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Hey Everyone, it’s been awhile since I last did a weekend recap so I thought why the heck not?It was a busy one, which was unexpected and there was much learning and growth but there were also so many low moments. I can’t even count how many times I cried, it’s just so sad (I’ll explain a bit below). (Sidenote: I apologize if the pictures are messed up, I tried.  Half of them won’t even display even though in draft mode they’re there. I ended up writing this post twice because it mysteriously disappeared already once and at this point, I`m over it. No more.)

We moved into my mom’s house last Tuesday evening while she’s away in Barbados for three weeks. Jeff went up north late on Thursday evening. He was going shooting for the weekend while I stayed back with the fluffs and had a few things going on myself.

Old City Hall

On Friday night, I decided to treat myself to a solo dinner at a raw food restaurant that I love and frequent in my area.


Then afterwards, I FaceTime’d with my mom and tried getting pictures of most of the dogs.

Mom's HouseMom's House

The weekend’s sleeping arrangements. These guys all sprawl out like they’re a giant breed, lol!

Sleeping Arrangements Sleeping Arrangements

On Saturday, I attended and completed a dog behavior and canine attendant course. Along with, that we did self-defense training and things: like what to do if you’re being attacked right if there’s a dog on dog fight. This is invaluable to me as I’ve been in one too many positions where I’ve had put myself in between a dog that’s running full tilt at me or is just looking to cause trouble.  We often have pets that don’t get along with other dogs and that’s fine, we adapt. Just like you and I, we don’t always come across people that we like or love.  Even people with off leash dogs in areas where it’s a must (hello, there are leash laws for a reason), I’ve come upon unleashed dogs and people will say, “oh but my dog is friendly, don’t worry”, great, but what if the dog that I’M walking doesn’t like other dogs or has been attacked before and is fearful of other dogs? People are ignorant/stupid, maybe both, but it’s happened now more times I can count and there have been times where it could have escalated…I’ve had to kick a dog away from me and pick up a small dog, which put me at risk for being involved and getting bit by the dog that I was walking because of the stress of the situation.  Anyways, I now know much more than I did before attending and I’m super thrilled about that.


Canine Foundations Canine Care Attendant CourseI attended the course with my boss  and owner of the pet sitting business, Morag, the office manager, Lisa,  and another full time pet sitter, Lorrie.

Saturday night on our way home (we split up in two cars), I got a phone call from a client.. At first, I wasn’t going to answer because it was an ‘Unknown caller’ but I did and I’m glad I did so.  It was a client that has had a history of mental illness and basically, the short version, she was suicidal because she found out that day that her father had killed himself.  She was desperately trying to reach out to the pet sitting company to no avail so she called me; I’ve been a bit of a support system for her when she reaches out.  She was reaching out because she wanted to ensure that her cats were taken care of.  I said of course, please take care of yourself and please go to the hospital with your friends.  I said I would call her back in a moment after trying to reach my boss.  At this point, I pulled over the car and I was calling my boss explaining that the client was in distress and that she had friends taking her to the hospital but before she could go, she had to make sure her beloved cats were going to be looked after.  My boss agreed to go to her house, as I had a cat pet visit to go to myself just after dropping off Lisa.   I called our client back and this time, she was just sobbing uncontrollably.  It was then that she told me that her Dad had killed himself earlier that morning and that she just didn’t see any reason to go on; that she had no one.  I’m sure you can imagine the  look on my face and the thoughts going through my head.  This poor girl was dealing with her own demons and now that?  It was enough to push anyone over the edge, let alone someone already struggling.  It was then that I noticed both Lisa and I were silently crying and I told the woman that she really needed to go and take care of herself, that she deserved that much and to not worry one bit about her cats.  To hear her voice, the words she said, knowing that she meant what she said with every bit of her soul, it was heart-wrenching.  I told her please don’t worry about her cats and please, please go with your friends.

Lisa and I drove the last 10 minutes of our drive in total shock, in tears and just ….. distraught at the events unfolding.

I went and did my pet visit with Dexter, Mushu and Clem.

Siamese Cat Siamese Cat siamese


You may recall this photo from when I was pet sitting two weeks ago.  Dexter lives with these ^two bed bugs.

After my visit, I ended up driving over in the direction of where our client lives, hoping to catch my boss at the house and checking in with her to see how our friend doing.  Her truck wasn’t there but I saw lights on in the house.  I thought that my boss had to have been in and out of there turbo fast, so I carried on and went to her house to pick up house keys for the four visits I was helping out with on Sunday.  I wasn’t able to talk to my boss because she was on the telephone with her mother, but we later texted.  She went over to the house and there our client was, just a small lump on her couch, inconsolable and begging for Morag to help find the cats a good home.  She was refusing to go to the hospital at that point and her friends promised my boss that they were going to take shifts with her throughout the night to make sure she was okay.

As you can imagine, I went home and I was unable to sit down, I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t eat.  I felt literally sick to my stomach.  It wasn’t until Jeff was later able to call me and I just let the flood gates open.  I sobbed to the point I couldn’t even speak…..

[How is she now?  I don’t know, to be honest.  I messaged her Sunday and nothing.  And then on Monday morning, I got a text from her saying that her cat had died.  Of all things, really, what shitty, terrible timing.  This was also the cat that she spent a fortune on that was sick with a heart problem, so sick that she needed meds within a certain time frame or you could risk her having a heart attack or stroke.  Jesus Christ, this woman didn’t need anything added to her pile of shit and tragedy.]

Part of me wants to reach out, but I also don’t want to over step any boundaries.  She’s dealing with the loss of her father and presumably making his final arrangements, but I’m thinking of her constantly.  My nature is to want t swoop and try to save the person.  I know all too well what it’s like to feel like it’s you against the world and you’ve got no one.  I just hope that in time, with therapy and hard ass work, she’ll find some peace within and find that happiness still exists there somewhere, you just have to want it to be there.  Will it…. But I also do understand that sometimes it’s all too much to deal and cope….

If you’re struggling and you want to educate yourself, advocate, support, check out this really great Facebook page called Suck it Suicide that my friend Kimberly sent over to me.

Sunday morning, I was up before the sun and feeding the gaggle of dogs at home before heading out to do three visits.

Great Dane Farm Farm

Guinness Dog rolling in snow
Dog running in the snow Dog running in the snow Dog running in the snow
I love how this series of burst turned out when I called Guinness and he came barreling over to me.  Love that dog, he’s just so sweet and loyal to a fault. 🙂
Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!
I hope you`re all having a better week than I.


 I hope you`re all having a better week than I

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