What’s up, Weekend? 34

What's up weekend?

Happy Friday and Welcome to the *NEW* ‘What’s up, Weekend’ Friday Link Up!

Last Friday was the kick off of the newly revamped link-up that Charlotte, from My Pixie Blog, Christina from The Brave Wanderer. and I are hosting, called ‘What’s up, Weekend?’

For the last two years, Fridays have always been (and always will be) a place where I reflect on the happy and grateful things in our lives, but more specifically from the last week. To expand upon that, this link-up is now open to any post that relates to happy things, happy lists, gratitude lists, faves of the week or it could also be your practice to greet the weekend with a bang/open arms.  Whatever your choice is, have fun with it. But please remember that any links that are just simply “dumped” or if your blog post does not mesh with our theme, it will be deleted.

For me personally, sometimes all it takes are gentle reminders of things that have made me grateful or appreciative during the week. We live in a world full of conflict, disaster, chaos, poverty, famine, and tragedy – you name it. Reflecting on the positive, I personally find, makes me more mindful, gracious and appreciative of all things, big and small.

You can be having the worst of weeks but I always, always manage to find things to be happy or grateful for. So, I hope writing out your lists makes you happy, too!

What's up, Wednesday?

**When adding your blog post link, please remember that this is not a link dump; if it is not an appropriate link, it will be deleted.**

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Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

1. Sleeping in last Saturday morning and waking up with a hat.  A Bichon hat, to be precise.  Charlie was snuggling my head on my pillow. #love

2. I found potted ranunculus last weekend and it made my day/week.  I just love ranunculus. 🙂

ranunculus ranunculus

3. Making sangria.  Despite the night turning out to be a crappy one full of argument and non-sense, the wine was good.  Lol

4. Organizing some things I’d been putting off. 

5. Increasing my (already great) water intake to minimum 3 litres a day. 

6. Unplanned puppy birthday parties. I can’t believe Miss Lily is 11!! Gosh how time flies.


7. The Lying Game.  It’s like MTV’s Finding Carter but with a twist.

8. These: 

9. Taking a chance and emailing a brand to ask about collaborating. What’s the worst they say, “no”?

10.  New jeans.  Two sizes smaller, too.  I have no idea how that happened but hey, that’s cool.

11.  Blowing raspberries on my dogs’ bellies. Yep, I’m that dogmom.

What are YOU happy or grateful for this week?

I am pet sitting this weekend, with 26 visits on the schedule.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but several of the visits on Sunday are for hour chunks at a time.  All in all, it’s not a bad weekend at all, I just hope it doesn’t freezing rain like they’re saying it might.  Stay tuned for my Pet Sitting Adventures Recap next week. 

What about YOU? What do you have planned for this weekend?

Have a fabulous weekend my friends, make it a good one!

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In case you missed the announcement two weeks ago:

My friend’s Charlotte, Christina and I have formed a new blogging group on Facebook called The Peaceful Posse and its intended purpose is to be a safe and supportive place for bloggers to come hang out, share their posts, interact with others and much more. Come on over and join us! We’d love to have you. 🙂

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Want to hop in on the fun?

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  • Happy Friday! I’ve been saying I need new jeans for weeks now, and while I love shopping, shopping for jeans always seems to be slightly painful ha. But 2 sizes smaller is great – congrats! And best of luck on the blog pitch! It’s always fun to see responses come back 🙂

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Hope you have a very successful weekend pet sitting! I’m looking forward to your one 1 – sleeping in late on Saturday! I haven’t had the opportunity to do that in a while and just the thought of it makes me smile!

  • Divya Budhraja

    Happy Friday!! <3 <3
    What's your sangria recipe? I've never actually made sangria for fear of messing it up. Plus, it's always easier to just open up the wine bottle and go for it. 😉

  • I LOVE homemade sangria!! I haven’t had any in awhile as it is usually a summer treat for me but now I want some! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I love your pups! xoxo

  • Candy Kage

    Sounds like you have had a great week and you puppy party sounds like fun.

  • kim airhart

    Finding Carter was one of my favorites. I will have to check out The Lying Game. Great list!! Congrats on the smaller jeans. That is a great feeling!!

  • Aww I blow raspberries on Buster’s belly, too <3 he always looks at me like, "the eff??" Lol

    Also love a dog hat 🙂 so cute.

    I love sangria. I haven't had it in ages!

    Keeping fingers crossed that you don't have freezing rain this weekend. It's raining all day here and it sucks so hard, I just want to climb back in bed.

    Hope you are excited for the weekend ahead, my sweet. We have most definitely deserved it, eh?

  • Your pup is so cute! Love the photos! Also Sangria sounds so good right about now, yet its raining and windy out. I wish spring would just hurry up and get warm already! Happy weekend!

  • so ranunculus, according to the floral dictionary used by the characters in the novel the language of flowers, means you are radiant with charms. so yeah, that flower is beautiful, but its meaning is beautiful, too.

    and your jeans are two sizes smaller? FANTASTIC.

  • I love rananculus (sp) too even though I can never spell it!

  • Lindsay Carreiro

    Love love love your dogs!! and drinking sangria. I think we need to get a meet up happening for this group!!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, your dogs are too cute! Good luck with pet sitting this weekend. I hope the weather behaves.



  • Sounds like a pretty great week! I would love a glass or two of sangria right now, but I have a busy weekend ahead. I’m selling stuff at a rummage sale, so it will be a long one. At least I’m hoping to get rid of some clutter and make a little money 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your pet sitting adventures.

  • I love ranunculus! So pretty!
    3 liters per day – you are amazing!!! Unter to make at least 2 liters!
    Blowing raspberries on your pups belly?! That is so me! Lol
    Have a fab weekend with all your furry friends!
    Hugs xxx

  • jess

    Sangria is the most delicious thing to make! I made this yummy apple cider stuff a few years ago and we made it for our wedding too. Now I kind of want to go make some! Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  • Kim Munoz

    Thats a sht ton of water! But its awesome! And the puppies sleeping….awwww. Im going to have to check out the Lying Game. I loved Finding Carter!

  • Wow – 3 litres! I’m battling to drink 6 glasses of water a day (and feel really proud when I get to just that).
    Hope the pet sitting went well and you had a good weekend.

  • Hey girl. Hope your week is going well. 🙂
    Thanks eh? It certainly helps if you have a go-to or fave brand/style. I’ve been wearing the same jeans for 20 years at least. They work for my man-quads. Lol
    The blog pitch failed – Equinox. But at least I tried. 🙂

  • Thanks Penny. It was a pretty easygoing weekend and not go go go like some of my weekends have been.
    I hope you got to have a sleep in. 😉

  • Hey girl,
    So I ended up stumbling upon Yellow Tail ‘Sangria’. You just add fruit. I added slices of lemon, orange and strawberries and let it marinade for an hour or so. 🙂 ’twas good. Getting that is idiot proof, pardon me saying. I have no knowledge of red wine so to go and just buy a red, I’m clueless. The sangria kind was a happy find. 🙂

  • I love anything to do with fluffs. 🙂

  • I love any kind of sangria!! Haha. There’s a Mexican restaurant near where we live that makes a killer sangria and I usually end of getting a pitcher and getting sauced. It doesn’t happen often, thankfully. Lol
    I hope you’re having a great week hun. Thank you. 🙂

  • It’s good! It got cancelled after two seasons but it’s sooo good. There’s about 30 episodes between two seasons. 🙂

  • I’m glad I’m not alone blowing raspberries on dogs. lol I always get wtf looks, too.
    Almost at Friday, woo!! I hope your birthday week has been nice even though I know you were a bit stressed on the day of. <3

  • Hmm, intriguing. Thank you for the info. 😉 I love the flower AND it’s meaning.

    I hope you’re having a lovely week Jenn. 🙂

  • Aw, thanks so much. 🙂
    How’s the weather been on your end this week? We’ve had spring weather but I heard that we’re supposed to get a bit of snow on the weekend. *eye rolls* I’m so over it.
    I hope you’re having a great week, Trish. 🙂

  • Jeff calls them redonkulus. Lol

  • My dog so are such entertainment, it’s great. 😉
    Yessss, a meet up would be awesome!!

  • Thanks Lauren. 🙂 My weekend was pretty good, not too crazy. I hope yours was good and that your week has been good. 🙂

  • Hey Momma,
    I hope your week is improving! xo

  • Two liters is great! I’m just using a new 32 oz bottle and it’s easier to guzzle a lot, I guess.
    You, me and Charlotte each like to give our pups raspberries. 🙂 🙂 that’s so adorable!
    I hope you’re doing okay this week Momma. xo

  • Go and make some, Jess!! 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great week, hun. xo

  • I know, and I used to not drink much water in my stupid youth. 😉
    I’m sure you’ll LOVE lying game. It was cancelled after season 2 but there’s about 30 episodes between the two seasons. 🙂

  • Hey girl, 6 glasses is pretty damn good my friend. 🙂 The downside for me is that I’m constantly in the washroom. Lol
    Petsitting was great. Not too busy and fun. 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend and week is going well. 🙂