Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday 10

Happy Wednesday Friends!

It’s Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday (my blog posts are not so wordless – sorry, not sorry!)!  Many of you that frequent this blog know that apart from Friday, Wednesdays are one of my favourite days of the week.  This weekly link up from the Blog Paws community is a place where we can all show off our beloved pets, as well as network with others and find some friendships in some unlikely places.

I have a recap post coming tomorrow but for now…

I call this ‘Mexican stand off”… Charlie always initiates this play with Baxter 🙂

The Boys Mexican stand off The Boys Mexican stand off

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

  • catchatcaren

    Hi cutie!! DakotasDen

  • jennadesigns

    Aw – how cute! I’ll have to take some pics of my (rather large) puppy!

  • How funny! Word association … I *totally* thought “Mexican Standoff” when I looked at the picture, and then you wrote that in your narrative. Ha.

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  • christycaplan

    This is adorable – Sherm and Walter always have stand offs in the yard. Sherm gets down in that tiger stance and then starts chasing Walter around the deck. I love that your guys do this too. Huge smile on my face!

  • Hi Caren 🙂 I’ve added you to my Feedly; I love your blog.

  • Please do and share. 🙂 I LOVE big dogs. I’m actually doing an overnight pet visit tomorrow night at a farm with five dogs, all labs, a golden and a Dane. *swoon*

  • Great minds think alike, eh? 😉 These two boys are always at it. Good lord you should see when 5 of them are hyper and blitzing. It’s mayhem. Hahaa!

    My week was short, and thus, good. I’m off today so life is good. I’m currently listening to a very loudly snoring Charles. 🙂

    How’s your week been? Good?

  • Charlie is always in that play stance, even sometimes in the kitchen he’ll be there in downward dog, just chillin. Lol
    I love friendly Mexican standoffs, I swear some people might hear the boys and think they’re attacking eachother but they’re just playing hard. Like you, puts a massive smile on my face. The little things, eh? 😉


  • Cathy C Bennett

    Hey! I couldn’t see the photo 🙁 I’ll wait for the recap. How have you been my friend?

  • Hey Miss Cathy,

    It is fixed now. Not sure what’s going on but periodically I have issues with my images. Sorry about that.
    How are you doing? Me, I’m doing okay. Inlaws aren’t great, including my FIL this time. He’s having heart and blood pressure issues and my hubby’s mother is in ICU and not doing well. It’s been really rough on her these last few months. My mom is in Barbados and thus we are house/dog sitting for her, so there’s never an empty lap around this place. 🙂 What’s new with you madam?