Galentines Blogger Gift Exchange [my first] 8

gratitude ournal

Did y’all have a nice Valentines Day?  I sure did and not because I was wined and dined and had my husband buy me a dozen roses that cost a mortgage payment (kidding).  This year, I participated in the 2017 Galentine’s Blogger Exchange Gift Exchange, hosted by my friend, Mattie and her compadre, Olya.

Both gals announced that they’d be opening up this fun exchange for the second year and I thought I’d jump on board and play along AND what a cool opportunity to get to know another blogger, right?

The details:

1/27: Signups close
2/10: Deadline to ship your package
2/24: Show off your gift by linking up with us!


  • Minimum $20.
  • Open to International bloggers (I always get excited when contests and the like are open to us Canadians but I have to be honest, even though I didn’t say I wanted someone local or from North America, I was secretly hoping that’d be the case because I always, always getting dinged badly shipping anything from Canada, AND the exchange rate kills us, too.  Whatever, though.  All in the name of fun.

I was linked up with Olya as my secret partner and after finding out, I set about my mission in getting to know her a bit more, reading her blog (gorgeous travel photos that invoke serious wanderlust, just sayin’).  I quietly lurked her blog and also perused her wish list on Elfster, the website/app that we were all using to communicate, create wish lists through and we can even anonymously communicate with our partners should the need arise.  And indeed it did for moi.  My lovely partner, Olya, I had picked out a couple of things for her and then when I took them to the post office, I was told that when they detected the liquid (nail polish), they’d confiscate my package, thus there was no point in even attempting to send it out.  So, I scrambled for a back up plan.  Returned items and then ending up buying a book, a bookmark and Essie nail polish (two things that were on her wish list).  AND I even saved money buying it all through Amazon but then I forgot, the damn exchange rate.  So I ended up spending much more in the end but I was happy that it was all going to arrive together, in one piece and not confiscated by customs and immigration.  Apparently you have to be trusted seller to sell liquids and I am not so therefore I cannot mail out such things.  The only bummer was that I had already bought and wrote a card out for Olya that was meant to go with the items that I was planning on sending but that got foiled. so that was sent separately.

Sorry for piece-mealing all of your goodies, my dear but I do hope you like and enjoy. 🙂

Now for me…

gratitude ournal

The person that was matched up with little old me was a lovely young lady by the name of Janell and she has a space over at 3Arrows.  She!!  First, the package couldn’t have come at a better time. Work was stressful, my personal and family life stressful, too. Opening this package up was like a ray of sunshine and I am so grateful.


Every single little goodie has come in handy thus far, from the hair bands, to the water bottle, to the favorite things journal (that I’ve been writing in every day since I received it) and all those little chocolates inside the water bottle, yeah my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed those. hehe!

Thanks so much again and I look forward to participating again next year… Until then…

Have a great weekend!

  • Ohhh, I love how there’s a color theme going on, and she even used fun tissue paper! That’s a bummer about not being able to send the package yourself. Postal rules can be so annoying. Thanks for joining in! (I’m trying to look at why the linkup is being dumb right now. I haven’t figured it out yet!)

  • Your care package is so pretty and color-coordinated too. How fun!! The person that was paired with me to send gifts had a little postal snafu too. Apparently, something I picked out on the wishlist wouldn’t ship to Australia (although I’m aware of amazon shipping some and not others and I thought I paid attention to that when selecting items.) What she picked out in the end was just perfect though, and I was thrilled!

  • Me too, I love blues and when I opened it, I thought “how pretty is this!!”

    Thanks for hosting this my dear. It was fun and I’ll definitely participate again. 🙂

  • Everyone got such nice/pretty stuff, eh?
    It baffles me at some things you can get away with mailing but others not. I sent Olya some nail polish and apparently it’s because it’s a flammable liquid?! But because Amazon is a trusted seller, that’s how they can get away with shipping it to someone versus moi.

    I just LOVE the necklace you got. It’s pretty and of course, so you. 🙂

  • I’m so sorry you had a hiccup while sending me the package (though I know you mentioned you love the nail polish, so it all worked out, haha!). Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! I love what you got too! It’s so fun she went with a color theme, and I love the idea of a favorite things journal!

  • Janell

    I’m glad you participated & enjoyed your present!!
    I think gift giving is the best part.
    I hope things in your world have settled down… Take care!!

  • No worries, girl. How was I or you to know there’d be a hiccup? I would never have thought nail polish isn’t allowed but hey, I guess you learn something new every day. Lol
    My gift box was amazing and I was so spoiled. I felt so touched so much thought was put into it.

  • Oh I loved it, Janell. It was perfect and I cannot thank you enough. I’ve put my gratitude journal on hiatus; my MIL died last week and since then, I’ve just been drained… but I definitely need to pick it back up again and carry on like I was before.

    I hope you’re doing well hun, and thanks again. 😉 xo