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The boys

Did you all enjoy the lovely three-day long weekend?  I sure did!  If I could seriously figure out how to get my organization to work longer hours so we could work a four-day work week and have three-day long weekends, I’d be all over that.  Nevertheless, I’m back to work and happy that it is a short work week, even moreso than usual as I am not working this Friday so it’s an extra short work-week.  Yahooo!

We had AMAZING weather all weekend long, with temperatures soaring into the double digits AND alllllllllllll of the snow was melting, which made for mucky and messy dogs but boy were they happy with the spring-like weather.  I had a hard time getting them all inside, they were soaking up all the sunshine and mild weather like we were, too.

We ended up road-tripping all weekend long, each day going on a different road trip to see something new or exciting, all places we’d been to before but we just wanted to get outdoors and soak up all the sunshine and good weather.

Take a look see….


Coming home on the train Friday afternoon/evening.



Baxter Baxter


Action shooting

Action shooting

Jeff shooting in the dark.. this was my first ever stage in the dark. It was interesting.

smith and wesson

Would you mess with me? I would say you shouldn’t but let’s face it, I’m a marshmallow. Lol


On to Niagara…

Isn’t this tree just magnificent?

Us Niagara

Can you spot the horseshoe behind the trees^? The Falls are RIGHT there.



I ended up forgetting my purse in our Adventures this weekend, of all places at a restaurant an hour away from where we live, but thankfully a Good Samaritan found it and turned it in. Gosh I’m such a forgetful person!

And a game of Mexican standoff:
The boysthe boys

See you tomorrow for the 10 things weekly linky list party! 🙂

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