Pet Sitting Adventures – January Edition 13

Hello my friends and Happy New Year.  It was a pet sitting weekend this last one.  Busy but not insane, although I do feel like I wasn’t home much and my husband and I were like passing ships in the night… Nevertheless, it was a good one and fun.  Let’s get to it!

So here’s the deal for any new readers here.  Pet sitting is my part-time, fun “job”.  I work one weekend a month, every four weeks (and sometimes more often, if it is needed and I am available) and have been doing so for the almost five years.  It was a job that I stumbled upon I guess at the right time and I feel so blessed to be doing it.  I get to spend time with animals and anyone that knows me well will tell you that my heart is with four-legged creatures.  There’s just something so special that I cannot put into words about how I feel when I’m around animals.  What can I say? I am animal mad in every sense of the word. I physically cannot walk past a dog in the street without stroking it and I’ve been known on many occasion to stop the car and get out and ask to pet your dog.  Yes, I am THAT person.  And, FUNNILY, despite being allergic to cats, I still cannot resist a sweet, fluffy purring love.

Weekend Stats:

  • Number of booked visits: I had 35 visits scheduled in total, but then 2 were offered to be taken by another pet sitter and one cancelled, which worked out to be a total of 32 visits.  All said and done: 5 visits on Friday night, 15 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.
  • Animals: dogs, cats and a couple of guinea pigs.  Many were regular faces but I also had many new faces, too.
  • Distance driven in weekend (Friday night at 6 pm to Sunday night at 10 pm): 242 kms
  • Weather:  Your typical Canadian winter weather (Ontario).  It was – 15 Celsius with a wind chill that brought it to -21 on one of the days.  It was COLD.


Once again, it is a photo heavy post so if you’re not into that kind of thing or you’re worried about me hogging your bandwidth, you should click away in 5…..4…..3…. 2…… 1..  If the pictures aren’t showing, click on the words and you’ll get a pop-up photo window.  I have no idea what’s going on with my pictures today, sorry!

Friday night

Zoe – ain’t she pretty?  She is the happiest yellow Lab.

Saturday & Sunday

pet sitting Pug/Boston terrier mix

Mia & Gabby.  Haven’t seen these two gals in almost 4 years I’d say but they haven’t changed a bit.  Still silly, destructive girls.

I hate the cold but early mornings when it’s freezing-ass cold, they can be pretty beautiful.

Cold winter mornings  Cold winter mornings

cold mornings

lOliver, the handsome black and white kitty that I swear was part-dog. And then Duke.  Silly Duke.  Check him out in the video below (coming later tonight!!!)

Meanwhile, back at home, things were rough.  Poor things (Charlie and Baxter) were reduced to slumbering in the warmth while Mommy was out looking after other pets in -20 wind chill.!!

Duke Duke

Duke and I have this love affair.  No, actually he’s just real silly and a kissy boy.



Portugese Waterdog

Luschia, the Portuguese water dog.

Zoe Zoe

Happy Zoe.

Meanwhile, back at home on Saturday night.  🙂

Cold winter mornings  

Cold winter mornings  Cold winter mornings  Cold winter mornings

Pretty, but damn cold.  Chester was not having the -15 temperatures so he peed and lifted a paw and I walked him around the block with him in my arms.

Zoe and Mun Mun and Pow Pow.

Boisterous but sweet, Bella.

My sweet boys when I got home just moments after 10 pm on Sunday night.  How was your weekend?

Well, that’s it for now, until the next post the first weekend of February.

Hope you’re all having a great week! xo

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  • Every picture that you share in these posts always makes my heart melt. I love those little guys!

  • Sharon Glascoe

    Aw those little ones are sooo cute! How fun! And you get paid for it!

  • Jamie Fray

    These photos are so precious! We have two bichons as well, so for a moment, it was like looking at pics of my own home 🙂 What a great job!

  • Liam is with me and we enjoyed all the pictures 🙂 We were looking for Duke’s video too.
    You’re having -15 days while today was 47!

  • I always know that a select few of you that just adore animals will always love these posts. I like recapping too because I always feel like the weekend flies by and recapping allows me to take it all in again and reflect on all the little moments of the weekend. 🙂

  • It’s the best of both worlds when you can get paid for doing something you love. I wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Sharon.

  • You do?? That’s awesome! What are their names?? I’ve grown up with Bichons since I was about 9 years old. We have two, my mom has three and a friend of ours has two, so my mom likes us all to come over for “Bichon parties” and it’s the best! I’ll attach a photo of my moms house on NYE.

    Do you have a blog hun???

  • Sorry babes, I was have error issues yesterday when trying to upload. I did get it upnthis korning and messaged you with the YouTube link. :). It is also posted above now.
    Ask Liam which ones were his fave this month? We didn’t have too many cats to care for last weekend….


  • Oh and rub it in a little dontcha? I’m sending COLD winter weather your way stat! LOL!

  • Wonderful post, Lindsay! That cold weather sounds like the pits, but it’s clear your love and care for these pet pals at least keeps (your and their) hearts warm.

    BTW, we especially love the picture of your bichon, sprawled out on the back of the sofa cushion! He’s like a monorail dog. 🙂

  • Jamie Fray

    Cali and Tex (We are from Texas, and we lived in California for 12 years). They had puppies that were ADORABLE! I miss the pups 🙂

  • Haha! Your Bichon comment made me giggle. Charlie loves being up on the back of the couch, it’s definitely his thing. 🙂

    Thank goodness it didn’t stay as cold all last week but I had a migraine for days. No matter the weather conditions, all my fur friends keep me happy. 🙂

    Have a nice evening hun, xo!

  • Oh my goodness — makes me want to get another one or five. Aren’t they just the cutest little things when they’re puppies? When we brought our boys home, they could fit in our palms.
    These puppies are gorgeous!