Pet Sitting Adventures – December Edition 10

Pet sitting

Hello my friends.  Did you have a nice weekend? I had a busy weekend with 40 pet visits so I was on the go for much of the weekend and didn’t much time for little else, but I was smiling for the most part and many dogs enjoyed the fresh snow we got dumped on.  I guess winter is finally here and rightfully so – there’s only 11 ( E-L-E-V-E-N) days until Christmas!  I’ve really got to get my butt together and finish the last couple of gifts we need to purchase.  Are all of you organized or in the same boat as I?

So here’s the deal for any new readers here.  Pet sitting is my part time, fun “job”.  I work one weekend a month, every four weeks (and sometimes more often, if it is needed and I am available) and have been doing so for the last four  and a half years.  It was a job that I stumbled upon I guess at the right time and I feel so blessed to be doing it.  I get to spend time with animals and anyone that knows me well will tell you that my heart is with four-legged creatures.  There’s just something so special that I cannot put into words about how I feel when I’m around animals.  What can I say? I am animal mad in every sense of the word. I physically cannot walk past a dog in the street without stroking it and I’ve been known on many occasion to stop the car and get out and ask to pet your dog.  Yes, I am THAT person.  And, FUNNILY, despite being allergic to cats, I still cannot resist a sweet, fluffy purring love.

Weekend Stats:

  • Number of booked visits: 40 visits from Friday night to Sunday night.  4 on Friday, 22 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday.
  • Animals: dogs, cats and a few new faces that I’d never met previously. 
  • Distance driven in weekend (Friday night at 6 pm to Sunday night at 10 pm): 335 kms

Pet sitting

– – – – –

Once again, it is a photo heavy post so if you’re not into that kind of thing or you’re worried about me hogging your bandwidth, you should click away in 5…..4…..3…. 2…… 1.

Friday night

Pet sitting Husky dog Pet sitting

Saturday & Sunday

cold morning cold morning

I look stunned I’m so cold. That and I look albino.

Pet sitting beautiful old house

Walking Kina, my gal pal for the weekend.  She lives in a gorgeous neighbourhood with many historic homes that I just think have so much charm.


Kina just looooooves the winter! 🙂

Husky Husky



It’s silly Duke!


Just look at this little Yorkie go… This is Ginger.

Ginger the Yorkie

Wire fox terrier

This is Harry Potter, a senior Wire Fox Terrier

Beagle Hound dogs

Look at the comparison to 30 days ago.

November 2016

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Husky Husky


Such a lady

Such a lady

Winter Sun



And then there was Murphy… a beaut of a Newfoundland Dog 🙂Newfoundland Dog

The Boys

Meanwhile back at home, Baxter was cuddling with Delilah


Cat Cat

Chester Dog Tongue

And then the miserable weather began….

Winter Winter

Well, that’s it for now, until the next post after the first weekend of January….

Hope you’re all having a great week! xo

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