape, the climate, the diving, it’s all wonderful.

I will be back later next week, so until then…

Be safe and well my friends. Xo


sting ray

sea urchin





  • it looks so very beautiful, just like magic! I have been enjoying your Instagram pics, so glad you are having this amazing experience xx

  • We need to invent a way to blog underwater. Make sure you check your suit for stowaway stingrays, too. You’re welcome.

  • Heather Hammel

    I loved seeing all of your pictures on social media! It looks like you both had such a fun relaxing time!

  • I am genuinely so happy for you guys to have this time in paradise and a break from reality and the stresses of everyday life. I know you are soaking up every minute of it!

  • Cathy C Bennett

    So happy for you –

  • Thanks lady! I’ve been exhausted since landing and just finally coming around. It was such a great trip!!

  • If I had the waterproof iPhone case, I could have live streamed on FB, which would’ve been cool. Lol

  • Thanks lovey, I had a blast and am just now coming up for air. Been exhausted since coming back late Wednesday night.

  • Thanks love, it has been such a lovely trip and it went by very slow compared to other times away.
    Hope you’re doing well lovey. Xo

  • Mar

    I’m so jealous of these photos… I want to go diving so bad!

  • Wait until Jeff gets some of the video editing done. He’s also putting together something for our divemaster/friend who opened up his own shop late last year as a favor, so that should be good, too! I’m dying to see video from our last dive, I was doing tumbles in the water as my last hurrah at our deco stop.
    When I’m in the water, I just never want that feeling to end, I’m at SUCH peace and so happy, it’s an incredibly special feeling.
    I’m dying to hear more about this program at Ripley’s and how you were a test subject. I guess future plans, but I won’t ask or say anything further, I’m sure that’s confidential information.
    In any event, have a great long weekend hun! 😉

  • Mar

    I totally know what you mean. I love that you have to rely on just your eyes for everything when you’re under the water. It’s a whole new world down there. You HAVE to go diving in Tobermory some time. Although you have to wear full her, the crystal clear water and wrecks are definitely worth it.

    I wasn’t told I have to keep it confidential so I’m actually going to be posting about it, hopefully next week if I get it down. It was such a cool experience.

    Enjoy your long weekend 🙂 Hopefully we have good weather!

  • It really is! Would you go diving still now that you have a baby? I know that changes things for many people once they have children.

    You’re not the first that’s told me I HAVE to go to Tobermory. You should come with me so I’m not complaining the whole time. My issue is that I drink a ton of water and I’m constantly peeing. Tmi, I know. Lol But venting a full body wetsuit is unpleasant, especially with cold water, and that is why I’m afraid of dry suit diving. How am I gonna pee without peeing in my suit the whole time?!? Nice heard Tobermory is the prettiest May/June before it gets too hot. I’ve see. Ice diving pictures in the winter from there and they are just beautiful. Looks so cold but damn!

  • Mar

    I think I would still go diving even with Morley. I’ve never thought of it really. My dad is my dive buddy, so at least my mom would babysit while we went out 🙂

    Visiting Tobermory is definitely nicest around that time, but more because its less busy. The place is no longer a hidden gem that’s for sure. But as for diving, I would recommend around this time of the year. We don’t do dry suits, just full hood and gloves. It’s chilly but bearable. Definitely worth it!

  • I just ask because sometimes your priorities and life change, so just thought I’d ask.

    I guess Steve doesn’t dive at all, eh?

    If you’re ever out that way or planning to, let me know. Heck, we should meet up for coffee/lunch or dinner sometime.