Three Things 6

Three Things

So you may have already seen a few people do these posts lately, specifically Kristen today and Steph the other day and yes I stole borrowed it from them.  Steph was the original source of inspiration and then reading Kristen’s post this morning, yeah I couldn’t stop myself.  Go ahead and copy it, too.  So without any further babbling or explanation…. Three Things

Three Things

Three things I’d never give up

Noting these are things and not people: Sunglasses (this gal has super sensitive peepers), my phone and my gym workouts. I’m convinced the gym keeps me from going postal on people.


Three favorite vegetables

Zucchini, any kind of squash and asparagus.


Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end

Oh god what haven’t I watched is the better question. I’m agreeing with Steph here – Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a kid (not the new 90210).  Melrose Place. Teen Mom (shut up lol).


Three places I want to visit inside the US

Arizona, Utah and Charleston. (Yes you Cathy :))


Three places I want to visit outside the US

Kenya, Galapagos or Maldives, Czech Republic


Three things I always have with me

Phone, gum, planner


Three things that are always in my car

dog poop bags (such a glamorous thing to say, right? lol), air freshener and gum


Three most recent phone calls were to/from:

Jeff, my mom and a co-worker


Three books I read and loved in college

Everything I read in college was legal textbooks that were dry as hell. I especially loved admin law and criminal law. I don’t have the stomach for criminal though.


Three most often used makeup products

Urban Decay Primerr, Urban Decay eyeshadow and any kind of mascara.


Three things that make me laugh

Jeff, my dogs and my mom and I’s small talk. She says some of the funniest shit.


Three things that make me cry

Thinking about my dogs dying and when I’m super frustrated <—- totally agreeing with Steph here, touching stories of people on tv and the sun in my eyes.  I literally turn into a whiney you know what when the sun is bothering my eyes, hence why I always have sunglasses on hand.  And there are many more things that make me cry but let’s face it, that’s no fun to talk about, is it?

How’s your Thursday going?  See you tomorrow at the link up. 🙂