Weekend Fun 7


‘Twas a weekend full of puppy love, rest and relaxation. Oh, and good eats, too.

Friday night was winding down night and relaxation aka couch time with Jeff and the dogs.

Baxter sleeping Baxter

Tough day at the office, clearly.

Saturday, after much lolly gagging and wasting time, we finally got up and out of the house and went shopping.  I was on the hunt for new jeans.  Now, I’m pretty specific and I know what I like, so I always stick with Silver Jeans.  I’ve been wearing them for probably almost 2 decades if I’m being honest here.  I went to my favorite trust chain of stores, Jean Machine and I told the salesman exactly what I wanted, down to the brand, the style of jeans.  I said I was wearing a size 30 but they were loose, could I please try on a size 29.  After lots of pilfering through racks, he came up with a size 27 and a size 31.  Now, bear in mind I had also just told him that the current jeans I was wearing were in fact a 30 and I pointed with my fingers to my legs.  Dude then comes up to me, “so I have a size 31… Did you want to try those on to see how they fit?”  I double blinked.  I stared.  HOW DOES THIS SENTENCE MAKE ANY SENSE?  Was I seriously just talking to the wall about the current size of jeans I was wearing?  Why in the hell would I want to try on a pair of jeans BIGGER than what I was already wearing, and I’m looking to size DOWN?!  It literally baffled me.  I said, “uh no, I’m wearing a size 30.  Why would I try on a 31?  That doesn’t make any sense.”  I then just got annoyed because what the hell had I just wasted my time for?  I then told the guy to not worry about it, I’d try my local store for more sizes.  Like, am I wrong?  Isn’t this a completely ridiculous thing to ask someone?  LISTEN TO THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH. LOL

Which brings me to this meme:

Stephen R. Covey quote
I think we’re all guilty of this from time to time, I know I am am guilty of this, both professional and personally, but I’m really trying to make an honest effort to listen more and talk less.

So that was an unsuccessful shopping trip.  Later that night, we decided to drink so I went out and bought a bottle of something rather that was supposed to be good for sangria.  Next stop, grocery store to get some fruit to put in said-sangria.  The rest of the evening was full of being sleepy, arguing, slurring and not so much fun stuff.  I should have just gone to bed and be done with it, but oh no, I still had to continue stammering on about non-sense.  Whatever, tomorrow is a new day or whatever how that saying goes.

On Sunday morning, we met up with Jeff’s dad who was visiting Jeff’s brother 45-minutes north of us.  We all ended up going to a gun show aka a big room full far too many old farts wearing camo and Bluetooth earpieces, circa à la 2003. Lol  It was actually kind of funny.  It was busy and therefore people shoving you with their shoulders and elbows.  Who knew these “gun shows” were so popular and busy that people line up at 7 a.m. to get into these things.

gun show gun show gun show

(I only got three pictures because I realised there was no photos allowed.  Ooops!)

Jeff’s dad ended up getting a shot gun, Jeff and his brother split on it for Jeff’s Dad’s birthday in May.

For the duration of the day, we did grocery shopping, made breakfasts and lunches for the next day, I cleaned and also did five loads of laundry (where does it all come from?!).  You know, a bunch of ‘fun stuff’ that needs to get done that no one really wants to do.

I did find these beauties:

ranunculus ranunculus ranunculus

They are called ranunculus,  I really, really wanted these for our wedding but it wasn’t the right time of year for when they bloom, and to import them from South America, as much as I wanted them, yeah that wasn’t happening.  So I found these beauts at a grocery store for $4 each!  I love ’em!


Baxter Baxter

(I finally got a pair of jeans yesterday and they are a 28. But maybe I’ll go try on try 31 and see if they fit? Hahaha)

All in all, a great weekend.

How about you?  What’d you do this weekend?

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