Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday  18

The Boys

Happy Wednesday Friends!

It’s Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday (my blog posts are not so wordless, (sorry, not sorry!) as you can see.  Many of you that frequent this blog know that apart from Friday, Wednesdays are one of my favourite days of the week. This weekly link up from the Blog Paws community is a place where we can all show off our beloved pets, as well as network with others and find some friendships in some unlikely places.

It was a BICHON weekend.  We’ve been having renovations in our condo to the hallways and as such, there’s sanding dust all over the place, not to mention workers are abundant, so during the week, the dogs are staying with my mom.  Last Friday, she picked me up and in the car were my two just freshly groomed handsome little boys.

Check out our pictures from the entire weekend:

Baxter Freshly Groomed

I picked a fine time to get them groomed – when it is minus 20 Celsius.  Needless to say, they are feeling the cold, even in the house, which is why I’m constantly covering them up. 🙂

Charlie Baxter

Charlie on the left, Baxter snoozing behind me.

Blog Paws Wordless WednesdayPlum-tuckered.  It’s such a rough life…

Bichon art

Look at the beautiful sketch our friend Dina had made for us by an artist at Westminster Dog Show.  Cool, eh?

Sunday morning Bichons

in a sunbeam Charlie

Two boys, happy in a sunbeam. 🙂

Also, an announcement:

I also am excited to announce that my friend’s Charlotte, Christina and I have formed a new blogging group on Facebook called The Peaceful Posse.  The intended purpose of this group is to be a safe and supportive place for bloggers to come hang out, share their posts, interact with others and much more.  The name is pretty self-explanatory, after some toxic BS in another group, the three of us have banded together to form a new and welcoming group where there is no drama or bullying.  Please join us, we’d be glad to have you.  🙂

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

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  • I love all the puppy pictures! They’re so cute!

  • You know that I love pics of you and your sweet boys. As for The Peaceful Posse, I’ve never been a member of any blog group on facebook (except my book challenge group that has a mix of bloggers and non-bloggers). I think this is a great one to be a part of!

  • THOSE FACES — oh gosh, *all the feels*

  • I swear, I’ll never get tired of looking at your furballs <3 they are so stinkin cute! Wait, where's the sketch!? I want to see!!! Also dogs sleeping in sunbeams is the most adorable thing ever.

    Today was a good day. Seriously I feel all excited and sunshine-y and appreciative of the wonderful community we have just started <3 It's going to be a great group, me thinks! XOXO

  • Awe. They are so cute! We just got about 10 inches of snow here, so I hear you on the winter weather. I’m super excited about your new group. You three ladies are awesome, so there’s no doubt it’s going to be a great one.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, too cute! I love taking pictures of my dog – especially when she’s sleeping. haah


  • They’re so adorable! I like that you’re such a good dog mom, covering them up so they don’t get a chill. 🙂

    Your new group on FB sounds terrific!

  • christycaplan

    I’m so excited about the Peaceful Posse – I cannot wait to get to know all these bloggers! Um you had me at: minus 20 Celsius. That sounds insane – we have had rain for two months straight. The dogs are just wet all the time now! Your guys look adorable as always! xo

  • Thanks Beth. Dogs are just great, they put such a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  • Always love when others see pictures of the boys and it, too, puts a smile on their face. 🙂
    Thanks for all your support Erin, it mean a lot girl. xoxo

  • 🙂 my faves are when they’re passed out in the sun, looking so precious and innocent (they’re not – LOL). 🙂 Thanks Kate. xo

  • You know I love sharing pics of them, too, with everyone. I figure if they make me smile, then certainly they’ll brighten someone else’s day, too. 🙂 For some f’d reason, sometimes some of the images don’t show up. They’re there, I can see them but they don’t always load. Can you see it now?

    I think it’s going to be great, too. 🙂 I’m thrilled with how the group is going thus far.

  • Thanks girl. 😉
    Ugh I’m so tired of winter andnjust ready for warmth and sunshine. It’s been still daylight up until after 7 pm and that makes me SO flippin happy. To me it’s a sign of spring and summer to come, so we haven’t got much longer to wait. 🙂

  • Sleeping dogs are the sweetest and the best. A sleeping dog is a happy dog. 🙂

    Happy Friday hun! 🙂

  • Lol. Sometimes my hubby says they have fur, what the hell am I doing? But when they get groomed short and it’s -10 out, of course they feel it. And they love hiding in piles of blankets, too, so they don’t mind. 🙂

    Thanks, so thrilled about this new group full of positive, likeminded people. 🙂

  • It makes me SO happy you’re so stoked and loving this new group. Your support is very much appreciated. 🙂

    Lol. Thankfully it’s “warmed” up to 0 degrees and I hear it’s supposed to reach about 5-6 Celsius this weekend. It’s better than -20, I’ll take it. Lol

    Happy Friday Christy and have a fab weekend with your boys, all of ’em. 🙂

  • You know, I’ve had problems with WordPress and my images for a while now (I can’t remember if that’s what you use for your blog or not)? But yes–I see it now! So cute!!!

  • Yah I don’t know what the fk is up with that. It’s good for the most part but it’s been problematic for at least six months or so now. Not always but sometimes.