Thursday Thoughts 4

Thursday Thoughts

So how are y’all doing on this fine Thursday?  While I try and iron out my first of many posts about Barbados, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts because right now I’ve got a ton of junk swirling in my head.

  • When it’s hot as hell outside, I don’t get too hungry and most evenings I never feel like eating dinner, although I do.
  • I still have to put our luggage away.  I’ve somehow done everything but put them back into our storage unit and it’s starting to piss me off they’re just in the hallway, staring at me all the time.
  • I haven’t been feeling motivated for biking in the evenings.  During the days, it’s been about 100 and feels like 110 with the humidity so it’s exhausting just blinking your eyes in this oven of a heat wave.  I’m not complaining much though, because that icky white stuff is never too far away.
  • Once again, it’s hotter outside than hell itself, but boy do we ever need some rain desperately.
  • How/why are some people some dumb/clueless?
  • Did I win the lottery this week?  So I can call into work and tell them to screw themselves… No?  Okay, I’ll try again next week.
  • You can be the prettiest person in the world but it doesn’t guarantee you’re a good/kind/decent human being.
  • Is it vacation time again?  [do you see a theme here?]
  • Jeff is always falling asleep on the couch, watching tv, as I’m slaving away in the kitchen… Am I jealous? I sure am.  LOL. Just being honest.
  • We (me) really wanted to go camping this year (we used to camp ALL the time earlier in our relationship) but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.  But, we might be able to make it work two weeks from now, the weekend after Labour Day or the weekend of September 24th.  Fingers crossed, if not, next year we have to organize something, come hell or high water.
  • It literally disgust me when people have zero manners.
  • It’s also incredibly rude hovering around someone when they’re busy, engaged with someone else. Here’s a tip: take a walk and come back. Don’t sit there and breathe down my neck, thanks. 

And just for fun, here’s a #throwbackThursday photo of Jeff and I taken eight years ago on our honeymoon in Cuba.  Look at us, we were just babies!


(despite what the caption says, it was 8 years ago, not 9 like TimeHop Abe suggests)

That is all… Back tomorrow with the usual Friday linky, 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week.

Ciao for now! XO

Thursday Thoughts

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  • Heather Hammel

    Girl my luggage is stuffed in my bedroom closet on top of some of my shoes instead of being in the basement like it should be and that is from when we went to Vermont in May!!! I just keep looking at it and say I’ll put it where it belongs over the weekend but it never happens. Just like Gary’s puppy play pen that he hasn’t used in forever is still sitting on the floor in our room taking up space. I’m just too lazy lol. It’ll probably get pushed to next weekend b/c we are busy all weekend this weekend unless I decide that I can take 2 minutes to bring it all to the basement lol or get Jesse to do it.
    Omg y’all look like babies! Too cute!

  • Lol! There’s good intentions… Just…. Yeah lazy is what it is. Lol I’ve got to get my ish together.

    We ARE kids in that pic! I think I’m 24? We’ve been together forever, since I was 18 and I’m almost 33 now…. 🙂


  • I feel like in the past week every night at dinner time I’ve had to either force myself to eat, or I’ve been RAVENOUS. Regardless of what I ate all day or what exercise I did. So weird. And I have to say ditto on dumb people, people with no manners, unkind people…any people that just plain SUCK.

  • Now that you mention it, I’m kind of the same. Either starving and feel like I could eat the entire fridge, or not at all hungry. Weird.
    Have a great Friday hun! 🙂