• It was pretty awesome, Linds. Spent yesterday running around shopping with the kids, today on a picnic and at a family dinner, and my oldest is home from college. Life is good.

  • Lovely photo! Looks so peaceful.
    My weekend was good – went away on Saturday for a mini-break with hubby. We got back yesterday and just relaxed.

  • I’ve never seen that area of my town look so beautiful and tranquil. It’s just around our Main Street and there’s always tons of people out and about.
    Your break sounds lovely and like you enjoyed yourself and recharged. Right on sister. 😉

  • Sounds abundant and plentiful. 🙂 A picnic sounds really lovely. I think the only picnic I’ve ever had was in Paris, but I should do that more often.

    I hope you have a great week my friend. 😉

  • that is gorgeous. :]

  • Why thank you my friend. 😉