Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday 10

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!

It is Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday! It has been far too long since I last participated in this Blog Paws link up, so I’ve decided what better day than today? (And I haven’t written this week, so it’s high time something got posted).  Welcome , this is my wordy contribution to the #wordlesswednesday link up (yes I know it’s supposed to be Wordless…).  Many of you that frequent this blog know that apart from Friday’s happy/gratitude posts, Wednesdays are one of my favourite days of the week. This weekly link up from the Blog Paws community is a place where we can all show off our beloved pets, as well as network with others and find some friendships in some unlikely places.

The boys were enjoying a proper day of rest and relaxation on Sunday, and soaking up some vitamin D.

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday  Charlie and Baxter

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


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  • How adorable are those two? xoxox

  • Cathy C Bennett

    They always remind me of smaller versions of my Boys. That’s how my house looks usually around 9:00pm each night. I call it the “chillin’ hour” So wish we were closer. XOXO

  • I miss this linkup!!! I haven’t participated in way too long either. What’s better than looking at pups on a random Wednesday (or any day, for that matter). Uhm, nothing 🙂 HOLY CROW, your boys are so stinkin cute 🙂

  • So cute! They look like they are seriously enjoying the sun and having some rest and relaxation 🙂

  • My little sun babies <3 Happy Mother's Day Kim. xoxo

  • I could quickly turn this blog into a Charlie and Baxter fan club tribute lolol! Link up Buster’s pic soon. 🙂 xoxo

  • They look for sunbeam DAILY, my friend. 🙂 It’s adorable.

  • They do, dont they? My mom’s Quincy that just passed reminded me SO much like your guys. <3 Ditto. xoxoxo! Happy Mother's Day Cathy.

  • Aww, your boys are so darned cute! Dogs, cats and people all agree … soaking up those sunbeams sure feels good. 🙂

  • 🙂 thank you my friend. Soaking up some vitamin D and letting the sunbeams hit you in the face, I love that. I, too, sometimes feel like a kitty in a sunbeam. 🙂