10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week 23


Happy Friday and Welcome to the 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week Link Up!

Each Friday, Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird, Charlotte, from My Pixie Blog and I host a weekly Friday link up where we reflect on the happy and grateful things in our lives, but more specifically from the last week.

Sometimes all it takes are gentle reminders of things that make us grateful or appreciative. We live in a world full of disaster, chaos, poverty, famine, and tragedy – reflecting on the positive, I personally find makes me more aware and appreciative of the little things.

These posts make me super happy to reflect on the good and grateful things of the week.  I can be having the worst of weeks but I always, always find things to be happy or grateful for.

Don’t you agree?

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10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

1. Brisk walks on cold ass days.

cold winter mornings

2. I’m so proud of myself for driving 34 pet visits all in our car (standard!!!) last weekend. Three months ago, this was not possible and I was borrowing my moms automatic car on weekends I worked.

3. Spending time with a 4-month old Great Dane last Friday night. Holy smokes though, half an hour with a four month old ball of energy with razor sharp teeth will make you reconsider your future Dane and adopting one in rescue that isn’t a pup. Lol

4. A shortened work weeks and spending couch time with Charlie and my Baxter.

5. Getting thanks at work for the little things.

6. Hot chocolate and whipped cream. Mmm.

hot chocolate

7. Clean things. Allllll the things.

8. Getting dinner served a few nights this week before 6:30 is never a bad thing.

9. Naps. I had all the naps in the last week. #heyimtired #canipleasehibernate

10. Heated car seats. Sometimes it’s so cold the car won’t get toasty, but you know what? My bum gets toasty. 🙂

What are YOU happy or grateful for this week?

Do any of you have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

We are heading up north to visit Jeff’s parents this weekend while the boys go to my mom’s for a few days.

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Want to hop in on the fun?

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