10 things you probably didn’t know about me 30

10 things you probably don't know about me

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me (and probably don’t care about, too)

  1. I used to be a smoker from the ages of 15 to 28 (so bad, I know..).  My five year anniversary passed last November.  Quitting was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
  2. I used to do some modeling in my early teens, mainly doing trade shows and conventions. People loved my hair and my pale, albino freckled skin.
  3. I am a creature of habit and predictable to a T, so throw me off my path and it feels chaotic for me.  I’m trying to implement change and be more flexible and accepting. #lettinggo
  4. Structure and organization make me happy. Clutter and mess gives me anxiety, although I’ve gotten much better over the years. I’ve never been diagnosed but I’m sure I have a touch of OCD.
  5. I’m terrified of spiders. I think most anything with more than 4 legs just creeps me right the F out.
  6. I’ve never got ticket in my life *knocks on wood*
  7. Some of my favorite things in the entire world are: a heartfelt note or card (that trumps all gifts, imo), fresh flowers, Jeff, my furkids (they are better than most people) and scuba diving, to name a few.
  8. I won’t drink red wine unless it’s a red wine sangria. Yep, I’m totally weird.  I think I need to try some out again now that I’m older and my tastes have changed since I was a younger lass.
  9. I had jaw surgery when I was 15 years old. Not as a result from a car accident, but I had painful TMJ and my jaw was starting to shift, so it was decided that after removing all my wisdom teeth and another round of braces, it was going to be broken and reset.
  10. I have 20 body piercings (13 of them are in my ears) and I have three tattoos.

What about you?  What is one thing that I don’t know


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  • Divya Budhraja

    WHOA. On the giving up smoking (CONGRATS!) and the not liking red wine. Just when I thought we could be friends. Hahaha. Just kidding 😉

  • Congrats on the no smoking. That is tough. I smoke occasionally if I’m having a cocktail but have never been addicted. Mr. J is painfully addicted to smoking. I want him to quit so bad.

  • Ha, I have 0 body piercings. (And one tattoo that most family members don’t know about.)
    I don’t drink red wine because it gives me heartburn and because I like sweet white 🙂
    I agree that fur babes are usually 100xs better than humans!

  • Love this!
    I used to be a smoker, too. Stopped 15 years ago when we starting planning a family.
    Congrats on quitting! I know it’s hard!
    I don’t really like red wine either.
    I have 3 body piercings and no tattoos but planning on getting one.
    I hate clutter and mess as well, it gives me anxiety, too!
    I guess great minds think alike!
    Love ya xxx

  • Congratulations on one year smoke free! Seeing as how this is my first time commenting, I’m going to gather that you don’t know much about me. But I can peel a banana with my toes! 🙂

  • Ohbeehave

    I’ve never gotten a ticket either… and I think spiders are terrifying too! I had a massive huntsman in my car once and it was so scary! ahhh!

  • WOW, I don’t think I knew a lot of these! That you were a smoker (uhm, me too! For more years than I care to admit!) and that you used to model! That’s amazing 🙂 LOL @ albino skin. Uhm, me too, momma. Me too. That reminds me. Have you ever seen the “Irish Girl Sunbathing” meme? THAT IS TOTALLY ME. LOLOL

    I love that you scuba. And that you only drink red wine in sangria. I don’t ever drink it either–Riesling (or other white wine) all the way 🙂 XOXO this was fun to read!

  • TWENTY piercings?? damn, girl.

    i completely agree with you about notes trumping other gifts. i’ve been trying to send out more of those the past few months, and i’ve gotten some wonderful comments and compliments in return. really does help bolster the ego and warm the heart.

  • Now I want to see a close up of your ears and those piercings!
    I hate spiders too. I was once bitten by a spider, it got as big (and as hard) as a golf ball, had to go to the emergency room to get it lanced. It was disgusting and painful. If I never see another spider again, I’d be happy.
    You forgot to mention your gorgeous eyes on why you were a model 🙂

  • Everyday Joey

    Congrats on your five-year anniversary of quitting! And I am totally there with you on spiders. So scary. SOOO SOOO SCARY.

  • Great job on not smoking anymore. That’s awesome. And I am totally with you on lots of your answers, I, too, am a creature of habit, and my favorite things include fresh flowers and my wife. Oh, and our furkids being better than most people, too. 🙂

  • I’ve never had a ticket either! I was pulled over once when I was 17 and it was terrifying!!! I didn’t tell my mom about it for a few years lol.

  • Hahah! You’re a funny gal, Divya. 😛
    Thanks very much, quitting was so hard. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But so worth it!

  • Hmm. I, once again, learned something new about you. 🙂 Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. To think how much money I wasted over the years is INSANE.

    I get headaches from red vino and I’m not a fan of the tanin’s on my tongue tickling away. Maybe it’s the thick, darker red wines that do that. But I’d be open to trying some again.

    Three piercings?!? What!!!! What are you thinking for a tattoo? Does the Mister have any ink?

    We have a lot of similarities you and me, both. 😉 xoxo

  • It’s been five years but regardless of the number, it’s one of the best things I did for myself.

    What?!?!? That’s insane, and extremely talented. Can you tie a knot in a cherry, too? That’s wild! Lol

  • OMG I almost barfed in my mouth (sorry!)!! Tell me you pulled over and had a screaming fit. I would’ve!! Those buggers can move crazy fast, too.
    *Shudders* lol My husband thinks my fear of spiders is friggin hilarious!.

  • Yeah I don’t like to admit I was a former smoker. I guess it’s far better than presently being one.
    I joke with my mom and say we’re not related. She looks practically Bajan from all her traveling. Meanwhile, I’m see-through over here. Lol!! I totally know what you mean about the Irish girl suntanning. Lololo! A friend at work showed that to me years ago and it is SPOT ON! Lol

    Aren’t these kinds of posts fun? You should do one soon. 🙂


  • Crazy, right? I got most of them when I was in my teens and just haven’t taken anything out.

    Cards and letters are such a small but thoughtful thing. So many of us never get anything meaningful in the mail other than damn bills, so having a few nice/kind words show up on your doorstep, that’s priceless and people appreciate it. 🙂

  • I still have a draft post you encouraged me to write, oh maybe a year ago? That hasn’t come to fruition yet. LOL!

    Ouch! Your spider bite sounds awful, although could’ve been much much worse. I’m totally with you. Be gone with the damn spiders thank you very friggin much!

    Ahh, thank you. My eyes are my fave feature. 😉

  • Thanks Joscelin 🙂 it was so hard to quit and breaking the habits associated with time and periods during the day. It wasn’t well worth it. I crave it every day still but I know if I started again, I’d be so disappointed in myself.

    Ugh don’t talk about them!!! I’ve got the eebie jeebies! Lol yep, I’m such a kid.

  • I knew I liked you for many reasons, Kevin. 😉 That’s really refreshing to hear that you love flowers, not many men care for them or go out of their way to buy them. Your wife being one of your fave things, that’s super adorable. I hope you showed her your comment. 😉

  • Lol! I think I’d be THAT guy and cry if I got pulled over. Or sweat like crazy because I’m such a nervous Nelly. Lol!

  • Ohbeehave

    HAHA!! Actually it was under the sun visor on the passenger side of the car. My friend and I had been out for dinner and I was driving home when she flicked the visor up. The spider ran from the top of the windscreen straight down the the bottom (she thought it was running towards her) she started screaming so loud, and simultaneously undid her seatbelt and started backing into the back seat. I couldn’t see the spider and she couldn’t talk so I had no idea what was going on (it’s kind of hilarious when I think back on it!!). My mum was in the back of the car and isn’t afraid of spiders at all (she was one of those kids that used to line them up on her windowsill as pets… creepy much!?) so anyway, when I had a safe place to pull over, I just stopped down a side street and my mum got the spider out of the car and all was well and good again. I think my husband is just annoyed at my spider fear because I always make him collect them in a container and move them outside 😉

  • Bahahahahah! I shouldn’t laugh but how your friend reacted because that’s EXACTLY how I imagine I would’ve been. Only id have been in the bloody trunk so fast!! Lol
    A similar thing happened once in our car and I saw the spider crawl down the front windshield but I was paralyzed with fear and my husband was like wtf wtf!! Lol
    I think as far as spiders go, I go into shutdown mode. Your mom is a beast!! That’s awesome of her. 🙂

    See, what you do is the respectable thing. 🙂

  • Congratulations on five years with no smoking! I’ve heard how difficult it is – well done!

  • Now that I think about it, I don’t drink red wine unless it’s sangria either. Even red wine sangria though it’s been a long time. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  • Ha ha. Tracey and I almost always have flowers in the house, just because we both enjoy them. My aunt and uncle had a flower farm (carnations) when I was a kid, and many of my best childhood memories are of helping out in the greenhouses and barn. I’m not sure if that’s why I like flowers so much, but maybe. 🙂

  • Thank you very much, Anthea. It was indeed hard but so well worth it in the end. 🙂

  • I think many people dislike red wines from what I’ve heard. I’ve tried white wine sangria and it’s good but not quite as much as the red, and I’m no fan but I guess with the fruit, it makes a difference.

  • That must’ve been a really neat experience as a kid. We live near a huge marsh that grows much of the vegetables in Ontario and that get exported and part of the marsh are many greenhouses. I’ve been in few and they are just breathtaking the beautiful and lush plants and flowers that are grown, with so much love and care. 🙂