Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently {May} 33

Mantra and goals

This right here is the beginnings of a Peaceful Posse monthly link up, beginning on the first Monday of each month. Link-ups will be open for 14 days and we can all update on our monthly mantras, goals, currently and the like.

Mantra and goals

So here goes.


Mantra and goals

Mantra and goals

Goals for the month of May

I don’t usually do monthly goals but let’s give it a whirl. I think I may go for quality over quantity.

  1. Get the rest of the things on our list for our camp trip. Things like: coffee, aeropress filters, a small shovel, fishing rod and tackle. We also have to look at all the dehydrated food we’ve bought and see if we need to top it up any.
  2. Start drafting a post of all the planning that has gone into our week-long interior camping trip at the end of June. I’ve been keeping a folder of all of the planning and lists we’ve made since we decided on a camp trip to Algonquin Park.
  3. Read more. Perhaps consider unsubscribing to some blogs I’m not digging or find myself skimming over or not reading at all.


Reading… Below the Belt, by Stuart Woods

Playing… Words with Friends.

Watching… Prison Break (gosh I missed this show!)

Trying…  to smile more often. I’m too serious.

Cooking… I’m always in the kitchen and cooking something (or so it feels). 

Eating… nothing at the moment.

Drinking… water

Calling… I’m always calling my mom.

Texting… Lets face it, I don’t text very many people other than Jeff, my pet sitting boss, Alex and a few others sporadically.

Pinning… cute outfits, inspirational quotes, dog pictures.

Tweeting… nothing, I’m kind of bored with Twitter.

Going…  on a camping trip soon (June) and we’re getting pretty excited about it.

Loving… my family, friends and furries. <3

Hating... hate is such a strong word.

Discovering… springs smells and new buds that are looking.

Thinking… trying not to think. Lol

Feeling… better, after having the flu, but my stomach is still sensitive and not quite right.

Hoping (for)… decent weather on June 4th for our 75 km bike ride.

Listening (to)…  I just listened to the radio the entire weekend while driving to and from pet visits.

Smelling… fresh linen or vanilla scents.

Thanking… being mindful daily and always being humble and grateful.

Considering… running away and joining the circus. No, just kidding. Lol

Starting… a trend and completing my monthly mantras and goals every month going forward.

Finishing… what I start. 🙂

– – – – –

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