A Sentence for a Day – April 11

Last month, I stumbled upon Julie’s blog, Julie’s Touch of Style, through our Peaceful Posse Facebook group in one of the daily blog threads and I really loved the idea of summarizing each day of the month with one or two sentences.  So, I followed along and wrote out a sentence or two for each of the days of April.  Leslie kindly organizes the link up and it opens up the first Thursday of every month.  So if you feel like playing along for May, get started as we’re already on May 4th today.  I think I may do this every other month or something of the like.

The key thing you need to ask yourself is this: If someone asked you how your April went, what would you say? And so, this post idea was born.

A Sentence a Day – For the month of April {2017}

April 1st: My April fool’s day joke was that I was pregnant and the baby wasn’t Jeff’s.  LOL  This was my pet sitting weekend and I had plenty of visits on the schedule but nothing too overwhelming.

french bulldog Cassie

April  2nd: I met some new clients and reunited with some of my regulars.

April 3rd: I’m so tired today, therefore I took a sick day from work to rest and recharge.

Bichon Frise

April 4th: Today was such a busy day at work.

April 5th: Today, I pitched to Equinoxx fitness and then got turned down but then was offered to buy a membership at the low cost of almost $200 month.  Yes, I LOVE Equinoxx but I don’t make six figures and I just can’t justify spending $200 a month on a gym membership.  I love their classes but not that much.. Maybe down the road, we’ll see.

April 6th: I journaled a Day in the Life of post today but decided to scrap it when I realized that it was too boring.

April 7th: At long last, it is FRIDAY!  I received my performance evaluation results and it was outstanding.  A perfect end to the work week.

April 8th: Jeff and I went to Peterborough, Ontario today to shoot an IDPA match (competitive action shooting) and had a blast.  I was focused and as a result, I shot better.


April 9th:  Off to Toronto to the Green Living Show with my mom and Jeff.  It was such a beautiful, spring day.

Toronto Mom, Jeff and I

April 10th: It was a bickering kind of weekend with Jeff.  What fun!

April 11th: Today was a much better day than the previous.  My lovely friend delivered my Younique Primer that I bought from her (to try and compare to my old faithful Urban Decay – it’s pretty awesome, btw).  It was nice to catch up with her.

April 12th: I went over and visited my mom and the dogs on this evening.

April 13th: A short work-week means that the 5th day has to get crammed into 4 work days.  Today is also the day we found out that my mom’s dog, Quincy, has cancer.  Very sad news.

April 14th: Good Friday, a statutory holiday.  We headed up north to see Jeff’s Dad for the weekend and shoot some guns.  (I realise I sound so redneck there, lol)Jeff shootingA sentence a day

April 15th: Up and at ’em early to the gun club for a fun day of shooting.  There was a beautiful sunset this evening and my father-in-law prepared a wonderful Easter dinner, his first big dinner and anything for that matter since his wife died on March 2nd.


 April 16th: Today, my mother-in-law would have been 67 years old and we reminisced in the car with Jeff’s dad on the way back from the gun club.

April 17th: I booked today off to make it a four-day work week after the Easter long weekend (see, I’m getting smarter 🙂 ).  Two four-day weeks are pretty awesome.  This afternoon/evening, we had a nice Easter dinner with my mom and step-dad.

April 18th: Back to work and it is a full day of meetings and running around.

April 19th: The calm after the storm (at work).  I headed over to see my mom and Quincy.  It just makes my day when I walk in the door and immediately his tail starts wagging and he’s all wiggly-happy like.



April 20th:  Today is a low motivation day.  A day of scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling meetings like crazy.  This day could not be over any sooner.

April 21st: At long last, FRIDAY.  We ate pizza for dinner as I did not feel like cooking.

April 22nd: Jeff and I enjoyed the sunshine and drove around, did some shopping and running errands.  It was a good, relaxing day and we even fit in a 15 km bike ride.


April 23rd: It was a high of 23 Celsius today and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Everyone was out and about this weekend.

Charlie in a sunbeam

April 24th: Oh my, am I sluggish today.  And so are the dogs.  It must be a Monday thing.


April 25th: A day of nausea and feeling generally lousy.  I’m getting sick with the stomach flu and it’s god awful!

April 26th: Sick day. And today, sadly, Quincy passed away.  Mom called me and told me it was time when he could barely walk and wasn’t eating any longer.  Quincy is missed so much. 🙁


April 27th: Another sick day.  This stomach flu is kicking my ass.  I feel lousy and emotionally hungover.

April 28th:  Even though I’ve been sick most of the week, I’m glad that it’s Friday.  Jeff and I went out for a drive just to take advantage of the sunshine and nice weather.

April 29th: I have 29 pet visits this weekend and it’s Jeff’s best friend and longest friend’s 40th birthday.

Abby Basset hound mix

April 30th: Today, I only have 10 visits compared to 16 yesterday.  Also, how is it May tomorrow?!

And that my friends, is my month of April in a sentence (or two or three).  🙂  Hope you all are doing well and having a great week!

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  • What a neat post, Lindsay. Do you write these sentences, one for each day? Because sometimes I can hardly remember what I did yesterday, much less at the beginning of the month. Ha ha.

  • This is lovely – I want to do one for May! Need to just think back over the past few days to get started 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend xx

  • Awww, what a fun prompt <3 I love to see what you are up to and get a sneak peek at some of your furfriends and a day in the life of stuff. Also you are not a redneck though your comment made me laugh a lot 🙂 HA!

    Also I'd love to do this, but curious, too, if you write a sentence a day, because I get to Monday and I don't remember what I did the day before, lol. Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet. XOXO

  • I’ve read these kind of posts through another blogger as well. I enjoy it, and I enjoyed you sharing these glimpses of your life.

  • sue

    Sounds like a busy April. Would you believe we had four long weekends in a row in Australia? It was hard for everyone to get used to the normal two day weekend this weekend. This is my first time linking up with a Sentence A Day and it is great to read back over the month. I’m in for May so look forward to reading your thoughts on May.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  • Hey Kevin,
    I saw this post on another blog and decided to start jotting down a few notes here and there as my days went. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t stick. Isn’t memory and aging fabulous? Lol!

  • You should start taking daily notes of your days (or not, if your memory is that good). It’s fun! 🙂
    I hope you had a great weekend hun!

  • Hey lovey,
    I wrote down a few notes each day or every couple of days; no way was I remembering all this – I can barely remember what I did five minutes ago, much less 5 days ago, seriously. 😉
    I thought it was a fun idea so it’d be cool to try it out and see how it went.


  • I never came across these posts until maybe March; they’re fun and I like the idea. Lately I’ve been stagnant or just not enough time to write, so easy ideas like this are welcomed. 🙂

  • FOUR?! I think I need to move to Australia. That’s pretty awesome!
    Thanks for stopping by Sue, I may link up for May but I haven’t decided as yet. I also have to pop over to the link up today to read someone others’ posts. 🙂

  • Jodie Filogomo

    I can tell you are such an animal lover, Lindsay!!
    Bummer about the stomach flu—hopefully you’ve recovered?? The only thing good about being sick, is it makes me realize how good I feel other times!!