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Life lately

How are y’all doing? I’ve been quiet around these parts lately because I’ve been busy at work during the day time and at night, I’m trying to spend much of my time with Jeff and being present.  The evenings are always so short and on a daily basis, I’m always wishing I had an extra couple of hours. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Of course, I’m sure, an extra couple of hours a day would never be enough and I’m sure I’d always be wanting more.  That or I need to figure out how to function on a couple of hours a sleep a night.  So, life lately, huh? Let’s start off with late last week.

My mom’s eldest dog, Quincey, had been acting uncharacteristic for the last month or so, seemingly every other day being ‘off’, with little appetite, energy or much of anything. I had been hoping that it was just age, after all, he did just turn 13 earlier in March. But after my mom took Quincey to her holistic vet, they ran a full blood panel (which, nothing came up – some values were slightly off but nothing concerning) and after that, he recommended an ultrasound with a specialist to see if that yielded any answers. That was last Thursday.  Almost immediately, they saw a tangerine-size mass on his spleen and further examinations showed a lesion on his liver. The prognosis was that he was too far along for an operation, and that treatment was not an option. Last Thursday was the day we found out that our Quincey has cancer and that his time with us will be limited. And my how this has been evident in the last week.  His appetite has decreased, he moves around a lot like he’s restless…. the look in his eye, oh my gosh it could make anyone cry. Don’t get me wrong, when he’s having his good days, he’s so, so good and he’s happy, wagging his tail, woofing…. but I know those days are limited so I’m trying to soak it all up. I held it together at work when my mom told me the bad news, but as soon as I got home, I sobbed. Anyone that knows me or loves pets like I/we do, knows just how much this hurts and that it’s such a shitty thing.

gym rat

Thursday at the gym before going home early.

I just had to go to the gym that day to release some emotions (above)

Last Thursday evening, we took our dogs over to my moms because we were heading up north first thing Friday morning and we wanted to get a good start on the Good Friday traffic. When I saw Quincey, I just gently pet him and cried into his fur. I just can’t believe that he’s sick and going to be gone soon…. And now, especially now, every additional day with him is special and a gift and we’re cherishing every second of it.



Alright, time to wipe my tears and talk about more uplifting things… it’s all about balance, right? See, that’s me trying to look at the brighter side.


Friday morning, Jeff and I rolled out of bed, sans fluff balls *cue the sad trombones* and not long afterwards, we were on our way up north.  We ended up getting a bit of a late start but got up there by about 10:30 I think it was.  Caught up with my father-in-law and then not long after, we decided to head out to the gun range as it was a beautifully sunny, spring day and we couldn’t forego the opportunity to shoot outdoors (since we had been shooting indoors, obviously, all winter).   But first, FOOD.  We took Jeff’s Dad for lunch just in town at a local dive.

cute restaurant cute restaurant cute restaurant

Jeff shooting

smith and wesson


Pretty, isn’t it? This was the view coming out of the indoor range on Friday night.

We ended up playing around until about 4 p.m. and then afterwards, it was go time.  We were getting all the props together and setting up the four stages for the match that was on Saturday and Sunday.  By 7 ish, we were all hangry and irritated but Jeff’s dad wanted to shoot the match ahead of everyone else so we obliged and we were out of there by about 9 p.m. and didn’t get back to Jeff’s Dad’s until about 9:40 p.m.  We ended up going to bed fairly early by our standards, but it was just a long day and I guess the fresh, spring air did us in.

Novar Highway exit

The views from right off the highway


Kearney, Ontario

Spring 2017



I felt like a kitty in a sunbeam 😉

old barn


Meanwhile, back at  my mom’s, the boys made themselves comfortable.  (sorry, it’s blurry…my aunt took it)

mom and the dogs


Saturday morning, we were up by 6:30 and out the door by 7:30 I think it was.  Jeff’s Dad was staying behind so that he could make Easter dinner, his first big meal he was planning and cooking on his own since his wife died.  He’s doing alright, but everything is an adjustment and he’s learning to do everything on his own now, which, he says, for his age, is just strange.  But, I guess that’s what happens when your spouse of 44 years passes…. You try to pick up the pieces and make some semblance of life and everything that goes with it.  We ran about 20 to 24 shooters on Saturday, with two squads in the morning and then two at 1 pm and we were done by about 3 or 3:30, which was nice.  We then headed back to Jeff’s Dads where a lovely (and yummy) ham awaited us back home.  Jeff’s brother and his kids had come up the previous night and were there for dinner, too.  It was just enough to make me full but not feeling gross.  There’s nothing more gross-feeling than eating too much and then feeling uncomfortably full like you’ve got to undo your pants.  It’s funny, but it’s not, you know?!

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

On the gun club property

afternoon squadSunday

Sunday was much of the same, only the start time for the morning two squads was 10 a.m. so we didn’t have to leave Jeff’s Dad’s house until about 8:30 a.m.  Our day ended around 1 p.m. and then we cleaned up the range and stayed around to talk to some of the kind folk.  Afterwards, we headed back to Jeff’s Dad to pack up, Jeff’s brother and his kids left for home and we stayed around until almost 7 talking to Jeff’s Dad.  He’s so happy to be heading down to Florida today – he got the all clear that his health has been “good” for the last 7 days and that his insurance company is satisfied with that.  So he can travel down to Florida for a month and then head back in May.  He’s been bored and lonely since his wife died (understandably) and he’s just needed a change of scenery.  I think it’ll do him a world of good and hopefully he’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to hit the summer shooting months with a bang.

spring fog

Buddy Buddy

We drove home Sunday night and as much as we wanted to go fetch the dogs from my mom’s house, we decided not to, as we didn’t want to disrupt Quincey and cause too much excitement (as the boys do when we go to my mom’s to pick them up).  We had a few drinks, relaxed the evening and enjoyed the night.

Monday, which I so intelligently booked off from work, didn’t start off as planned.  I was planning on going to a yoga class that a friend of mine visiting from British Columbia was teaching, but my head had other plans.  I was brewing a lovely migraine and my vision was all wonky, so I thought it best to stay home and have a lazy day until the time came around when we had to head over to my mom’s for an Easter dinner.

How was your Easter?

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  • So sorry to hear about Quincey. Thinking of you and your Mom.
    Also thinking of your family and in-laws at this sad time. It is lovely that you could be there for your father-in-law this weekend. I’m glad he can go to Florida and have a change in scenery – hopefully that will help ease the pain a bit. Losing someone is heartbreaking and one never knows the exact words to say.

  • oh hun. so sorry to hear about Quincey. that is so heartbreaking.

  • That Quincey…love him to bits and I don’t even know him.
    Can I say that the restaurant looks like a place that I could spend forever and a day in just chatting over coffee…Looks so cozy.
    And how adorable are you?
    Florida is supposed to be ridiculously hot right now – so says my in laws. They’re heading back home soon. They’re snow birds. I would love to be in that ridiculously hot weather let me tell you! It’s cold and rainy here. I hope that he enjoys that weather. The sun is so good for the soul and the water and beach on the toes….
    Anyways, I hope that this weekend is a good one for you – yes it’s only Thursday. Damn it.

  • Aw, Quincey.

  • Thank you, darling. Your words are comforting. Last weekend was tough but it was also good. My FIL’s first Easter without his wife was good, but he broke down a few times and we reminisced about her on Sunday on the drive back from the gun club… but that’s okay and totally healthy. Death is just so bizarre. There one minute and gone the next…
    My father in law made it down to Florida by Thursday night and you should have heard the excitement in his voice when we talked to him. He’s SO happy. 🙂

    I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. 🙂

  • Thanks sweetie. It sucks… he’s been okay the last week and a half, but his appetite is decreasing. He’s still happy when you visit him but he has this look in his eye that makes you wonder if he knows he’s dying… it’s just so sad. Every time I go to my moms I’m picking him up and smothering him with kisses and hugs. <3 I just wished they lived forever…

  • I know, right? There are no words of comfort. I’m just giving him tons of kisses and pets when I see him because I never know when it might be the last time I see the boy. <3

  • Quincey is such a lovebug and a sweetheart. We call him Big Quincey and he’s like the big protector/peace keeper of all the dogs when we’re at my moms. 🙂
    That little restaurant was literally a hole in the wall dive and could seat maybe 10 people but damn, they make good food. And it’s packed at night .. local watering hole… lol!

    My FIL made it down to Florida by Thursday night and you can hear the joy in his voice. He’s happy to be down there. 🙂 My inlaws both used to go down to Ocala all the time for winters but in the last three years, it decreased in visits because my MIL couldn’t handle the journey down with all the oxygen and shit attached to her. She loved it down south but it was agony getting her down. I think they went down last fall as a one last time visit for her and she was so happy about that. The air is better down south for her, when it’s humid or damn cold, it would take the breath right out of her….

    I hope you’re having a lovely and SUNNY spring weekend my dear. xoxoxox

  • Cathy C Bennett

    Prayers to your mom and Quincy. Thanks for sharing your holiday weekend with us. Hugs xoxo

  • Thank you for the kind words and prayers, Cathy. Sadly, he left us yesterday. It was time and the poor boy was retaining alot of fluid and he’d look up at us as if to say it was okay to let him go. So yesterday, my mom called and thankfully I was home sick with the stomach flu. He was surrounded by love as he left us. <3 I hope to dear God that when I leave this earth, that I'm greeted at the gates by all those that have left before me. *sigh* He's going to be dearly missed.