Things that annoy the shit out of me 6

Thursday Thoughts

1. People having their phone keypad tones on while on a dead quiet train. You know what I’m talking about: the audible click noises, the keypad noise, the swipe noises, the singing noises. Turn that crap off, it’s annoying as F.

2. Ladies, for the love of all things, STOP wearing see through tights! If it’s as plain as day that I can make out the colour of your genitalia, for the love of all things, get a size up, bend over in the change room to check out the see-through factor, something, ANYTHING.

3. People that have wallet phone cases, you know the ones people have that stick their debit/credit cards/life in them? Is it bad that I secretly hope those people lose them just so I can say “HA I told you it was a stupid reason to carry all your cards and phone around together!”  I’ve never understood that, if you lose your phone, you’ve just gone and lost all of your cards too. I get it’s for convenience but i just can’t stand these cases and I haven’t a clue why.

4. People that say “there you have it” too much.  Or overusing the word absolutely.

These things genuinely bother me but I think I’m also just being a bear today. My mother in law isn’t well at all, she’s in the hospital in incredible amounts of pain, a congested lung and FIVE degenerated discs that may render her having to use a whee chair going forward. I don’t know her prognosis but I feel like we’re losing her and it just sucks.

I can’t wait to talk to my mom again; she’s home from Cuba late, late tonight.

Have a good one my friends! Xo