10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week 16


Happy Friday and Welcome to the 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week Link Up!

Each Friday, Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird, Charlotte, from My Pixie Blog and I host a weekly Friday link up where we reflect on the happy and grateful things in our lives, but more specifically from the last week.


Sometimes all it takes is gentle reminders of things that make us grateful or appreciative. We live in a world full of disaster, chaos, poverty, famine, and tragedy – reflecting on the positive, I personally find makes me more aware and appreciative of the little things.

Don’t you agree?

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I have plenty of things I’m happy and/or grateful for and they are:

1. Hanging out with new friends.

2. Sitting by the fire.

3. Sweaters.  As much as I love the summer, I do love fall and wearing sweaters and hoodies.

4. Sleep.  On Monday we were just exhausted from the weekend, so we both stayed home and slept, I think we had gotten about 10 hours sleep total from Thursday to Sunday…

5. Jeff may not get as much thanks as I think he should get for all the planning and execution that goes into planning these huge annual shooting matches.  It makes me proud when I hear people tell him or see emails from people telling him what a great job the event was, or how well things ran that day.  #proudwife

6. Running into friends while walking/commuting into work this week.  Even though it is brief, I love catching up.

7. The Blog Paws SLC has launched!!  Love that community so much, such good, like-minded folk that love their furkids.

8. Apple picking with my mom.

apple picking

9. Afternoon naps/cuddles with the dogs. 🙂

10. Lunch out with my mom to a raw food restaurant.  She loved it!


– – –

What about you? What are you happy or grateful for this week?


The boys are headed to my mom’s house tonight and we are heading up north for the third week in a row.  We didn’t get to see Jeff’s mom much last weekend, and Jeff also has a match on Sunday morning north of there that I’m tagging along with.  I don’t shoot in that discipline but I’m gonna go and watch anyways.   Sunday night we’re headed over to another friend’s to meet his new girlfriend and her daughter and having a early Thanksgiving with them and some of their friends.  We haven’t seen our friend since about April so it’ll be nice to reconnect with him.

 What about you, what do have YOU got planned for the weekend?

I really hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever it is you end up getting up to! Xo


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